Xiaomi Unveils Mimoji Which Look Very Similar to Apple Memoji But Surely

first_imgXiaomi, often referred to as the ‘Apple of China’, has unveiled a new software feature for its smartphones, called Mimoji. If you look closely, these animated emojis do look very similar to Apple’s own Memoji feature for the iPhones. The Xiaomi Mimoji was launched alongside Xiaomi’s CC9, a phone aimed at young users. The Xiaomi’s CC9 phone goes on sale in China starting July 5, while the CC9e phone will start its sale from July 9.The Mimoji app comes with customization options like hats, and glasses, something which the Apple’s Memoji already had. Just like Memoji, Mimoji also lets Xiaomi users can to create their own animated emoji and add a slew of options to customize the same. The augmented reality smartness in place allows users to create animated emojis with their expressions or whatever it is that they want to say, and share with friends over apps including WhatsApp. The Mimojis can also be sent as videos or stickers in Messages, much like Apple’s Memoji. However, the idea to introduce 3D avatars isn’t Apple exclusive and has been around for quite some time. In fact, companies like Samsung and Microsoft have come up with their own versions of 3D avatars. However, Xiaomi has defended its new app, claiming that Mimoji came first. Moreover, it’s reportedly threatening legal action against writers who call it a copycat without providing proof. Even in the past, Xiaomi has a history of ‘borrowing’ ideas from Apple. Last year, the company released its version of Animojis (animal emojis) with the Mi 8, which resembled the iPhone X’s Animoji. Earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone company also launched AirDots, which has uncanny resemblance to iPhone’s AirPods. AirDotsairpodAnimojiApple First Published: July 3, 2019, 11:16 AM ISTlast_img

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