10 Apps for Practicing Motor Skills

first_imgShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterest1LinkedInEmailPrint Related8 Outdoor Products for Children with Special NeedsMay 3, 2017In “Products and Devices”Toys to Practice Motor Skills: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Children with Special Needs: Part 2November 30, 2016In “Communication”AM237 – Jabbit SetMay 26, 2017In “Accessibility Minute” Motor skills play an essential part in child development.  These skills consist of gross and fine motor skills, both of which begin developing early in life.  Gross motor skills involve using several body muscles to do things like sitting, crawling, walking, running, and jumping.  Fine motor skills require smaller muscle movements of the hands to do “finer” activities like writing, zipping zippers, and picking up small objects.  For children with any developmental delay, these controlled movements tend to be very challenging.  What are some ways to help encourage children to exercise these skills?Here are a few ways to help:Work with children to practice the specific movements that challenge them.Encourage children to try increasingly difficult new movements.Divide difficult motor skills into smaller steps so they’re easier to learn.The following apps offer some fun and creative ways to encourage motor skill development for early learners.10 Apps to Practice Motor Skills1. Awesome XylophoneThis app is as simple as it gets and is appropriate for the earliest of learners.  On Awesome Xylophone, children can tap common tunes like “Happy Birthday” or even make up new songs!  Playing on this xylophone is a fun way for children with motor challenges to learn fine motor skills like tapping a target or using their non-dominant hand.Download on iTunes  |  Download on Google Play2. Bugs and Buttons 2This is a fun game with easy-to-follow visual instructions and engaging graphics.  This app that may be especially beneficial for children with dyspraxia and other fine motor issues.  There are six games at three levels, each covering early math, pre-reading, and critical thinking skills.  While playing these games, children work on their pincer grasp, hand-eye coordination, touch-and-drag motion, and more.Download on iTunes  |  Download on Google Play3. Dexteria Jr.Dexteria Jr. is a great app for the youngest of children–or individuals with special needs–to begin practicing their fine motor skills on a touchscreen.  Children with dysgraphia may especially benefit from the hand and finger exercises to help develop handwriting skills.  There are three simple games in this app, all which require only three movements: tap, tap and drag, and pinch.  The app also offers progress reports so that parents, therapists and educators can track each child’s scores.Download on iTunes4. iTrace—Handwriting for KidsThis app is a handwriting skills practice app for early learners and includes numbers, letters, words, and even a special mode to practice the user’s name.  The neat feature about this app is that it demonstrates the correct way to hold a pencil and exactly where to trace on the model number or letter.  iTrace may be especially useful for children who have trouble with letter spacing and fine motor problems.  Each letter includes a default version and an alternate version for different styles and preferences, including options for left-handed individuals.  The app also offers detailed progress reports for parents, which include images of each tracing and assessments, such as “too shaky,” “out of bounds,” and “overextended.”Download on iTunes5. iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)iWriteWords offers practice for children learning to write letters, numbers up to 20, and basic words.  In this app, children drag Mr. Crab to trace the letters and numbers provided, following the numbered dots.  Because it uses this follow-the-numbered-dots approach to teach handwriting, it is recommended children already know how to count and read numbers up to 10.  After tracing each item, children can flick or tilt the letters into a corner of the screen where they fall into a vortex, which adds some excitement to this game.  If children trace outside the tracing area, Mr. Crab will make them start over again to ensure they trace correctly.Download on iTunes6. Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & WordsWriting Wizard is a highly customizable and engaging app that helps children practice tracing letters, numbers, and words while learning letter names and phonetic sounds.  Audio and visual prompts show children exactly where to trace from the start of the letter to the finish.  Parents can use multiple settings to adjust letter size, show or hide letter model, and create their own words.  Not only is this an ideal tool for children who struggle with handwriting and visual spatial relations, it may also benefit those who need to hear the phonetic spelling of a word.  This app offers detailed progress reports for parents.Download on iTunes  |  Download on Google Play7. LetterSchool“LetterSchool makes handwriting cool!”  It is a visually stimulating handwriting app with animated features.  After a child writes each letter, the letter becomes animated by lighting up or turning into a rocket flying through outer space.  Children will enjoy watching the animation for each letter, which may help them remember the correct formation.  Children can write letters in any order they choose.  The app guides them to first tap on the starting points for each stroke, then trace the letter, and finally write it without any hints.  If children struggle in the last part however, hints will appear to help them.Download on iTunes  |  Download on Google Play 8. Jake’s Never Land Pirate SchoolIn Jake’s Never Land Pirate School, early learners become engaged with its many activities.  Children trace pixie dust to form shapes, tap pirate drum beats, use a spyglass to discover treasure, navigate a ship around buoys, practice colors and more!  After winning one of these activities, children go searching in virtual sand for gold doubloons and practice counting through the reward.Download on iTunes  |  Download on Google Play9. Touch and Write PhonicsTouch and Write Phonics is an interactive phonics and letter-tracing app for beginners.  It features 18 fun “writing textures” (i.e. pudding, pumpkin pie, chalk, and more), and 35 writing-paper styles for backgrounds.  Players can listen to a brief, animated lesson for each phonics concept: “Vowels,” “Blends,” and “Digraphs,” then trace letters as they first hear a voice speak the phonetic sound and letter name.  Children are guided by a little monster who follows cupcakes along the tracing path.  Options exist for children who need more traditional pencil-and-paper choices to minimize distraction, and there is also darker paper for children who are visually impaired.Download on iTunes10. Tozzle—Toddler’s favorite puzzleTozzle is based on the standard wooden jigsaw puzzles often found at home or school.  In this app, there are 40 jigsaw puzzle designs including animals, shapes, food, letters and more–in a non-standard typeface.  The puzzles begin with big, basic shapes and increase in difficulty to smaller, more complicated designs.  If a player has trouble completing a puzzle, the game will prompt the child with an arrow pointing the way and a circle around the correct location.  By matching these colors and shapes, for example, children work on hand-eye coordination.Download on iTuneslast_img read more

The Fun of Subwords is Now Accessible

first_imgDo you love trivia? Do you love word games even more? Subwords is an exciting mix between the two!Words are split into fragments, and you have to put them back together as fast as possible. The words are bound to a certain topic, so you have to know about the topic in order to solve the puzzle.Uh oh! What happens if you aren’t familiar with the topic? That’s OK! Just click the bulb, and you’ll learn something new.And now this already exciting game has a great new update focused on accessibility!The iPhone and iPad app now has VoiceOver support, helping with auditory descriptions of onscreen elements and providing helpful hints along the way.Several colors have been tweaked to make the text easier to read for everyone. There’s even a high-contrast mode. Animations are now reduced if Reduced Motion is turned on in your iOS settings.Features of Subwords include:A free level every month: currently 28 levels, ranging from general knowledge like animals and fruits to more specific fields of study like European countries, our solar system or Greek mythologyTwo modes: Put all words back together in Classic mode; beat the high score in Timed modeEducation: Train word spelling; learn new vocabulary; and even train languages!Accessibility: Fully supports VoiceOver, reduced motion and has a high-contrast modeFace control: Enables people who can only move their head to also play the gameSubwords helps you learn new concepts to improve your spelling skills and maybe even learn German!Learn more about the app here:Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Related6 Happi Papi Educational AppsJuly 7, 2016Similar postAutisMate iPad AppJanuary 31, 2013In “Autism iPad apps”ATFAQ014 – Q1. Dragon Anywhere Q2. Accessible computer games for someone with low vision Q3. Unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S6 with my voice Q4. Dragon and Spanish accents Q5. Navigational devices for the visually impaired? Q6. Recommending “entertainment” equipment as ATSeptember 28, 2015In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”last_img read more

CalendarBased Scheduling Now Available for Geopointe on Salesforce AppExchange the Worlds Leading

first_imgNew core product functionality to further improve mobile workforce productivityGeopointe, a leading provider of geolocation solutions for Salesforce, announced today it has added Calendar-Based Scheduling as core functionality to the Geopointe application available on Salesforce AppExchange. These new capabilities can further improve productivity for mobile sales and service workers and ultimately increase customer success.Mobile sales and service workers live by their calendars in order to see as many customers and prospects as possible in the shortest amount of time. With Calendar-Based Scheduling, Geopointe customers can manage sales calls, inspections, site visits, deliveries, account planning meetings, and work orders within Salesforce with ease. The focus for this release is to utilize the calendar as the focal point for planning and routing so our customers can spend more time delivering excellent experiences for their prospects and customers and less time driving, clicking, and typing.Marketing Technology News: Merkle Named 2019 Pegasystems’ Partner Excellence in Digital Transformation Recipient“Our ongoing commitment to Salesforce and AppExchange is demonstrated with this release as we continue to deliver capabilities that drive business value for our shared customers,” said Scott Hemmeter, CEO and founder of Geopointe. “Users are far more productive now that they combine the ‘who’ from CRM, the ‘where’ from geolocation, and the ‘when’ of Calendar-Based Scheduling into a single powerful app on the desktop or mobile device.”The June 2019 Geopointe release is now available and includes:Geographic view of any user’s calendar, via desktop or mobile, and the previously scheduled routes for that day, week, or monthSupport for the Salesforce calendar or any other Salesforce object for which data can be presented in a calendar viewReal-time warnings when a travel schedule cannot be met due to travel time between stopsAbility to take action on each calendar item via Geopointe’s Actions FrameworkRuns natively within the Salesforce mobile app with the same powerful calendar-driven capabilities in the office or on the roadAbility to manage other users’ calendars, while respecting Salesforce permissions, for managers and other team members who assist the field teamsMarketing Technology News: Esri Software Powers Location Intelligence in Microsoft’s Defense System Demonstration“We are excited that Geopointe is continuing to innovate on AppExchange by helping mobile sales and service users be more productive and by providing actionable insight for managers and executives,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers, and we love watching our partners evolve alongside us.”Marketing Technology News: IBM Infuses Db2 with AI to Bring Data Science and Database Management Under One Platform Calendar-Based Scheduling Now Available for Geopointe on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace Globe NewswireJuly 2, 2019, 6:00 pmJuly 2, 2019 Calendar-Based SchedulingcloudcrmGeopointeNewsSalesforceScott Hemmeter Previous ArticleCopacino+Fujikado Helps Brands Navigate LGBTQ+ Marketing Beyond Pride MonthNext ArticleWebtrekk and Mapp Successfully Start Their Integrationlast_img read more

Hayabusa2 Probe Collects Second Sample From Asteroid Ryugu

first_img Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. By Ryan Whitwam on July 11, 2019 at 1:04 pm Hayabusa2 Probe Collects Second Sample From Asteroid Ryugu We Finally Understand Why David Schwimmer Has Disappeared Tagged In sciencespaceasteroidsjaxaHayabusa 2Hayabusa2 Post a Comment 2 Comments The Surprising Reason Why Brandon Routh Is Returning to Superman 2 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet ‘Endgame’ Directors Apologize To Tom Holland The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe has just made history — again. The spacecraft gathered samples from the surface of the asteroid Ryugu earlier this year, and it bombed the asteroid a few months later. Now, the probe has taken another trip to the surface to scoop up pristine material that used to be buried below the surface. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched Hayabusa2 in 2014, taking four years just to meet up with Ryugu in its orbit some 185 million miles (300 million kilometers) from Earth. It started by dropping off some barrel-shaped robots to get the lay of the land, and then it descended to pick up its first sample in February 2019. Hayabusa2 carried several tantalum slugs, which it fired at the surface after each landing. The impact launched particles upward and into the probe’s collection compartment — that first landing collected material from the top layer of the asteroid. The most recent collection is crucial because it may have included material from deeper inside Ryugu. In April, Hayabusa2 launched the 5.5-pound (2.5kilogramsm) Small Carry-on Impactor (SCI). The SCI used a shaped HMX explosive charge to launch the impactor at Ryugu at more than 2 kilometers per second. The result was a small, artificial crater. Regolith on the surface of Ryugu has been bombarded by solar radiation for eons, but just below the surface is pristine material that is virtually unchanged since the birth of the solar system. That’s what Hayabusa2 was after this time. [PPTD] These images were taken before and after touchdown by the small monitor camera (CAM-H). The first is 4 seconds before touchdown, the second is at touchdown itself and the third is 4 seconds after touchdown. In the third image, you can see the amount of rocks that rise. pic.twitter.com/ssZU5TV3x9— HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) July 11, 2019This landing required careful preparations — any problems could risk the loss of the first sample which is still inside Hayabusa2. The probe landed about 20 meters from the center of the crater, using its second tantalum slug to scoop up ejecta. Visual examination of the area showed varying color compared with other parts of the asteroid, so the team believes it does indeed have material from inside Ryugu. Hayabusa2 will remain in orbit of Ryugu for several more months, departing in November or December. The spacecraft will arrive back at Earth in late 2020, at which point scientists will be able to examine the Ryugu samples up close. JAXA doesn’t know exactly how much of Ryugu is coming back to Earth, but it hopes to get up to 100mg of material from the asteroid. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will be the only perfectly preserved sample of the solar system from an object more distant than the moon.Now read:Hayabusa2 Probe Deploys Third Robot on Asteroid RyuguHayabusa Sends Back Photos and Video From Surface of Asteroid RyuguJapan’s Hayabusa 2 Spacecraft Reaches Asteroid, Prepares to Collect Sample Lilly From ‘Princess Diaries’ Is 36 Now and Gorgeous Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder Wesley Snipes Breaks Silence On Marvel’s Huge ‘Blade’ Decision The Transformation of Daisy Ridley Is Turning Headslast_img read more

A Sales Funnel And Why Your Business Needs It

first_img Connex Digital Marketingsales conversionSales Funnelsales revenue Previous ArticleMarTech Interview with Van Diamandakis, CMO, PersadoNext Article10 Tips for a More Successful Price Optimization Project A Sales Funnel And Why Your Business Needs It Anna KucirkovaApril 23, 2019, 4:00 pmApril 17, 2019 That sales funnel of yours may be one among the key roots of your brand-new internet marketing policy for this age. Returning its fundamentals won’t only provide you with the best tool yet will additionally be in a position to preserve you valuable resources, that in turn, you may attach to your property to grow your online business. When you utilize the sales-funnel approach, you will be in a good position to appreciate distinguished sales conversion.What Is a Sales Funnel?Sales-Funnel Marketing is an approach in which a business draws new clients and prospects and leads them along a particular pre-destined route the business proprietors had in mind for them.The sales-funnel approach is mostly used to get fresh clients by offering freebies rather than attempting to convert them into consumers and buyers. In different cases, the sales funnel comprises getting buyers to buy more valuable items with time.How does a Sales Funnel Work?A sales funnel works like this: You offer an entry-level product, perhaps something for less than $20 (or even a free product) to allow the customer to ‘try you out’. When they buy the underlying item, and experience working with you, then you experiment with your item and see that it does all that you promised and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. At that point they will feel considerably more happy obtaining something else from you. What’s more, that something else can be a greater, higher valued item.The more someone has acquired from you, the more likely they are to buy from you in the future. So, instead of creating a $100 product up front, you will enjoy more long-term profit by utilizing a sales funnel.Read More: Making Voice Tech More Human Is as Easy as 1-2-3Why Do You Need a Sales Funnel?Improve Sales RevenueSuppose you got a report, which retails for $17. You may trade it 300 times, hence you would make $5,100 in transactions. Anyway, do you believe some would additionally purchase a similar item for $37 or still $197? I trust some would do it! Therefore, it’s absurd not to own a sales funnel fixed up for your digital business. It’s not important to worry with all the functional pages from the initial starting point, but, in any case, seek to have them.Improve Conversion RateWhile people move via their funnel, the number of them will lessen at the very time, and this is extra crucial, the common population which prevails in the funnel will presumably be more prepared to compensate for their extra expensive similar products. Accordingly, unselected people will be separated in the sales funnel. Additionally, those who remain will purchase more, and this will improve their conversions! Concentrate your efforts on those individuals and provide them with what they require, and they will likewise sell high-cost items.Assist in Predicting Sales VolumeOnline marketing is fun. Also, with every marketing side, you can determine the number of possible customers and later take the information to foretell the level of individual who will purchase your items. For instance, assume Paul traces your website’s traffic for say 10-weeks and discovers that he gets 10,000 guests to his site every month. 40/100 of them accept the free proposal (4000 sponsors) and 5% will purchase one or considerably extra products. After a few weeks, Paul will have statistics point-by-point concerning the number of individuals who purchase and plan in the funnel. Additionally, using those numbers, Paul can prognosticate the amount of money he can make with his sales funnel.Read More: How Managed Execution Services Help Marketers Yield Better ResultsIdentify Unsold Products/ServicesWith the numbers Paul gets each month, he can recognize services or products that don’t actually sell well. Therefore, you can execute modifications to your design and products to promote it, or you can even eliminate or replace existing items. That’s the idea why it’s normally important to keep a record of everything you perform in your funnel.ConclusionTowards the end of the day, your goal is to change sales into qualified leads. This model helps you through the sales process and shows you how to legitimately manage potential customers. The sales funnel gives you a course and focuses on the opportunities you need to deal with that will ultimately, help you save time, money and increase your bottom line. This is going into the design of your general sales strategy.Read More: What is Presentation Management and Why Do You Need It?last_img read more

Expedia Unpacks the Best Time to Book Cheap Places to Visit and

first_img Searches for “summer 2019” have been on the rise for the past 90 days, and the unofficial start to summer – Memorial Day weekend – is just a couple weeks away.  Expedia travel experts revealed the best time to book, cheapest places to visit, and other vacation planning tips to help travelers prepare for another season of epic adventures. Expedia also recently polled 1,000 Americans and analyzed travel data to uncover the trends that will likely inspire your next summer getaway. Expedia’s ready to inspire your next summer getaway. Nearly 85% of Americans are taking or planning to take at least one trip between now and September. For the 15% of Americans who said they won’t be traveling this summer, more than half of them (65%) claim it’s due to budget concerns.Domestic travel continues to be the foundation of most American trips. 3 out of 4 Americans aren’t planning to leave the country this summer. Expedia’s flight and hotel data confirms this as hot spots like Vegas, Orlando, San Diego and Los Angeles make up a majority of the top 25 most popular summer vacation destinations this year.Most Americans plan to road trip or fly with family or a significant other this summer, and they’re willing to spend between 5-10 hours in transit.Disconnecting from work, hitting the beach, getting some sun, sightseeing, spending time with friends and family are all things we want to accomplish this summer. Nisreene Atassi, PR Director for Brand Expedia comments: “Whether it was road trips around the Midwest or long weekends to the East Coast, domestic vacations were a hallmark of my family trips as a child. So, it doesn’t surprise me to hear that most Americans plan to travel within the U.S. this summer. We’re on a mission to really arm travelers with everything they need to get their vacation plans sorted, and our analysis covers everything travelers need to do just that.”Marketing Technology News: New Research: Global Businesses are Failing to Live up to their Claims of Putting the Customer FirstHere’s when to book your hotel, flight and car rentalHotel – Travelers are becoming more accustomed to booking last minute, which could work in their favor this summer. Being flexible and waiting about a week before your trip starts could save you more than 15% on hotel costs. For those who cringe at the thought of missing out on a specific property or not staying with other travelers in your party, booking 21-30 days in advance could still mean nearly 10% savings. Regardless of when you decide to book, remember the cheapest average daily rates are found on Fridays5.Flights – The “sweet spot” for airfares is about three weeks to a month (21-30 days) ahead of time. Remember to purchase flights over the weekend, particularly on a Sunday. Nearly 30% of Americans are flying to their destination, so this next tip is super important: choosing flights that take off on Thursday or Friday6 can save travelers around 10%.Car Rental – It’s never a bad idea to avoid putting miles on your car. Booking a comfy rental 14-20 days in advance could save you around 5% this summer.“We hear from travelers time and time again that budget is a big concern for them. While summer can often mean peak travel times and peak pricing, we’ve done the heavy lifting to figure out the best ways for travelers to still find prices that fit their budget,” says Atassi. “With some careful planning and a little research, summer travel plans are well within reach for many Americans.”Marketing Technology News: Hyundai Streamlines Integration with the Google AssistantCheap summer vacation ideas Most Americans feel comfortable spending somewhere between $1,000-2,999 on their entire summer vacation. Expedia’s data gurus pulled together some of the cheapest destinations in the USA that fit this budget. We also threw in a few international locations that Americans tend to frequent.Marketing Technology News:Extreme Reach Launches AdBridge, the Complete Creative Asset Workflow Solution Designed for the Next Era of Brand Storytellingcenter_img Expedia Unpacks the Best Time to Book, Cheap Places to Visit, and Everything Else You Need to Know About Summer 2019 PRNewswireMay 14, 2019, 8:17 pmMay 14, 2019 Brand ExpediaExpediaMarketing TechnologyMemorial Day weekendNewsNisreene Atassisummer 2019 Previous ArticleCloudinary Identifies Opportunities to Raise Visual Storytelling Impact in its Inaugural State of Visual Media ReportNext ArticleRevTrax Announces Addition of State-of the-Art Machine Learning and AI Technology to its Offer Management Platform to Deliver Groundbreaking Value to CPG & Retail Brandslast_img read more

Outbrain Announces Strategic Global Partnership with Evolve Media

first_imgEvolve Media will implement Outbrain’s Smartfeed and Audience Development Suite to drive consumer engagement & revenue initiativesOutbrain, the world’s leading discovery and native advertising feed for the open web, announced today that it has entered into an expanded global technology partnership with Evolve Media, a publisher of leading enthusiast destinations for men and women. Through the partnership, Evolve Media will have access to Outbrain’s extensive network and full audience development suite.The agreement will enable Evolve Media to utilize the power of Outbrain’s Smartfeed technology, helping audiences discover engaging content-from articles to videos and more. In addition, Evolve Media will utilize Outbrain’s native advertising capabilities to augment its audience acquisition strategies.Marketing Technology News: ANSYS Welcomes Lynn Ledwith as Vice President of Marketing“We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Evolve Media, whose goal is to streamline the advertising process and create stronger engagement amongst consumers,” said Josh Feller, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development at Outbrain. “Smartfeed provides flexible and scalable solutions catered to their needs increasing reader engagement and growing revenue. In addition to Smartfeed, Evolve Media will have access to Outbrain’s global audience reach and the entire suite of publisher tools, including outstream video and real-time auto-optimization capabilities.”Marketing Technology News: Relationship Intelligence Platform Affinity Hires Four New Vice PresidentsEvolve Media’s use of Outbrain will help to increase engagement across each one of its global properties and will aid in personalizing the customer journey by leveraging Outbrain’s proprietary interest-graph. Outbrain’s programmatic technology will help Evolve Media in curating hyper-personalized content created towards each individual consumer.“Outbrain’s Smartfeed technology provides us with the key benefits that we are looking for, including brand safety and quality content,” said Aaron Broder, Co-Founder and CEO at Evolve Media. “With the ever-shifting media landscape, we needed a partner with strong capabilities, especially as we scale back on the number of partners we sign with. With Outbrain, we can drive audiences to specific premium content, while increasing revenue and engagement.”Marketing Technology News: VaaS and USB are Helping to Drive Growth in the Video Conferencing & Collaboration Market Outbrain Announces Strategic Global Partnership with Evolve Media MTS Staff Writer6 days agoJuly 16, 2019 Evolve MediaJosh FellerMarketing Technology NewsNewsOutbrainPartnership Previous ArticleACI Worldwide and Worldpay to Drive Global Acceptance of Alternative Payment MethodsNext ArticlePFL Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate New Digital Production & Fulfillment Centerlast_img read more

How to Solve Latin Americas ECommerce Problem

first_img e-commerceFreedonia GroupMarketing TechnologyNewsSales Previous ArticleNielsen Launches Global Measurement For YouTube Mobile AppNext ArticleCredorax Launches Smart 3D Secure Solution in Partnership With Netcetera How to Solve Latin America’s E-Commerce Problem PRNewswireJune 3, 2019, 5:55 pmJune 3, 2019 E-commerce sales in Latin America accounted for 2% of the global totalLatin America has the second lowest per capita e-commerce sales of any region globally. According to the Freedonia Group study Global E-Commerce, e-commerce sales in Latin America totaled $80 billion in 2018, accounting for 2% of the global total. Revenues are largely driven by Brazil and Mexico, which together accounted for 57% of the region’s sales in 2018.Marketing Technology News: Lightspeed POS Inc. Announces the Acquisition of ChronogolfHere are a couple key points from the study:Logistical problems – including delayed shipment or unfulfilled orders – have prevented consumers from engaging with e-commerce in the past, but solutions such as offering better refund and return policies can increase consumer satisfaction.Improvements to postal services, the development of crowdsourced delivery, and a better focus on customer service are all expected to aid growth in online sales.Marketing Technology News: VERB Adds Leading Health Care Provider OnDoc to Its Client RosterIn comparison, e-commerce sales in the world as a total are projected to nearly double by 2023, expanding 13% annually to $6.7 trillion. The Asia/Pacific region includes the two countries with the largest populations in the world: China and India, affording a large market of potential e-commerce customers. North America has the highest per capita e-commerce sales in the world. A well-developed logistics framework and plenty of competition keeps total cost of fulfilment relatively low for e-commerce orders.Marketing Technology News: Alorica Taps Business Transformation Veteran Colson Hillier to Be Chief Marketing Officerlast_img read more

RateGain Acquires BCV to Help Hotel Chains Maximize Guest Lifetime Value

first_imgCommenting on the acquisition Bhanu Chopra, Founder & CEO, RateGain, said, “We are delighted to welcome Benji, Ari, Cece and the BCV team to the RateGain family. RateGain and BCV will replace the traditional waterfall methodology of data collection, analysis and action with a more agile model that would bring revenue management, sales and marketing together, breaking down the traditional silos to generate unprecedented visibility and control to influence & impact the guest journey and directly measure impact on booking and Net RevPAR to maximize guest lifetime value.”Commenting on the acquisition Benji Greenberg, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, BCV, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the global RateGain family. This deal will also increase our ability to bring ‘deep learning’ powered applications for the travel and hospitality industry in the near future. The new integrated platform will give 125,000+ hotel properties, access to millions of proprietary social profiles to serve the right message, to the right guest, on the right channel, every day elevating the brand experience for guests across the research, plan, book and experience journey. We will now have access to far more rate intelligence to ensure we’re hitting the right person across the right platform while increasing guest lifetime value for hotels.”Marketing Technology News: Databricks Accelerates APJ Expansion Following $250 Million Funding RoundRateGain now will be a global award-winning team with the end to end solution capability of maximizing revenue every day, including guest experience cloud, cognitive revenue management and smart distribution solutions that process over 240 billion data points, tracks online conversations across 3,95,000 hotels globally and connects to 1,500+ demand partners impacting over $13 billion in revenue annually.Marketing Technology News: Blis Expands Into the Netherlands With First Hire RateGain announced the acquisition of BCV, the only hospitality focused social media provider with the capacity to monitor and engage the social universe 24 X 7. BCV, a RateGain company, will now offer a comprehensive Guest Experience Cloud platform with an arsenal of proprietary digital products designed to increase direct sales, provide unparalleled guest interactions, and mitigate negative experiences helping hotel chains maximize the guest lifetime value. This acquisition will further help RateGain unlock revenue across hotel chains, airlines, car rentals, OTAs, cruise lines, package providers, TMCs, and vacation rentals.This comprehensive Guest Experience Cloud platform combines the power of BCV’s social media listening, analytics, creative and engagement capabilities with RateGain’s AI-driven cognitive revenue management and smart distribution solutions.Marketing Technology News: Oracle Collaborates with Top Oracle PartnerNetwork Platinum Level Members to Rethink Customer Data Platform Market AcquisitionBCVBhanu ChopracloudNewsRateGain Previous ArticleSPALDING Doubles its Digital Commerce Revenue with SalesforceNext ArticleOracle Joins Forces with Accenture and Capgemini to Rethink Customer Data Platform Marketcenter_img RateGain Acquires BCV to Help Hotel Chains Maximize Guest Lifetime Value PRNewswireJune 18, 2019, 7:19 pmJune 18, 2019 last_img read more

MarTech Interview with Waleed AlAtraqchi President at CJ Affiliate

first_imgAbout CJ Affiliate “Affiliate is constantly evolving, and if you look at its impact on customer value and incrementality, the channel is underrepresented in terms of advertising investment..” MarTech Interview with Waleed Al-Atraqchi, President at CJ Affiliate Sudipto GhoshJune 13, 2019, 3:30 pmJune 13, 2019 MarTech Interview Series Waleed is a Entrepreneurial leader with a successive track record of growing companies at multiple stages. He is passionate about developing high-performance organizations, fostering collaborative and creative cultures, and building businesses that lead through innovation and dynamic growth strategies. Tell us about your role and journey into Marketing. What inspired you to be part of CJ Affiliate?I always wanted to be in business since I was a kid. I was living in New York when I bought and ran a Bagel shop—it was doing well but I wanted to do more, so I eventually sold it. Running my own business taught me that success is driven by the products you sell and how you market them. I believe Product and Marketing are the core drivers of the business, so that’s what captured my imagination. A few years later, I did my MBA and was focusing on Marketing, before journeying into technology. I joined CJ Affiliate because Technology and Data are transforming the Marketing industry and I was inspired by the opportunity to lead the world’s largest affiliate network during this transformation.How does CJ Affiliate fit into a modern Marketing technology stack?From a Digital standpoint, Affiliate typically represents 15% of e-commerce sales for U.S. companies. The health of the Affiliate channel is strong and growing at a rate that’s similar or even higher than e-commerce growth in general.The success of the channel is largely due to the fact that Affiliate Marketing is highly effective at reaching customers wherever they are in their purchase journey and lifecycle. The variety of affiliates/publishers that exist today—from content to loyalty to coupon/deal—are a focus on meeting a myriad of customer needs and creating unique value. Whether a shopper is simply doing research and perusing product reviews or is ready to purchase from a deal site they trust, affiliate’s performance-based model is a low-risk, high-reward approach to reaching and converting customers.Not only that, but our data shows that affiliate is likely undervalued in the overall marketing mix. Affiliate is constantly evolving, and if you look at its impact on customer value and incrementality, the channel is underrepresented in terms of advertising investment.CJ Affiliate is particularly well-positioned in the space. We’re growing globally and making strategic investments to meet the evolving and ever-changing needs within the industry.What advice do you have for marketers to better prepare for automation and Data-driven Commerce?More aspects of the business are automating which, from a career perspective, means that Marketing jobs are becoming more about creativity, strategy, and interaction with people.Data is central to running an effective business. So, while you need the data, marketers also need to be able to analyze it. Analyticalskills and expertise are becoming a pre-requisite to any marketing position because it’s the actionable, smart decisions that derive from data that make the difference.How do your Affiliate Marketing services benefit marketing teams?Our goal is to deliver scalable growth for our clients, which requires having a deep understanding of their overall business needs—not just within the Affiliate channel.As a full-service affiliate network, CJ Affiliate is like a “swiss army knife” for Affiliate marketers. We either fill gaps in clients’ in-house resources or complement their existing marketing efforts. Regardless of the type of partnership, we build mutually beneficial, performance-based relationships between advertisers and publishers that drive measurable growth.While we tailor our approach based on clients’ growth KPIs, CJ’s philosophy is more about leading rather than pleasing. For example, an advertiser may want to drive new customers, but might be overlooking the fact that their return customers have a higher AOV (average order value). In that scenario, CJ Affiliate uses data to highlight the importance of focusing on both new and returning customers, along with the strategies and solutions to grow revenue in those areas.We also help our clients achieve greater efficiency in their marketing spend by making the most effective use of their investment in the Affiliate channel. What are the core principles driving your product roadmap?Our product roadmap is grounded in a commitment to innovation and excellence for the primary purpose of addressing client needs. We are focused on staying ahead of any industry headwinds of market pressures that may affect our clients and remain as agile as possible to address those dynamics. Recently, with the introduction of GDPR and ITP and an increased focus on consumer privacy, CJ Affiliate is the first-to-market with solutions to help clients navigate regulations and ensure compliance.CJ Affiliate’s Product and Engineering teams—and the company as a whole—believe in collaborative innovation. We bring clients in early and often to ensure we’re creating value in the solutions we develop.How do you identify the biggest advantages and challenges in Digital Commerce? What role does CJ Affiliate play in overcoming these challenges?It’s about paying attention to what our clients are saying. Digital is a quickly evolving space. It’s incredibly high stakes for everyone, so there’s no lack of ideas. We stay really close to our clients to get that fodder and understand the challenges they are facing.One of the biggest advantages – or you can argue, the biggest opportunities – is the use of data to make smarter decisions. CJ Affiliate has invested in building more data assets and making them available and actionable. Today, we can move beyond the simple notion of a making sale, to know what kind of customer it is (new, returning, lapsed, etc.), we can compare publisher performance, provide personalization within the channel, and we can measure incrementality of Affiliate compared to other channels. All because we were able to harness the challenge of big data and use it as an advantage.How do you help your customers scale and achieve their revenue goals?We do this in multiple ways, but one critical part of advertiser success is ongoing Strategic Publisher recruitment. We know that it is important to continue to nurture your true publishers, but long-term growth depends on continually recruiting new publishers into the mix. Our data shows that on average, 63% of advertiser program revenue comes from publishers who are recruited into an advertiser’s Affiliate program after the first year. In other words, while publishers that were in the program in the first year still contribute a meaningful percentage of advertiser program revenue, most program revenue comes directly from newly recruited publisher partnerships.What are your predictions on the most impactful disruptions caused by Data Intelligence and Analytics technology for Affiliate Marketing in 2019-2020?I see disruption coming from a few areas.Multi-touch attribution and insights. We are at a point where marketers have the capability to match customers to their different devices, understand how customers shop and research their purchases, and ensure every interaction a customer has with an affiliate can be tied to their future purchases and decisions. Multi-touch insights, such as customer journey analysis and CRM insights, will change the game as they provide a more holistic view of customers and full transparency into all affiliates involved in a customer’s path to conversion. They will change how marketers think about investment, ROI and how to influence the customer journey.Personalization. Consumers are presented with an abundance of offers online, but not all of them are personally and individually relevant. According to Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. CJ recently introduced Affiliate Personalization to drive more personalized messaging in the affiliate channel. Whether the focus is on customer acquisition or retention, personalization is proving to improve conversion rates and bring more efficiency to the marketing spend.Global expansion. We’re seeing that online shoppers are increasingly buying from global e-commerce sites outside their own country. Nearly all of the retailers in our network have seen website visitors from other countries this year. The affiliate channel is a strategic way for advertisers to enter a new market and introduce their product or services to a new consumer, particularly through global affiliates who understand shoppers in different markets and can help engage them in the way they prefer.Privacy. Lastly, the ongoing evolution of the way businesses require to handle consumer data in light of privacy regulations will continue to have an effect across all of the marketing, not just affiliate. This is a key focus for our business and we’re invested in ensuring our clients are set up for long-term success.How do you prepare for an AI-centric world as a business leader?The true potential of AI will only unleash by hiring the types of people who know how to apply it to solve problems. It’s not something that happens magically overnight. As a business leader, you need to invest in those competencies.How do you inspire your people to work with technology?I believe in creating an environment where people can be open and honest and empowered to work together to solve problems. We want every role across the organization to feel valued and impactful.One word that best describes how you work. Collaborative.What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?Microsoft Excel.What’s your smartest work-related shortcut or productivity hack?Go talk to people instead of sending an email, especially if it’s something that can be easily discussed in person.What are you currently reading?How-to material related to architecture and design.What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?If you work hard and don’t give up, you can achieve anything.Something you do better than others – the secret of your success?Optimism and Persistence. I also hire really smart people.Thank you, Waleed! That was fun and hope to see you back on MarTech Series soon.center_img The MTS Martech Interview Series is a fun Q&A style chat which we really enjoy doing with martech leaders. With inspiration from Lifehacker’s How I work interviews, the MarTech Series Interviews follows a two part format On Marketing Technology, and This Is How I Work. The format was chosen because when we decided to start an interview series with the biggest and brightest minds in martech – we wanted to get insight into two areas … one – their ideas on marketing tech and two – insights into the philosophy and methods that make these leaders tick. CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is the leading affiliate marketing network, specializing in pay-for-performance programs that drive results for businesses around the world. The CJ Network helps to reach and connect with millions of online consumers every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers. Drive more sales and expand your reach – experience the network effect with CJ. AIAOVCJ Affiliatecrminterviewsmarketing industryMarTech InterviewWaleed Al-Atraqchi Previous ArticleGenpact Artificial Intelligence Engines Help Companies Accelerate AI AdoptionNext ArticleZilliant Announces New Partnership with SAP and Major Expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa About WaleedAbout CJ AffiliateAbout Waleedlast_img read more

Speedcast and In Aria Networks Join Forces with Telespazio on LargeScale HighCapacity

first_img Alessandro CaranciMarketing Technology NewsNewsSpeedcastTelespazioVideo Previous ArticleSesame Workshop Names Samantha Maltin Chief Marketing OfficerNext ArticleDTiQ Launches Enhanced Video Analytics Capabilities Speedcast and In Aria! Networks Join Forces with Telespazio on Large-Scale, High-Capacity Video Services PRNewswireJuly 15, 2019, 10:10 pmJuly 15, 2019 New Managed Service Enables Secure, Flexible, and Efficient Digital TV Contribution, Cloud-Based Video Processing, Playout, and Multi-Platform DistributionSpeedcast, the world’s largest provider of remote communications and IT services, announced a joint service offering with In Aria! Networks, one of Europe’s leading service providers in managed broadcast video contribution over IP, and Telespazio, a leading provider of digital TV platforms and satellite transmission in Europe. Relying on a combination of In Aria! Networks’ redundant video contribution over IP gateways integrated with the Speedcast Media Network (SMN) and Telespazio video teleports, media companies around the globe can securely contribute and deliver SD, HD, and UHD video services with unparalleled efficiency, flexibility, and a faster time to market.Marketing Technology News: The Role of AI in Shaping the Future of Video ConferencingThe joint service offering from Speedcast, In Aria! Networks and Telespazio is designed to speed up cloud-based IP video contribution, media processing and satellite-based digital distribution. The offering includes a wide range of cloud-based value-added services, such as backhaul, media conversion, high-quality, low-latency live streaming, and occasional use secure IP contribution, as well as multichannel digital TV platforms on the leading European Direct-to-Home satellite position.Telespazio’s digital video teleport facilities in Fucino Space Center, Italy feature 170 antennas and offer a broad satellite footprint for distribution of video channels across the Atlantic, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Indian regions. When combined with SMN’s low-latency fiber distribution network, multiple teleport locations around the world, and fully managed IP video transport service, they provide media companies with a large-scale, high-capacity global solution for delivering broadcast-quality video. In addition, the companies are collaborating on DVB-S and DVB-S2 Direct-to-Home satellites at 13° East to ensure improved video delivery across Europe.“Uniting Telespazio’s DVB-S2 digital video platforms with In Aria! Networks’ innovative media transport technology and the Speedcast Media Network will have a huge impact on multi-platform video delivery,” said Alessandro Caranci, Head of Line of Business Satellite Communications at Telespazio. “Our customers can now have access to a cloud-based IP video contribution and distribution network, making it easy and cost-efficient to deliver video in any region on any device.”Marketing Technology News: Study Finds Enterprises Rapidly Shifting to Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Business Model“We’re thrilled to partner with Telespazio, a major player in Europe, and Speedcast, who has a huge influence in North America and the Asia Pacific regions,” said Alberto Carpenè, CEO of In Aria! and Vice President of the Speedcast Media Network. “This joint offering sets a new benchmark for flexibility, enabling media companies to launch channels faster and more affordably.”“Joining forces with Telespazio and In Aria! Networks allows us to address a critical growing need in the media market for hybrid video services,” said Erwan Emilian, Executive Vice President of Enterprise and Emerging Markets at Speedcast. “This partnership represents the fastest and most efficient way to backhaul video feeds, the widest network capacity for video distribution, and the broadest portfolio of value-added services, including cloud-based playout and media processing up to the satellite distribution on various satellites.”Marketing Technology News: Softeon Expands Retail and eCommerce Logistics Solution Footprint and Successlast_img read more

Xiaomi Unveils Mimoji Which Look Very Similar to Apple Memoji But Surely

first_imgXiaomi, often referred to as the ‘Apple of China’, has unveiled a new software feature for its smartphones, called Mimoji. If you look closely, these animated emojis do look very similar to Apple’s own Memoji feature for the iPhones. The Xiaomi Mimoji was launched alongside Xiaomi’s CC9, a phone aimed at young users. The Xiaomi’s CC9 phone goes on sale in China starting July 5, while the CC9e phone will start its sale from July 9.The Mimoji app comes with customization options like hats, and glasses, something which the Apple’s Memoji already had. Just like Memoji, Mimoji also lets Xiaomi users can to create their own animated emoji and add a slew of options to customize the same. The augmented reality smartness in place allows users to create animated emojis with their expressions or whatever it is that they want to say, and share with friends over apps including WhatsApp. The Mimojis can also be sent as videos or stickers in Messages, much like Apple’s Memoji. However, the idea to introduce 3D avatars isn’t Apple exclusive and has been around for quite some time. In fact, companies like Samsung and Microsoft have come up with their own versions of 3D avatars. However, Xiaomi has defended its new app, claiming that Mimoji came first. Moreover, it’s reportedly threatening legal action against writers who call it a copycat without providing proof. Even in the past, Xiaomi has a history of ‘borrowing’ ideas from Apple. Last year, the company released its version of Animojis (animal emojis) with the Mi 8, which resembled the iPhone X’s Animoji. Earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone company also launched AirDots, which has uncanny resemblance to iPhone’s AirPods. AirDotsairpodAnimojiApple First Published: July 3, 2019, 11:16 AM ISTlast_img read more

Oscar Winning Actress Mira Sorvino Reveals She is a Date Rape Survivor

first_img #MeToo movementHarvey WeinsteinMighty AphroditeMira Sorvino First Published: June 13, 2019, 7:36 PM IST One of the first women to accuse Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino has now revealed that she is a date rape survivor. The actress said she was talking about it publicly to show her support for a push towards stronger sexual assaulting laws in New York.Notably, Sorvino made the revelation during a press conference on Wednesday, alongside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Her revelation is being seen as an effort to encourage the state legislature to eliminate New York’s statute of limitations on rape in the 2nd and 3rd degrees and pass additional sexual harassment protections before the end of the legislative session next week. Speaking about the whole #MeToo movement, Sorvino acknowledged that talking publicly about Weinstein’s alleged misconduct had been traumatic, adding, “I have never said that last part ever in public because it is impossible sometimes to share these sort of things,” according to a CNN report.Sorvino further added, “I can stand here before you and say not only was I a sexual harassment and battery victim at the hands of Mr Weinstein, but I’m also a sexual assault victim and I’m also a survivor of date rape.”While Sorvino declined to get into details, she revealed that she wanted to disclose the assault to help others. “I’m doing it here to try and help because there are all these survivors out there right now who need justice,” she said.Notably, in 2018, the Mighty Aphrodite star alleged that Weinstein had sexually harassed her when they had worked on a project in 1995. Sorvino is one of more than 80 women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.Follow @News18Movies for more last_img read more

Sumalatha Ambareesh Defeats Nikhil Kumaraswamy Becomes Ktakas 1st Independent MP in 52

first_imgTwo days ago, when we visited Sumalatha Ambareesh at her home, she was relaxed, contrary to what one would expect from a candidate awaiting election results of a constituency that was unpredictable even for most exit poll analysts. Putting all guessing games to rest, the 55-year-old actor-turned-politician is all set to win from Mandya and become the first independent MP from Karnataka in 52 years, only third in its history. Sumalatha, widow of former Congress MP and actor MH Ambareesh, made her political debut as an independent candidate from Mandya after the grand old party denied her a ticket. The party gave the seat to its coalition partner JDS and son of Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and grandson of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, Nikhil Kumaraswamy.Given the fact that she was contesting against the politically powerful Gowda family as an independent in a constituency where the Congress-JDS has 80% of the vote share, anybody would have guessed the winner. Also, the Mandya lok sabha constituency has eight JDS MLAs.However, ever since the announcement of Nikhil’s candidature and Sumalatha decided to contest, disappointment among party workers was visible on the ground. Till last reports came in, Sumalatha was leading by over 1.25 lakh votes and is likely to be declared a winner soon. The last time Karnataka elected an independent candidate was in 1967 and 1957. Sumalatha, who has acted in more than 200 films in five languages, was mostly busy with personal work during the one month between polling on April 18 and result day on May 23. “A lot of personal work was pending. I finished dubbing of a movie and promotional work for another one. Then I also had my son’s movie. I had to see how that was going. I was busy with different things,” she said. Her son, Abhishek Ambareesh (25), is an aspiring actor. But there was no political meeting during this time, she said. “There are people who came casually. Cannot specify it as political. Most of them who came to wish were anyway friends earlier,” she said. She may not have contested on a party symbol, but received show of support from many, including workers of the party that denied her the ticket. Many local Congress workers had publicly expressed their support to Sumalatha after they were miffed with Nikhil’s candidature. In addition, there were supporters of Ambareesh, who was a three-time parliamentarian from the constituency. Backing her and campaigning on the ground were Kannada actors Yash and Darshan. The BJP did not field a candidate in the constituency and expressed its support for Sumalatha. “I did not plan any of this. All the things that happened in my life were unplanned. When Ambareesh passed away, people asked me to contest. I contested for the people who supported Ambareesh. If I win, people will be looking up to me to fulfill his legacy. I have to take forward the work he left behind,” she said. Sumalatha’s entry into movies too was not planned. Born in Chennai to parents from Andhra Pradesh, she did her initial education in Bombay in a school named ‘Karnataka High School’. “May be I was destined to be here,” she added. “My family has a lot of members in the forces. They wanted me to study. After my 10th examination, I was offered a movie. My family was apprehensive, but my friends suggested I could finish it during holidays and come back. Before I knew, there were many offers with great actors like Kamal Haasan, Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Malayalam superstars like Prem Nazeer. There was no time to look back and regret,” she recalled. It was during one of these film shoots that Sumalatha and her late husband Ambareesh met and later, got married in 1991. “Though it sounds very dramatic today, it gradually developed over six to seven years. From colleagues, we became friends and then close friends. After a point, we realised we felt something for each other which was more than friendship, more than liking. We did not meet often. He was doing two-three shifts. I was doing movies in five languages. We spoke over the phone. Our STD bills would be so high. We never wrote letters. If at all we did, it was me. He never did,” she said. Was it a surprise when Ambareesh joined politics?“It was always visible. He always had people around him. His circle was not small. He even took people to politicians if they wanted some help. So it was always there. I wasn’t like that. I had to get used to that. The house would always be full of people. It was an open house.” Sumalatha, on the contrary, enjoys reading, listening to old Hindi songs and attending concerts of old Hindi songs with friends. Ambareesh died in November 2018. He did not contest in the 2018 Assembly elections owing to his poor health. During his tenure as the Mandya MLA, he was pulled up for being irregular for sessions and meetings, which he said was due to his ill health. He was also a minister in the Siddaramaiah cabinet and Union minister in the Manmohan Singh government.The family never thought of having another politician in the house, said Sumalatha. “He would say one person in the family is enough as it demands too much. Need an entire support system. I don’t think even Ambareesh would have been able to (do what he did) without us. But we had fierce political discussions at the dining table. He would say that ‘my wife would make a good parliamentarian but we don’t want her to’,” she said. “We agreed on some, disagreed on others. We discussed about everything from local issues to US presidential elections,” she recalled. “It was more locally than globally. On the national level, we were on the same page. At times, state election for example, I would say certain candidate would win. He would disagree and list out the reasons, break it down, caste-wise, etc. He had a precise approach. Not many people knew that.” South India is not new to actor-turned-politicians. The likes of MGR, Jayalalithaa and NTR are examples of some of the very successful ones. This Lok Sabha election, too, we saw actors contesting. But Sumalatha’s family was apprehensive. “They were worried about the targetted attacks by the opposition and that’s what happened too. I expected it, but not to this level. After all, we have known each other for years. My son is his (Nikhil) friend. I have seen Kumaraswamy in our house for 25 years. But my resolve only got stronger. I did not say anything that would give them fodder. I knew I had to take the bad with the good,” she said. The election in Mandya saw three other Sumalathas contesting who got around 15,000 votes in total.Sumalatha has kept her option open when it comes to supporting any party or alliance as an independent. “I spent 15 days going around and asking people if I should join any party because a Congress ticket looked difficult. People asked me to contest but as an independent. But what I realised is it is not easy to get stuff done as an independent and many don’t understand that I cannot join a party after I win as an independent. So I would support any government that would work for the interests of Mandya,” she said. Her priorities for Mandya include water crisis, farmers’ crisis, sugar mills and women’s health. Women’s reservation bill? “I don’t see women reservation bill happening at all. If there was a chance they (Congress) have lost it. You have seen elections over a period of time getting more abusive and violent. It is all about winnability. Nobody cares if it is a woman. You have seen the number of women coming, tickets given. I don’t think reservations are an answer. It is not going to happen. Simple. If the bill is passed, they will be forced to field women, so it won’t happen”. Sumalatha’s answers mostly began or ended with Ambareesh. As we wrap up the chat, Sumalatha pointed out how Ambareesh would stand out with his colourful clothes and shoes in Parliament. “When others wore khakhi or white, I could spot him from the visitors’ gallery among 500-odd MPs present. He said that’s who he was.” So would we see her stand out in the parliament? “Oh no! Am not so adventurous,” she quickly replied. “I am here only to take forward what he (Ambareesh) left behind”. But she said she is much more confident that her first day at the film set.”I was young and everything was new. I was nervous. It is not the same now.”Would Sumalatha continue acting in movies?”Movie is the last thing on my mind. But I cannot completely stay away from it. I have been a part of it for 40 years now,” she said.What would Sumalatha have become if not an actor or politician? “An IFS officer may be? A diplomat.. ambassador to some country may be?” After the interview, I returned home in an auto that had the photo of Ambareesh stuck on the front glass. As I initiated a conversation with the driver Srinivas V, he told me everybody was a fan of Ambareesh, Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan in Karnataka. But what about actor-turned-politicians? Did they like them as much? “Well, we may not like them as much when they become politicians. Because as actors, they may be working for themselves. But as politicians, they have to work for the people. If they don’t, then we will not like them or support them. They need to work for the people irrespective of how great an actor they are,” he said. With inputs from Stacy Pereira) 2019 lok sabha election resultkarnataka-lok-sabha-elections-2019Lok Sabha elections 2019lok-sabha-election-results-2019 First Published: May 23, 2019, 7:22 PM IST | Edited by: Sohini Goswamilast_img read more

BMW is planning highperformance hybrids as well as hotrodded EVs

first_imgRonan Glon/Digital TrendsThe head-turning, heritage-laced Vision M Next concept unveiled by BMW’s M division paints a clear picture of how the German firm sees the future of performance. It’s notably powered by a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid powertrain instead of a fully electric one. However, electric M-badged models are more of a when than an if, Digital Trends learned during an event held at BMW’s headquarters.“In the long term, beyond 2025, I think at a certain point in time there will be also possibly M battery-electric vehicles. M is not a letter for technology. It’s simply a letter for performance, and we don’t only mean zero-to-60-mph. That’s easy,” Klaus Fröhlich, BMW’s head of development, told Digital Trends when asked about the possibility of electrifying the M brand.He explained why the Vision M Next concept (pictured) is a plug-in hybrid instead of an electric car. Hypothetically, the production version of the Vision M Next concept would weigh between about 3,500 and 3,700 pounds, which isn’t bad for a hybrid coupe with a 600-horsepower, all-wheel drive powertrain capable of delivering up to 60 miles of electric-only driving. Taking the turbocharged four-cylinder engine out of the equation would require using a huge battery pack to offer acceptable range and performance. In turn, the pack would make an electric Vision M Next weigh about 4,600 pounds.“That’s a big, big difference,” he summed up. It wouldn’t handle as well; ultimately, it wouldn’t live up to BMW’s promise of delivering the ultimate driving machine.The Vision M Next concept hasn’t officially been approved for production, though Fröhlich and other executives hinted they’d like to see it become a reality. His comments confirm that M — like rivals Audi Sport and Mercedes-AMG — will offer plug-in hybrid cars sooner rather than later.“M is not about longitudinal acceleration only. The cars also have to be fast on the track, and fun to drive on a winding road. Weight is key, then, and I think plug-in hybrid is the next step,” he said. To add context, he pointed out that the firm has gradually shifted from naturally-aspirated to turbocharged engines in order to continue cranking up the performance knob while keeping fuel economy in check. Editors’ Recommendations 2020 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid first drive review Think hybrids can’t be sporty? BMW’s Vision M Next is here to prove you wrong 2020 Audi S8 packs twin-turbocharged V8 muscle into a discreet form The best fuel-efficient cars for 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 73 plug-in hybrid will unleash 805 hp, report sayslast_img read more

Whose name should we etch on the Mars 2020 rover NASA wants

first_img Editors’ Recommendations As much talk as there is about Mars colonization, it’s still going to be a good few years before humans land on the Red Planet. But that doesn’t mean that your name can’t be among the first to make its way to the Martian landscape — and it won’t even require you to train as an astronaut to do so. That’s because NASA opened up a new public outreach initiative to let individuals send their names to Mars, as an engraving on a silicon chip sent with the space agency’s next Mars rover, due to launch in 2020 and touch down in February 2021.“As we get ready to launch this historic Mars mission, we want everyone to share in this journey of exploration,” Thomas Zurbuchen, an associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD), said in a statement. “It’s an exciting time for NASA, as we embark on this voyage to answer profound questions about our neighboring planet, and even the origins of life itself.”The names will be individually etched onto the chip using an electron beam at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Each line of names will be smaller than one-thousandth the width of a human hair. This 75-nanometer scale means that it will be possible to write upward of a million names on a single dime-sized microchip. The chip (or, potentially, multiple chips) will be stored inside the NASA Mars rover. This 2,300-pound rover will be used to search for signs of past microbial life, take measurements of the Martian climate and geology, and collect samples for eventual return to Earth at some future date.To find out more about how to submit your name, you can visit NASA’s dedicated webpage here. Everyone who signs up as part of the campaign will receive a souvenir boarding pass (think of the air miles you would theoretically rack up!). An image of the final chip will be put on the Mars 2020 “Send Your Name to Mars” homepage, and the Mars 2020 mission homepage after it is installed on the rover. This will be sometime in the spring of 2020.Our only other question: Just how many people do you predict are going to try and submit some variation on “Marsy McMarsface” as their name of choice? Marsy McMarsface? NASA gives students the chance to name its next Mars rover NASA’s Mars 2020 rover will pave the way for manned missions to Mars NASA’s Mars Helicopter is ready to take to the red skies Harvard University has a bold new plan to make Mars livable for humans Mars lander simulator lets you take Opportunity rover for one last spinlast_img read more

Lenovo Thinkpad 13 Review 2017 Cheap and mostly cheerful

first_imgProcessor:– Up to Intel® Core™ i5-7300U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 3.50GHz)– Up to Intel® Celeron® 3865U Processor (2MB Cache, 1.80GHz)Operating System:– Windows 10 Home– Windows 10 Pro – Lenovo recommends Windows 10 ProDisplay:– 13.3″ HD (1366 x 768) TN Anti-Glare– 13.3″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-Glare Multi-TouchStorage:– Up to 128GB SSD– Up to 256GB SSD OPAL2.0Memory: Up to 16GB DDR4 2133 MHzAudio: HD AudioSecurity:– dTPM 2.0– Swipe fingerprint readerCamera: 720p HD camera with integrated dual array microphoneGraphics: Up to Intel® HD Graphics 610Battery: Up to 11 hoursPorts:– 2 x USB 3.0– 1 x USB 3.0 (powered)– 1 x USB-C– 1 x HDMI– OneLink+– 4-in-1 card reader (SD, SD-HC, SD-XC, MMC)– 1 x headphone / microphone combo jackConnectivity: Intel® Dual Band Wireless AC (2×2) 8265 + Bluetooth® 4.1Dimensions: 12.69″ x 8.77″ x 0.77″ / 322.4 mm x 222.8 mm x 19.8 mmWeight: Starting at 3.17 lbs / 1.44 kgColor: SilverSoftware & PerformanceOne important element we hope to see in business laptops is the ability to get through a full work day on a single charge. While that may not be important for desk jockeys, anyone who travels with any sort of regularity knows the hassle of having to charge mid-way through the day. The ThinkPad 13 is able to meet this need, offering up to 11 hours of run time per charge depending on usage.I was able to successfully use the next-gen ThinkPad 13 through a full 10ish hour workday with a bit of charge to spare, though the battery indicator was close to empty at this point. That’s perhaps skirting too closely to the charge point for some users, but I was pleased with the results.Performance, meanwhile, was great during average usage — that is, web browsing, photo editing, and similar. Your experiences will vary based on your laptop’s own configuration, however; Lenovo offers up to a Core i5 or up to an Intel Celeron 3865U Processor, 16GB of RAM, and up to Intel HD Graphics 610. The laptop runs Windows 10 and includes some of Lenovo’s own software preinstalled.Things we likeThe ThinkPad 13 is the type of laptop I call utilitarian — it’s more about function than form, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no single thing that stands out among competing products. Rather, the laptop as a whole brings a variety of items that will appeal to certain users: many ports, a matte display, touchscreen, relatively thin profile, excellent keyboard, and great audio quality.IssuesWhile the ThinkPad 13 is mostly a great laptop, the screen was disappointing. I caught myself attempting to turn up the brightness a couple times, only to realize that it was still turned up to max brightness. It truly felt too dim in most environments with the exception of dark ones, and that was a problem for me. After using this ThinkPad model for a day, I felt that I was developing eye strain and had to resist the urge to use an external monitor. Your mileage may vary, but for me personally, the next-gen ThinkPad 13’s screen is lacking.Wrap-upIf you’re in the market for a ThinkPad but you can’t drop several hundred on one of the higher-end models, Lenovo has a great compromise in the ThinkPad 13. While you’re not getting the thinnest ultrabook out there nor a bright 4K display, you will enjoy a combination of long battery life, multiple hardware options, a touchscreen, many ports (including USB-C), and a comfortable keyboard. If all that sounds perfect, you can pick up the ThinkPad 13 (2017) from Lenovo’s website starting at $439 USD. Lenovo has released the second-generation version of its ThinkPad 13, a business ultrabook with the same no-nonsense style we’ve come to know and love. Unlike some ultrabooks, the ThinkPad 13 packs a bunch of ports that (most likely can) cover all of your workday needs, tossing other features on top including a fingerprint sensor and customizable hardware. Is the latest version worth the upgrade? Read on to find out! Hardware & DesignThe latest ThinkPad 13 comes in two flavors: black and sliver. Our review model is silver, as you can see in the photos, though you can also get it in the traditional black ThinkPad style if you prefer. This model falls on the ‘budget’ end of the ThinkPad lineup with a starting price of about $440 USD on Lenovo’s website, making it attractive from a monetary point of view, and it helps boost its appeal by offering a bunch of ports and long battery life.The ThinkPad 13 is designed for businesses, as well as anyone else who needs a durable, reliable laptop — students, teachers and similar. Lenovo boasts that its new laptop was tested across a dozen different military specifications, making it durable enough to handle your bumps and jostles while on the road or at the office.The company explains that the second-generation version of the ThinkPad 13 passed more than 200 quality checks, and it helps round out that attractive feature by offering a battery capable of taking you through a full workday (and perhaps longer). The design itself is basic and highly usable, including a large trackpad, red trackpoint nub, three trackpad buttons, and a fingerprint reader.The keyboard features a two-stage adjustable soft white backlight, which can be turned on and off by pressing Fn + Spacebar. All of this is joined by a 13.3-inch matte display with a Full HD resolution and IPS technology. The touchscreen is quite sensitive and accurate, and the viewing angles are excellent, though the screen still suffers from glares in bright environments despite its non-glossy nature.MacBook Air 13-inch and ThinkPad 13 2nd-genThe design is simplistic and fairly angular; as far as ultrabooks go, it’s also a bit beefy as shown above and heavy with a starting weight of 3.17lbs. That’s not surprising given the number of ports Lenovo packs into this machine, but it should be noted that there are thinner ThinkPad alternatives (like the X1 Carbon) if thinness is important to you.TECH SPECSlast_img read more

Nike HyperAdapt 10 selflacing shoes are available again

first_imgIf you’re located in the US, your chance to get the shoes have already passed — they were available to some lucky people at select Nike stores throughout the US between August 25 and today, although they’re already listed as sold out. The shoes will be arriving in stores in other countries in coming weeks and months, however. First up will be China starting on September 17, where they’re arrives in the Nike Ghangzhou Brand Experience Store, Huaihai, and more.Following that will be a release in Japan starting on September 23 — you’ll be able to find them at the NIKELAB MA5 and DSM in Ginza and at Nike Harajuku. If you’re located in Europe, you’ll have to make your way to London starting on September 29 to get the shoes at Niketown in London. If you can wait until October, though, they’ll also arrive in Berlin on the 5th at Nike BE Berlin.As well, the Shoes will arrive at NIKELAB ST18 in Milan on October 5th and in the Nike Store Champs Elysee and NIKELAB P75 in Paris on the same day. As far as the technology goes, the Nike HyperAdapt feature an underfoot lacing mechanism that tightens the shoes laces to whatever degree is necessary based on the wearer. The shoes are powered and can be recharged.SOURCE: Nice Kicks Nike’s HyperAdapt self-tightening shoes that went on sale months ago are back again, though they’re not terribly easy to get ahold of. These shoes are billed as futuristic kicks, ones that sport technology that causes the laces to tighten themselves. You probably only want to grab these shoes if you’re a collector or you have money to burn, as they’re priced at a cool $720. If that doesn’t deter you, there are select places around the world where you can try to get a pair.last_img read more

iPhone X Plus teased with display assembly leak

first_imgNow that Apple is well underway with production of its newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, the big question is if the company will begin offering the device in two different display sizes like it has for several years with the previous iPhone models. Recent months have seen several reports and rumors about a new iPhone X debuting this year with a larger 6.5-inch screen, and now we’re seeing the first possible evidence of this plan with a leak claiming to reveal the new display assembly. Story Timeline2018 iPhone X 6.5-inch with LG Display OLED tippediPhone 6.1-inch sacrifices detailed to undercut iPhone X 2018iPhone X call delay problem gets Apple’s attentioniPhone X 2018 could get a big notch changeiPhone X production cut has Samsung fretting over OLED sales The two images were first posted to China’s MacX forums, and at this stage there’s still a good chance they’re far from legitimate. The photos claim to show the screen and digitizer from the upcoming “iPhone X Plus,” with the parts originating from an LG facility in Vietnam as part of a “trial run of production equipment.”First is a photo of the device’s digitizer held in someone’s hand, with the size appearing to be noticeably larger than the current 5.8-inch iPhone X. Also present is the phone’s now recognizable “notch,” where the TrueDepth sensors and advanced Face ID camera tech are located. In comparison with the larger part, the notch seems to be almost the same size as the existing iPhone X, but that could be evidence of the recent report noting that the second generation iPhone X will have a smaller notch overall.The bottom of the assembly includes a flex cable with a part number that matches Apple’s format, and the numbers indicate the part was produced in November 2017. While this isn’t very recent, it could be in line with a supplier’s test production in advance of an upcoming product.The second image shows a set of assembled digitizer and display components. There aren’t too many additional details to extract from this, although the earpiece slot and sensors can be recognized along the top. The part’s design itself is similar to the display assembly of the current iPhone X, although it’s not identical. Samsung is currently Apple’s exclusive OLED supplier for the iPhone X, however LG has been rumored for some time to start supplying OLEDs for the 2018 iPhones. Also backing up this leak as evidence of an iPhone X Plus is the fact that reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously predicted that this year would see three iPhone X models debut: an update to the current 5.8-inch model, a larger “Plus” model with a 6.5-inch OLED, and a new 6.1-inch model that features the iPhone X design but uses a LCD display.SOURCE MacXlast_img read more

Download Android P update aesthetics without the headache

first_imgStory TimelineAndroid P preview download: Wild new features incomingAndroid P marks the end of Nexus phones, Google tabletsAndroid P: Here’s what to expect later this year There’s a theme out there in the wild that allows Android devices to look like they’re running Android P without the headache of the Dev build. Instead of running Google’s newest software in its developer preview (read: pre-beta) form, users are downloading a theme for Android called “Flux White.” This theme was made before Android P, but just so happens to look extremely similar. Flux White works with Android 8.1, Oxygen OS, and Android Nougat. Users with hardware that do not run one of these types of Android need not apply. This theme also does not work with Samsung devices, because Samsung devices are harder to work with – for some reason. In addition to theming the home page, app drawer, and settings, this software has themed icons for individual apps – not all, but most.This theme is made for the Substratum theme engine. To make use of Flux White, you’ll need to head to the Google Play app store and download it for a dollar and a half. Substratum can be found via the Google+ community – which will lead to the app through Google Play or alternate means. I suggest you go to Google Play, but your choice is your own!OF NOTE: The Flux White theme is so extremely similar to what Google’s presented in Android P that users on Google Plus (in the community linked above) and on Reddit have gone ahead and pointed it out. It is POSSIBLE that Google’s Android developers looked to giannisgx89’s work on Flux White as inspiration. It’s also POSSIBLE that they did nothing of the sort – we do not know one way or the other.What we DO know is that Flux White on Substratum is pretty sweet. And Android P looks like it will be pretty sweet when it’s released to the general public. For now, though, don’t you dare download Android P, almost no matter what!last_img read more