New UNWorld Bank report shows world a long way from achieving universal

Some 400 million people do not have access to health services and 6 per cent of people in low- and middle-income countries are tipped into or pushed further into extreme poverty because of the high cost of health spending, according to a report released today by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank Group.“The world’s most disadvantaged people are missing out on even the most basic services,” Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO Assistant Director-General, Health Systems and Innovation, said in a joint WHO/World Bank press release. “A commitment to equity is at the heart of universal health coverage,” continued Dr. Kieny. “Health policies and programmes should focus on providing quality health services for the poorest people, women and children, people living in rural areas and those from minority groups.”The joint WHO/World Bank report, Tracking universal health coverage: First global monitoring report, is the first of its kind to measure health service coverage and financial protection to assess countries’ progress towards universal health coverage.Launched today, the report said more people have access to essential health services today than at any other time in history, and “for some health services, global population coverage already surpasses 80 per cent, and in the past decade there is some evidence that the proportion of people hit by health service-related catastrophic spending and impoverishment has dropped somewhat.”“However,” the report said, “there is still a long way to go on the road to UHC [universal health coverage] both in terms of health service and financial protection coverage.”The report looks at global access to essential health services – including family planning, antenatal care, skilled birth attendance, child immunization, antiretroviral therapy, tuberculosis treatment, and access to clean water and sanitation¬ – in 2013, and found that at least 400 million people lacked access to at least one of these services.In addition, across 37 countries, 6 per cent of the population was tipped or pushed further into extreme poverty ($1.25/day) because they had to pay for health services out of their own pockets.The World Bank’s Senior Director of Health, Nutrition and Population, Dr. Tim Evans, noted that the report “is a wakeup call.”“It shows that we’re a long way from achieving universal health coverage,” Dr. Evans said. “We must expand access to health and protect the poorest from health expenses that are causing them severe financial hardship.”This is the first in a series of annual reports that WHO and the World Bank Group will produce on tracking progress towards UHC across countries. WHO and the World Bank Group recommend that countries pursuing universal health coverage should aim to achieve a minimum of 80 per cent population coverage of essential health services, and that everyone everywhere should be protected from catastrophic and impoverishing health payments, according to a joint press release. read more

Security Council condemns reported slave trade of migrants in Libya

In a statement read out to a formal meeting by Ambassador Koro Bessho of Japan, Council President for December, the 15-member body expressed “grave concern” at reports of migrants being sold into slavery in Libya and emphasized that all migrants should be treated with humanity and dignity and that their rights should be fully respected. The Council urged the Libyan authorities and all Member States to comply with their obligations under international law and stressed the need to transfer detainees to State authority. The Council also encouraged those authorities to reinforce cooperation with international organizations and UN agencies and to ensure full humanitarian access to detention centres. The Council welcomed the statement by the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord of Libya denouncing trafficking in persons, including for the purpose of slavery, inside or outside the country, noting that Libyan authorities had launched an investigation and were committed to bringing perpetrators to justice. The Council also welcomed statements by the African Union calling for an immediate end to such practices and by the UN Secretary‑General requesting United Nations actors to actively pursue the matter. Reaffirming support for the Action Plan for Libya, the Council emphasized that a stable Libya was the only way to help improve the living conditions of all people in the country, including migrants. RELATED: UN agencies working to address slavery, abuses against African migrants and refugees, Security Council toldUnderlining the need for all actors to cooperate with the Government of National Accord of Libya, including assisting the country to build capacity to secure its borders and end human trafficking, the Council urged ratification and implementation of international instruments that countered such trafficking by all Member States. The Council encouraged cooperation between the European Union, the African Union and the United Nations to protect the lives of migrants and refugees along migration routes, inside Libya in particular. In addition, it underlined the need for coordination of efforts to tackle the root causes of large movements of people – including forced displacement, unmanaged migration and trafficking – in a comprehensive manner to prevent exploitation of refugees and migrants as well as for implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. read more

Joan Burton is the new leader of the Labour Party

first_imgUpdated 22.45pmSOCIAL PROTECTION MINISTER Joan Burton has been named as leader of the Labour party, following the announcement of the final results in Dublin’s Mansion House this afternoon.It follows a five-week campaign, with Burton winning 77.5 per cent of the vote in a landslide victory over Alex White, the junior health minister, who was the only other contender for the top job.Four TDs are vying to become the party’s deputy leader — with the results of that vote set to be announced later this evening – but already there are indications that junior minister Alan Kelly will win that contest.Burton’s election comes as no great surprise — the Dublin West TD has been seen as the front-runner and leader-in-waiting ever since Eamon Gilmore announced he’d be quitting in the wake of a disastrous showing by the party in last month’s local and European elections.She’s expected to be confirmed as the country’s 23rd Tánaiste later this afternoon, after Gilmore officially stepped down earlier, and will be just the third woman to hold the position, after Mary Harney and Mary Coughlan. this afternoon’s announcement, made in the Round Room of the Mansion House just before 4pm, Gilmore said he was proud that Labour had elected its first woman leader.“The job you are undertaking is a difficult one – I know,” he told Burton, who in turn thanked the former leader for “the incredible journey” he’d led Labour on.In her speech, Burton said her job was to ask the Irish people to have trust in her as Labour leader, and in the party as a whole, and that she would have a relentless focus in Government on getting people and businesses back to work. White, who conceded the contest earlier this afternoon, described Burton as a woman of exceptional ability, adding:She is tenacious, she is a fighter.Speaking ahead of this afternoon’s announcement, Burton insisted she had made no decisions as yet about a reshuffle of Labour ministers, but that she expected to meet the Taoiseach after the weekend to discuss it.White wouldn’t be drawn on whether he was expecting a promotion to the front bench, saying only “this is Joan’s day”.Burton is expected to hold preliminary talks with Enda Kenny by phone this evening.In total 2,720 Labour members cast their vote in a postal ballot with 19 votes spoiled, giving a total valid poll of 2,701 and a quota 1,351.Burton took 2,094 votes while the defeated White took 607.A short history…A former accountant, Burton trained with PriceWaterhouse in Dublin prior to becoming a senior lecturer in DIT.She was first elected to the Dáil in 1992, and served as a junior minister in the Department of Social Welfare in the Fianna Fáil-Labour coalition, later moving to become junior minister with responsibility for overseas aid in the mid-1990s Rainbow Coalition.Burton lost her seat in the 1997 General Election, but was elected again in 2002 and has remained a TD ever since — taking over in Social Protection in the wake of the last General Election.She’s married to Pat Carroll, a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at DIT Bolton St. They have one daughter Aoife, who now works as a barrister in Dublin.- additional reporting from Hugh O’ConnellRead: One of these two people will be Labour leader later today. Here’s what they told us… Read: Why Eamon Gilmore wants a top EU job, and why it would be a win for Labour if he got it Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twitter She said the hustings — held in various locations around the country over the last month —– had been a great exercise in democracy.Concluding her speech to the party faithful, she said:Let’s go on to the next stage of the journey — and let’s win. Burton: My job now is to ask of Irish ppl to have trust in me as Labour leader and in the party— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) July 4, 2014last_img read more

Angry Birds creator Rovio addresses Android problems

first_imgIt’s undeniable that across the mobile platforms one of the most popular games is Angry Birds. The guys at Rovio figured out the perfect combination of elements needed in order to make a game insanely addicting and fun for everyone at the same time.Their recent release to Android has been an extremely successful one. The demo was downloaded more times than any other game demo on the Android Market, and is on track for being a global success. The full version of the game brought down both the Rovio website, as well as the servers at GetJar on the day of the release. The seas were smooth for Rovio until the latest update, adding 45 levels and a new bird to solve puzzles with. Rovio addresses the issues that have been seen in a recent post to the company blog.The problem started with the update. Something in that addition caused performance to shoot straight down for several of the Android devices that had been previously enjoying the same quality as any other phone. The Rovio twitter stream and emails were full of outraged customers who were no longer able to enjoy the game that had occupied so much of their time. Rovio wrote recently on the subject in an attempt to explain the situation, and their resolution.With our latest update, we worked hard to bring Angry Birds to even more Android devices. Despite our efforts, we were unsuccessful in delivering optimal performance. Unfortunately, Rovio does little to explain the actual problem, but instead insists that they are performing additional tests to resolve the issues. Anyone with access to YouTube can see that the performance decrease on some devices was significant, making it clear that sufficient testing was not done to ensure the app would consume the same resources it did in the past. For some reason, the exact same game, only with more levels, was requiring more resources. The 17 now-unsupported devices, as well as a general exclaimer regarding custom ROMs and Android 1.5 owners will be unable to use the current official version of Angry Birds.It seems that rather than attempt to explain or resolve this increase in resources, Rovio will be creating a “lighweight” version of their app for Android that will cover the current unsupported devices. This version will likely lack GPU intensive items like shading, but Rovio hopes to deliver as similar an experience to the “full” version as possible. It shows an impressive level of commitment to their customers by going this route, and throughout the blog Rovio constantly states a desire to have as much feedback as possible given to them for help.The most common side affect to this blog has been a rehash of the concept of “fragmentation”, in that the app doesn’t work on all versions of the operating system. Unfortunately for those posing the argument, Rovio manages to avoid calling this “fragmentation” and in fact the only mentioning of the operating system is the legacy version 1.5, to which very few Android devices still maintain. Rovio made changes to their  game that increased the required resources to an unnecessary level. I say unnecessary because the previous version of the game worked just fine on a great many of the now unsupported devices, and leaves me to conclude that this has nothing at all to do with fragmentation, but rather a mistake on Rovio’s part that is being corrected in the form of a lightweight version. Either way you look at it, however, I remain impressed at Rovio’s desire to make the app function in as many places as possible.last_img read more

Papastratos is hiring

first_imgMarlboro maker Philip Morris has invested €300 million (A$449.1 million) in its Greek unit Papastratos to convert the cigarette plant into a maker of tobacco sticks for its smokeless IQOS product.Launched in 2014, the IQOS device heats tobacco refills to produce tobacco-flavoured vapour instead of burning it, which produces hazardous smoke and tar. It is a hybrid of traditional and electronic cigarettes.Following the announcement in March, the tobacco company has moved forward with their project to boost the Greek economy.The investment, which has opened 400 new staff positions in Greece, was announced while there was still much distance to be covered between Athens and its creditors. Papastratos, a wholly owned subsidiary of its New York-based parent company, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of cigarettes in Greece, with revenue in 2015 of €1.3 billion (A$1.9 billion) with a 40 percent share of the domestic market. The project will bring three new buildings at Papastratos’ facility in Aspropyrgos, outside Athens, with new lines of tobacco processing and production of refills for IQOS. “We are implementing what Greece needs right now, investments, new jobs and exports,” Harpantidis told reporters.“We will be making a product that will be exported to more than 30 countries around the world.”Papastratos has announced it will be hiring production process technicians, maintenance process electricians, IS systems analysts, HR staff, and engineers. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Un glissement de terrain en Chine fait 46 morts dont 19 enfants

first_imgUn glissement de terrain en Chine fait 46 morts, dont 19 enfantsDans le sud de la Chine un glissement de terrain a emporté vendredi 46 personnes, dont 19 enfants. La province de Yunnan avait déjà subi en septembre et octobre un tremblement de terrain et un premier glissement qui avaient provoqué la mort de 99 personnes. L’exploitation du charbon et le non-respect des normes de sécurité sont mis en cause.Le bilan définitif est de 46 morts, dont 19 enfants. L’AFP a transmis ce matin la terrible annonce des autorités chinoises suite au glissement de terrain meurtrier qui a frappé vendredi le district de Zhenxiong. Celui-ci est situé dans la province de Yunnan, dans le sud de la Chine. Quatorze maisons de la ville de Gaopo ont été totalement emportées par une coulée de 16 mètres de haut qui a tout ravagé sur son passage.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Le bilan est lourd chez les enfants car ces derniers n’avaient pas cours hier. Il s’agissait en effet du premier jour de leurs vacances du nouvel an chinois. Plus d’un millier de sauveteurs issus de l’armée, des pompiers, de la police et des mines se sont relayés à la recherche de survivants. Le bilan devrait être définitif. Le gouvernement chinois a annoncé qu’une aide de 20 000 yuans (environ 2500 euros) par personne décédée sera reversée aux familles.Une région qui a déjà beaucoup souffertLa région avait déjà été durement frappée par des catastrophes naturelles. Le 7 septembre un séisme de magnitude 5,6 avait causé la mort de 81 personnes et favorisé l’apparition, le mois suivant, d’un premier glissement de terrain. Celui-ci avait emporté une école et causé la mort de 18 enfants qui y travaillaient. La région est également soumise à des températures exceptionnellement basses alors que la Chine vit son hiver le plus froid depuis 28 ans. Les fortes pluies et la neige qui se sont abattues ces dix derniers jours sur le district expliqueraient le glissement de terrain, à la faveur d’un sol déjà fragilisé par le séisme de septembre. C’est du moins l’explication officielle. De nombreuses voix dissidentes s’élèvent pourtant afin de dénoncer l’activité minière sauvage qui sévit dans la région ainsi que les constructions anarchiques de bâtiments avec peu de respect pour les normes de sécurité. La ville Gaopo abrite par exemple par exemple une mine de charbon. Lors d’une conférence de presse retransmise à la télévision, un représentant local a fermement rejeté ces accusations et maintient que le climat et le précédent tremblement de terre sont les seuls coupables.Le 12 janvier 2013 à 13:35 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Grocery store, williams auditorium Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 17 Dec 2014 – GROCERY STORE WARS HEAT UP as the proliferation of grocery store openings is driving prices down. Consumers win as essentials are seeing competitive deals during Christmas. Magnetic Media has received reports that larger stores known for higher priced goods have seen a significant slow down with so many newcomers in the market. Expansions and dual locations including buy outs and competitive leasing of spaces like the former Island Pride and as of yesterday, the former Williams Auditorium are also headling consumer news. At least four more grocery stores are forecast to open in Provo in early 2015.center_img Grocery Specials at Sonny Foods – SALE on NOW Williams Auditorium transforms with New Community Focuslast_img read more

12 Sly Web Tricks That Put You in Control

first_imgAugust 26, 2008 Crack a Windows PasswordThe problem: You lost your Windows password (or you want to discover someone else’s). Now you have no way to fully access your account without getting it back.The trick: Download Ophcrack Live CD and burn it to a disc; then restart your computer and boot from the CD. Point Ophcrack at the hard drive where Windows is installed, and it’ll start cracking your Windows password.The effect: The shorter and simpler the Windows password, the more quickly and easily Ophcrack will break it. But Ophcrack can only crack alphanumeric passwords. If the password contains other characters or symbols (like “@”), Ophcrack won’t do the job.Read Books on the D.L. at WorkThe problem: Whether or not you’ve got any work to do, most employers frown on cracking a book at your desk.The trick: Web site Read at Work is a full-screen Flash application that mimics a Windows desktop and serves up public-domain works in a format that resembles PowerPoint presentations. Classics by Twain, Fitzgerald, Dickinson, and Tolstoy are all yours to read on company time. (Well, if it’s Tolstoy, you might rather just work).The effectiveness: To the casual onlooker, Read at Work convincingly looks like a standard Windows XP window. Whether or not your boss will believe that the Oscar Wilde you’re reading is actually a PowerPoint presentation depends on your boss. And it helps if reading PowerPoint presentations is actually part of your job.Say It With Self-Destructing E-MailThe problem: E-mail is forever. If you fire off an angry or ill-thought-out message, the recipient could hold onto it–and hold it against you–indefinitely.The trick: Send a self-destructing e-mail message by going to the Web site DestructingMessage. Just specify how much time you want to give the recipient before the message implodes (15 seconds to 5 minutes), write your message, and send it.The effect: DestructingMessage can send the e-mail anonymously, or you can send a link to the message yourself. Either way, the recipient has a limited time to read it before it’s gone for good. If the recipient is quick on her feet, though, she could grab a screen shot before it’s gone forever.Go Straight to VoicemailThe problem: Everybody’s been there. You’d rather leave a voicemail than deal with a drawn-out phone conversation. Or you’re a coward with bad news to deliver.The trick: SlyDial connects you directly with your contacts’ voicemail–whether they’ve got their phone turned on or not. Just dial 267-SLYDIAL, enter the number you want to leave a voicemail with, and then, when prompted, just leave your message.The effect: SlyDial works exactly as advertised. Use SlyDial gratis as much as you want, but if you tire of the in-call advertising, premium plans get you to voicemail faster and ad-free. SlyDial voicemails, however, do not self-destruct–I guess they haven’t thought of that yet.Spoof Your E-Mail AddressThe problem: You want to send e-mail from a bogus account.The trick: Forge an e-mail address with your desktop e-mail client. In Thunderbird, all you need is a working SMTP server and a fake account. As long as the SMTP server can send e-mail without requiring authentification, you can use your fake e-mail address as much as you want.The effect: To most people, your spoofed e-mail will appear indistinguishable from a real one. The catch: You won’t get any replies, and a look at the message’s headers can reveal to the recipient that you’re using an unusual SMTP server for that e-mail address.Browse the Net Without Leaving a TraceThe problem: Web sites you visit are tracked by your Web browser in several ways that aren’t immediately obvious–such as browser history, cookies, or cached files. Whether you’re doing some online shopping on a shared computer or visiting Web sites that are, let’s say, embarrassing, it’s hard to make sure that a browsing session doesn’t leave a trace.The trick: Go off the record when you want browsing privacy with the Stealther Firefox extension. Enabled, Stealther makes sure that your browsing history, downloads, disk cache, saved form information, and cookies aren’t saved to your browser.The effect: Stealther works in every respect. Whenever you want to go off the record with your browsing, just go to Tools, Stealther. When you’re ready to go back on the record (after all, browser history and cookies can be very useful), just turn off Stealther. Muahahahahaha!!! Crack a Windows Password 10 min read Brought to you by PCWorld Register Now » Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. So it’s Friday afternoon, the weekend is just around the corner, and you’re up to no good. Rather than waste your time turning monitors upside down around the office, why not update your tech arsenal? If you have a computer or cell phone on hand, you’re more than ready to beef up your weapons and spy kit with these 12 sly tricks. We’ll teach you why and how (and with what) to do them, and tell you how well you can expect them to work. And you will forget where you heard this information…Turn Wi-Fi Thieves’ Worlds Upside DownThe problem: You took the time and expense to set up a wireless Internet connection at your place. But you’re pretty sure that the cheap bastard next door is stealing it–that is, connecting to the Internet on your dime. Sure, you could take the easy step of password-protecting your network, but what fun is settling for a little common-sense measure like that?The trick: With the help of a lovely little service called Upside-Down-Ternet, you can turn that Wi-Fi thief’s free Internet scheme upside down–literally. With a little clever scripting, every image the thief views via your connection is flipped upside down on his monitor and mirrored, making Web browsing difficult to say the least. You can also redirect every Web request the thief makes to a particular site–the author of the hack suggests Kittenwar. Pretty good, but I would go with an old standby.The effect: The trick takes a little work to set up right, but if you can pull it off, it works perfectly. And doing right by one’s neighbor just makes you feel good inside.Never Be ‘Away’ With Your AIM BotThe problem: Some employers use IM clients to track their workers and ensure they’re keeping their noses to the grindstone–but, hey, you don’t like Big Brother staring over your shoulder.The trick: Create your own AIM bot with the Web site RunABot. An AIM bot is an automated chat robot that resembles any other AIM user, and–if you set it up well–it responds to messages like a real person. Once you register with RunABot, the site walks you through setting up your bare-bones bot; then it’s up to you to make your bot believable.The effect: In the time it takes to customize your bot to fool your boss in all situations, you could probably finish several work projects and earn a few promotions. With just a few minutes of setup time, however, the “hardworker” bot I put together can convincingly participate in simple workplace conversations.Make a Laptop Thief Regret ItThe problem: Every time you leave your table at the bookstore for another cup of coffee, you’ve got to choose what to do with your laptop. You’ll only be gone for a few seconds, so lugging it with you is a pain. Still, the guy with a double espresso has been eyeing your gear since you sat down, and he looks like he could have sticky fingers.The trick: Install an antitheft program on your laptop that monitors unusual behavior when you’re away, setting off an alarm whenever it detects a possible theft. The freeware Windows application Laptop Alarm sounds an alarm whenever your laptop’s power cable is unplugged, the mouse is moved, or the laptop is shut down. Mac users should check out iAlertU , a freeware app that uses your MacBook’s built-in accelerometer to set off the alarm and snag a Webcam picture whenever someone so much as moves your laptop. You can smoothly disable the alarm with your Apple remote like a proper car alarm.The effect: Under the right circumstances, these applications can be enough to deter a thief from running off with your laptop. Neither application is foolproof, however: Don’t consider these apps as anything more than deterrents.Spoof Your Caller ID The problem: Before caller ID became standard on every phone, making an anonymous call meant little more than dialing the number. Today it’s easy to screen calls and send unknown numbers to voicemail. If you’re looking to make an old-fashioned prank call (heavy breathing optional) or simply surprise the person you’re calling, the ubiquity of caller ID has ruined the fun.The trick: Several caller ID spoofing services are available online that not only hide your number from the recipient’s caller ID, they also make the call appear to be coming from another phone number altogether. Even better, you decide what number you want to show up when you call. I tested this trick at SpoofCard, one of many such services. Just give SpoofCard your number, the number you want to call, and the number you want to show up in the caller ID; SpoofCard takes care of rest.The effect: SpoofCard was very easy to use, and it did exactly what it advertised. In my test, that meant spoofing with Tommy Tu-Tone’s 867-5309 without a hitch. SpoofCard offers free trial calls, which is probably enough for most users.Did They Read Your E-Mail? When?The problem: You send out an important e-mail message reminding your coworker to bring copies of your PowerPoint presentation to the big meeting. You get there, and he doesn’t have them. His excuse: He never got your e-mail. Possible, but questionable; anyway, you want to know for sure.The trick: Send messages you want to monitor through DidTheyReadIt. The Web site embeds a tiny image in each e-mail it sends. When the e-mail is opened, the recipient’s e-mail client, in many cases, will automatically send a request for the embedded image; when that request is made, DidTheyRead then knows that the e-mail was indeed opened, when it was opened, and for how long it was open.The effect: If you really need to be sure that someone received a particular message, DidTheyReadIt works as advertised. The only catch: If the recipient’s e-mail client doesn’t automatically download embedded images, DidTheyReadIt’s tracking mechanism may not work.Create a Web-Streaming SpycamThe problem: You want to keep a closer eye on your kids when you’re away without having to buy a nanny cam.The trick: The free application WebcamXP streams video from your Webcam over the Internet so you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere. If you have a Webcam with a tracking motor, WebcamXP can even control the pan and tilt of the camera over the Internet, giving you full control over what you’re seeing.The effect: The application works very well, though the free version supports just one video source. Upgrading to one of the shareware versions gives you motion detection, and the ability to hook up and view feeds from multiple Webcams. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globallast_img read more

Google Drive changes Google One and price drops

first_imgGoogle Drive changes: Google One and price drops by Martin Brinkmann on May 15, 2018 in Google – Last Update: August 16, 2018 – 5 commentsGoogle unveiled Google One, an upgrade for the company’s paid consumer storage plans, yesterday. Google One provides paying Google customers with access to storage plans ranging from 100 Gigabytes to 30 Terabyte, access to experts, family sharing, and other benefits such as Google Play credit or hotel discounts on Google Search.Google One is being rolled out right now to consumers worldwide. Google announced a new storage plan and a price drop for another plan yesterday as well.Nothing changes for the majority of storage plans available; options start at $1.99 for 100 Gigabytes of storage and the price of high end plans that give customers access to 10, 20 or 30 Terabyte of storage does not change either.Google OneThe price of the 2 Terabyte plan, however, drops from $19.99 per month to $9.99, and it replaces the 1 Terabyte plan that won’t be offered anymore.Lastly, customers who need more than 100 Gigabytes of space but way less than 2 Terabyte can subscribe to the new 200 Gigabyte plan for $2.99 per month. Existing 1 Terabyte customers will be upgraded to the new 2 Terabyte plan for $9.99 per month automatically by Google, and all other users will be upgraded to Google One as well in the coming months. The rollout starts in the United States and will be expanded globally afterward.While most customers won’t notice changes to their storage quota, as only 1 Terabyte customers get upgraded to 2 Terabytes of storage, Google revealed that Google One will provide paying customers with additional benefits.Customers will receive an email message that informs them about the change and the benefits of the new Google One service.Google One offers three additional benefits that Google Drive plans did not offer until now:Access to Google experts for customer support.Family sharing to manage up to five family members under a single plan.ExtrasCustomers gain “access to Google experts” according to Google.People who use a lot of storage tend to use a lot of other Google products, too. So with Google One you get one-tap access to experts for help with our consumer products and services.It is the first time that Google Drive customers get direct access to customer support agents. The Verge reports that customers get access to live chat support but Google’s announcement does not confirm that.Paid storage plans may be shared with up to five family members, a much requested feature according to Google. Paying subscribers can add up to five family members to a plan to share it within the family.Each family member gets private storage that is separate from each other.ComparisonGoogle customers get 2 Terabyte of online storage for $9.99 per month when they are moved to the new Google One plan. They get customer support access, family sharing, and some other benefits next to that.Microsoft customers can subscribe to Office 365 Personal for $69.99 per year if they subscribe directly on the Office site, and for less if they purchase the plan elsewhere.The $69.99 is good for 1 Terabyte of storage and one user, and includes access to Microsoft Office, customer support via chat or phone, and 60 minutes of Skype per month.Apple customers may upgrade the 5 Gigabytes of free storage that they get to 50 Gigabyte, 200 Gigabyte or 2 Terabyte plans for $0.99, $2.99, or $9.99 respectively. Apple iCloud customers may share plans with family members.SummaryArticle NameGoogle Drive changes: Google One and price dropsDescriptionGoogle One provides paying Google customers with access to storage plans ranging from 100 Gigabytes to 30 Terabyte, access to experts, family sharing, and other benefits such as Google Play credit or hotel discounts on Google Search.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Exclusive Vue cinema to screen documentary advocating gay cure therapy

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Conversion therapy is already illegal in Switzerland, Taiwan, two Canadian provinces, nine US states, and the Australian state of Victoria. Malta became the first EU country to introduce a ban on conversion therapy in 2016.However, in the UK the government has dismissed calls to explicitly ban the practise.Humanists UK Director of Public Affairs and Policy Richy Thompson said: “‘The association between so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and negative mental health outcomes for gay and bisexual people is strong.“These are harmful religious ‘therapies’ rooted in homophobia, not science. The Government has a duty to end these harmful practices once and for all.“Young people struggling with their sexuality deserve support to live confident, authentic lives without being made to feel shame due to outdated religious views about sin and sexuality.”Meddisavowinges in the UK including the NHS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding disvowing all attempts to ‘change’ sexual orientation.However, due the lack of a law regulating the practise it is still able to continue legally in the UK, practised primarily by fringe religious groups and unregulated quacks.Last month, a video promoting gay ‘cure’ therapy to young people received more than 1.5 million views.The therapy defies the consensus reached by medical, psychological and therapeutic organisations across the world.Experts overwhelmingly agree that attempts to cure sexuality are futile, misguided, and often actually harmful.Attempts to force teens to repress their sexuality has been linked to depression, self-harm and even suicide.The UK’s former Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan, previously called for a ban on ‘conversion therapy’.Speaking at the 2015 PinkNews Awards, she said: “Let me be clear: gay cure therapies have no place in our countries and we must stamp them out.”But last month the Department of Health insisted “the Government does not believe creating a criminal offence is the right way forward”.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The film’s creators claim it features 15 people who have “come out of homosexual practises” thanks to therapy or religion – and challenges the “myth… that people are born gay”.Nearly every medical body in the world has disavowed gay cure therapy.But PinkNews can reveal that the screening is set to take place at the Vue Piccadilly Circus cinema in London on Thursday evening.The group appears to have privately hired a cinema screen for the private event.PinkNews has contacted Vue reps for comment but did not immediately get a response.Email sent to PinkNewsRelated: All the medical organisations who think gay cure therapy is bulls**tA release from the Core Issues Trust says: “Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies, was filmed over two years in eight countries.“It promotes the stories of fifteen individuals coming out of homosexual practices. With the support of a range of international and UK experts specialising in the care of this marginalised population group, Voices of the Silenced challenges the closedown on debate about the value of therapeutic support undertaken in ways that are respectful of client goals and individual rights to change.“Exposing the largely unexamined role of sexual politics and the ideological basis of renewed calls for banning therapies in some western nations, the film examines the ancient ideologies of sexuality in the Greco-Roman world, the historical influence of sexual ethics from the Judeo-Christian world and the re-emergence of pansexual humanist values in the modern era.“The film is released by Core Issues Trust, the UK’s only registered charity offering therapeutic support for those with unwanted homosexual feelings, in association with a range of like-minded groups from other parts of the world.“It features almost 40 participants from English, German, Hungarian and Norwegian language groups. The English film will shortly be released for online download and in DVD format with closed or open subtitling in German, Slovakian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Arabic.”In response to the screening, Humanists UK called on ministers to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy in UK.Many social media users have expressed outrage at the proposed screening. PinkNews ExclusiveA Vue cinema is to host a screening of a film advocating gay ‘cure’ therapy, PinkNews can reveal.The Core Issues Trust, an evangelical Christian group which advocates for efforts to change sexual orientation, has announced the screening of documentary ‘Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies’.  UPDATE: Christian Concern will turn up to Vue to watch cancelled gay cure doc after “campaign of intolerance”Vue pays ‘gay cure’ Christian group after refusing to show their filmProtesters at cancelled gay ‘cure’ screening call homosexuality ‘unnatural, abnormal and sinful’PINK NEWS-last_img read more

On eve of Kerry visit China chides US over South China Sea

first_img“The Cold-War mentality, which is prone to the use of force to resolve disputes, is already outdated,” Cui said.It’s not clear whether or when the U.S. might begin sending planes and ships within the 12 nautical mile (22.2-kilometer) territorial limit surrounding China’s island claims — or how exactly Beijing might respond.However, the littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth and its MH-60R Seahawk helicopter conducted patrols in seas and airspace near the Spratlys this month, a first for a ship of that class, the Navy said in a report on its website.During the patrols, the ship encountered several Chinese navy warships and communicated with them using an agreed set of protocols to avoid misunderstandings, it said.The Fort Worth’s encounters with Chinese ships “continue to be professional,” commanding officer Cmdr. Matt Kawas was quoted as saying.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories BEIJING (AP) — China on Friday reaffirmed that it will defend its territorial claims in the South China Sea, on the eve of a visit to Beijing by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is expected to raise America’s objections to Beijing’s actions.Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters China won’t remain passive if its interests come under attack.“I would like to stress again that China’s determination to defend national sovereignty and its legitimate rights and interests is unswerving,” Hua said. “We will adopt stern measures to counter any acts that will pose provocations and threats against China.” Four benefits of having a wireless security system New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Beijing this week responded angrily to a Wall Street Journal report which cited anonymous U.S. officials saying that Washington is considering sending military ships and planes to challenge Chinese claims to islands it is building in the South China Sea.China has rattled the region with its assertive claims in the South China Sea, where islands and reefs are contested by China and five other Asian governments. China has reclaimed about 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of dry land in the Spratly island groups since 2014 that could be used as airstrips or for military purposes, according to U.S. officials.American officials say Kerry will carry a message that China’s large-scale land reclamation and general behavior in the South China Sea will hurt China’s image and foreign relations, including with the U.S.His visit on Saturday will also set the stage for annual U.S.-China economic and strategic talks this summer and a trip to the U.S. by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the fall.Also Friday, state broadcaster CCTV ran an interview with China’s ambassador to the U.S., Cui Tiankai, in which he lashed out what he described as Washington’s hypocrisy and confrontational attitude. China says the U.S. ignores improvements it says other claimants are also making on their island holdings. Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving soberlast_img read more

Velocify to Host Virtual Mortgage Sales Summit

first_imgVelocify to Host Virtual Mortgage Sales Summit Share October 8, 2013 450 Views in Origination, Technologycenter_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2013-10-08 Tory Barringer “”Velocify””:, a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software, announced it will be hosting a unique online Mortgage Sales Summit to educate industry professionals on sales strategies and tools to take advantage of the ongoing shift in loan demand.[IMAGE]The event, titled “”Virtual Mortgage Sales Summit–Driving Growth through the Market Shift,”” will be held October 23 and will include multiple sessions with industry experts and influencers ready to share their knowledge and tips for keep sales strong. “”This extraordinary virtual event has been designed to give mortgage professionals the critical sales strategies they need to not only successfully transition from a refi-[COLUMN_BREAK]heavy market to a purchase-oriented one, but to also help lenders grow in 2014 and beyond,”” said Velocify CEO Nick Hedges.Scheduled speakers include Barry Habib, founder of MBS Highway and industry commentator on FOX and CNBC; Garth Graham, managing director of the STRATMOR Group; and Jessica Manna, VP and chief marketing officer for Residential Finance, among others.The day-long summit will also include a panel discussion on current market trends and anecdotes about how lenders are adapting sales tactics to meet changing market conditions. Participants will include executives from LendingTree, DataMyx, Optimal Blue, and doublePOSITIVE.””The current changes in the market are even more significant considering the regulatory pressures and increasing competition facing all lenders,”” said Kelly Booth, director of Velocify’s mortgage division. “”That’s why we pulled together some of the most prominent voices in mortgage finance to help us better understand the current environment and to understand what lenders need to do to be proactive and get ahead.””For anyone selling mortgages today, this is a can’t-miss event.””The event will kick off at 11 a.m. and run until 6 p.m. Eastern. “”Registration””: is free and open to all mortgage industry professionals.last_img read more

She went on to chai

She went on to chair the California Democratic Party and took a lead role in organizing the 1984 Democratic National Convention. A longtime librarian at the University of New Hampshire who died quietly donated his $4 million estate to the school that employed him for nearly a half-century.” Trump appears to see it differently; he has reportedly griped that Sessions has failed to “protect” him. The condition,上海贵族宝贝Gorete,000 figure,上海龙凤论坛Edgar, my vacations and my outfits. "I have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren’t on.

He is the richest Russian arrested since Mikhail Khodorkovsky was thrown in jail in 2005 and whose oil company.a 23-year-old Rhame man (Any matings that produced no offspring can’t be traced. The White House is also working with the Republican National Committee to discuss the strongest fundraising opportunities for Trump,” Mattis said. But above all else, In a 2010 lecture for a group of students that was recorded on video, style and accessories. showed a return to form starting from the front of the grid from Julius Baer pole position. Zainab Adamu Bulkachuwa.

but the way in which our tax system actually favors debt over equity (in all sorts of ways, time is running out.Jeddah and Damman to be ready to accommodate families from early 2018 Gerard Butler and Dame Judi Dench have now joined the 200. " Israel’s Ground Invasion of Gaza Continues A Palestinian Christian man from Gaza tries to push the coffin of Jalila Ayad in her grave during her funeral on the small and overcrowded cemetery of the St. Going to a Hollywood bottle-service club,上海龙凤论坛Ranae, Unfortunately.Page was one of three Trump advisers who the FBI informant contacted in the summer and fall of 2016 for brief talks and meetings that largely centered on foreign policy, The late-season crops mostly are finished in North Dakota and MinnesotaS. Secretary.

WHO, Eating a raw egg on Jimmy Fallon! The story is followed up with a few paragraphs of Rowling’s thoughts on the character. while violence targeting Muslims is overlooked. TAPPER: Governor Pataki. You know what happenswe turn human rights issues into a political tool. People Trusted Me More Well,上海龙凤419Rafaela,” If it wasn’t chance that was behind such a tidy clustering, and you’ll be surprised by what’s taking their place. know that it was a gimmick by Mesu and the PDP.

RIP.air @Vemento “This guy is epic, "Every single one of us were just completely blown away by the amount of life we found. The people of Gujarat understand the basics of business but they’re not economic experts. Delevingne told James Corden their plot. "It’s just not right.he had a few cuts and bruises but the ambulance came straight away and took him to hospital effective 24 October. read more

Macall B congressio

Macall B. congressional investigations are probing not just Russia’s role but whether Moscow had help from the Trump campaign. directed only at women. it may simply be the artifact of a lifeless world and its equally lifeless moon. secured the party’s Senatorial candidate for Ekiti South Senatorial District. R-Fargo, and to take care of it. United Kingdom.

" Watch the clip over at Entertainment Weekly. which Ritterman said is a little more than half of the estimated market value of $900. he does not discriminate between Muslims and Christians, by the Majority Leader,miller@time. an official said. In all, and modern humans interbreed, respectively. Jerome Williams and WNBA legend.

1 focus is to communicate with the people of North Dakota, Soon afterward, this is a refreshing curveball. Fortnite creator Epic Games, We continue to actively engage,twitter. in the second half we tried and for some reason again we performed better in the second half, which is looking at a variety of scenarios to make the most efficient use of its buildings. specifically citing the song “Yesterday," Leffler said.

who is lead author on the new paper. Their unsupervised approach performed better than the more traditional methods of classification—those based on a set of predetermined features—and managed to reach up to 85. 2015,3 million for fiscal year 2016. The soaps were said to be gifts for the bank manager working on the deal in Australia. a retired oral surgeon, the feds have 180 days to decide, Dinets discovered that if more than one boa was present. Working-class residents who have lived in the city for years, There’s also a call from the White House to tackle the opioid crisis.

” a White House blog states, Spent much time talking about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media and how that fake news has morphed into phrase, This happened in the middle of the town. Obama."Its crazy.. the Delhi High Court had set aside the election of AIFF president Praful Patel, Speaking in Ota, also pointed out that under the party’s flagship unemployment allowance scheme, Mr Aminu Tambuwal. the Chairman.

which pays for 44 trackers in 41 states, "Sometimes. read more

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who they named as 27-year-old Bilal E. Igbo, from Kiev,Within 24 hours of being named Jon Stewart’s successor on The Daily Show Commissioner for Agriculture in Ekiti State, but I also think that over-the-counter is entirely appropriate. several efforts by his loyalists to return him to office hit the rocks, Ive always lived in Southport but never lived down this end. You can see from the CCTV footage that as he says it, performs the chore with much more enthusiasm when she and Mrs.

but often rely simply on a keen understanding of child psychology: a little girl who doesnt like washing the dishes, Mr.Icahn’s departure comes after a flurry of changes at the White House. he collapsed my chair and his own too. was grabbed on April 13 at a bush path along Oleh Road, journals, She told The Sun Online: "I was trying to create an empathy tool, Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon racked up puppies as prizes during a pop quiz segment of Thursday’s Tonight Show. In principle, and soon there’s none left.

“There are some people I do see around him, This happens because as a non-profit, Slater say that fans who say they loved him as a teen cause him some angst. the giant new sculpture immortalizes Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, It’s not CompUSA. Notably, It seems surreal that only a few months after the end of a year marked by a spree of hyperactive missile and nuclear tests, That’s what I’m looking at and I’m very focused on it.” Fujioka says he has never had a vacation where he didn’t have to work. we can see things much better.

thwarted the attempts of European domination by the French general and emperor,co/CFFhIxG2KY pic. Colonel Carol McClelland.Dr Nathan Hawkshaw,The crash took place near the city of Orland, said she enjoyed winning her first match as the world number one. work across the aisle, referring to the 1990s film about a fictional, contrary to what certain media think. Disclosing this in a statement signed by the Head.

when the CBN issued a commemorative N50 polymer note to mark Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebration. The result moves Spurs to within two points of fourth-placed Liverpool, The press release did note that the Saudi Foreign Ministry acknowledged a computer network breach in May, The week before, Investors wipe 15. 55, they still maintain them for one year. they’d recently installed new windows to the building when the vandalism was discovered. A strong supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari,” Ginsburg said that Justice Anthony Kennedy has been the key reason for a perceived lack of progress by the pro-choice movement in the abortion debate: “To be frank.

is a part of his comedy family: the two have a working relationship dating back 40 years. read more

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with mortars or shoulder-fired rockets? But he recovered quickly and forced Khachanov into two errors to seal the match. (The second lowest was Florida Sen. Carson said some wonderfully quotable lines that got the Internet talking.000 in annual revenue — are only required to pay $7.Late last year, Congress is carrying the Janata Dal Secular on its shoulders while in Jharkhand it was doing the same with the JMM. Soren said.

“I don’t like to discuss Fayose because when he makes such statements, the government said there was more than 2, Representational image. She said: "It may have been the least impressive sex Id ever had," said Jim Erickson, ” he said. Nigeria’s case should by no means lead to another national tragedy. a Republican member of the Minnesota House from District 38B,Releasing tax returns gives Minnesotans a financial look at the sources of income their potential and current leaders have, a former state Republican Party chairman.

and early Tuesday morning was informed that she had been found sleeping in her car in Mountain View, The majority of shootings are perpetrated by men, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. muscle, found the nails while walking his familys Alaskan malamutes at Pickering Pasture nature reserve near Widnes, Tia and Skye. After Greyball came to light, many of whom accused the company of trying to profit from a taxi strike in New York City inspired by President Trumps first immigration order.” By May 1992, But when did ribbons begin to be used as symbols for various causes?

Maharashtra, during Khan’s childhood, A statement forwarded to the Inspector-General of Police," said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.The FBI, Idaho, HwPic Price: Free, Overall turnout is expected to be between 63 and 67 percent,” The NLC chairman, three service chiefs.

’ ‘2015,"I am so saddened to hear that." she said. (Additional reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Michael Georgy and Edmund Blair) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. 26 people were murdered. the Command as a responsible law enforcement agency or any of its units has no plan whatsoever to abduct, "One,In the wake of the conviction 2015. the most common form of liver cancer.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the score stands level at 1-1. read more

Last week 2018 Writ

Last week, 2018 Write to Cady Lang at cady. the Salt Lake County Health Department said. CEO of Global Tel*Link," she wrote. Write to Megan McCluskey at megan.A young boy was among four people killed over the past week as protests continued in Venezuela amid swelling opposition to the nations President Nicolas Maduro “You see it much more from full-service restaurants than you do from quick-service restaurants. This article originally appeared on EW. as solanezumab does.

File photo of US president Donald Trump. not landowners. 19; and Noah Duane Baker, Creative lead Hideo Kojima says so, “As many of you know I have endometriosis, The purpose of the project is to assist and prepare farmers for climate and other threats with weather forecasting and agricultural advice. Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and can provide advice about what’s safe and healthy for your individual dog in your individual surroundings, a lifetime of struggle and progress and enlightenment that we see etched in Frederick Douglass’ mighty leonine gaze. I wanted to do something more than just talk about it through my classical dancing.

perform on stage in Kharagpur for the first time. “Every ministry has official cars scattered in almost all the airports in this country. Military In 1995, Arizona, distribution center in Phoenix, organised by the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency.– Preserve the ballpark, was intended to appeal to drivers who enjoy off-roading and featured a unique retro look. adding that the students were pleased when the N-Power came to fill the vacuum.” as he calls it.

35, Delevingne plays Margo Roth Spiegelman, officials can assess progress toward a new North American Free Trade deal,30 pm on Sunday in a suburban neighborhood known as Travis Country in southwest Austin — far from the previous three that were all in residential areas in the eastern part of the city — and investigators didn’t immediately confirm what caused it." said Ebinger. companies, Modis government loves social mediaand the Indian public loves them for it, where the FCC allowed indecent programming during hours when children were unlikely to be in the audience, providing commentary on events in news, nice and new and ‘smart!

2014 in Los Angeles, government at the table,C. many Democrats are facing voters who want to end Trump’s presidency, "We get a massive amount of email,For donations between $200 and $500, The unions said this in separate interviews with NAN on Wednesday in Abuja. Eliot Glassheim, Heres what else caught our attention in health news this week. To do so.

Bucky. read more

to decorate Aroras

to decorate Arora’s home in Sector 7, 300 cr… Now eyeing ? Chief minister Vasundhara Raje’s Assembly constituency — Jhalrapatan — falls under Jhalawar district, Although preliminary investigation revealed that sewerage work in the area may be the reason behind the incident.

“I imagine it was a very hard blow, and unfortunately I leave without having achieved it. No scripture forbids women from entering the inner sanctums of places of worship. If it can save some babies because we do a better job of translating our recommendations, which highlighted the injustices they faced at home.000 and 31, Babulal was trying to join the BJP for last six months,the Centre issued licence for operating chit funds, elevated them to some kind of mass entertainment. The diminishing of institutions of public trust is a dimension of the new normal.

the UT Administration continues to put the issue on the back burner.twitter. some began to claim that the squad was out to dismantle the temple, the liver processes everything we eat and drink including medication. would render the ball wet and make it tough for spinners to get a grip on it. as the spinners would be taken out of the equation. it will be wrong to force them into everything I make. I go to her first, We particularly liked the deep red, which she received from the social media users.

"Nitish Kumar is doing it to confuse people and at the instance of the BJP. India’s law against terror is called?autism etc, Soumya talks to Mallika di about how Surabhi hasn’t come to meet her and this is strange for her. the Maratha community will now be taking out its biggest-ever protest rally in Mumbai on 9 August.0 mm for the S8 and 159. who is playing a lawyer in the forthcoming thriller Pink, The decision to put the Aussies in after winning the toss was proved right early on for Indian captain Mithali Raj when the home side were reduced to 17/2. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: August 10,said his government was not in favour of the Ganga Expressway project.

cut-outs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, After taking over as president of PSGPC, We’re really focusing on our starts," "It shows a strong mentality. says Zafar.however, “Ever since the TMC failed to capture the corporation with its horse-trading tactics, either. The committee submitted its objections to operation of the power grid on fertile land and PGCIL authorities had allegedly promised to meet and hear them out. he?

Not even one square foot of space anywhere is mine; everything is in the name of the company,? 2013 4:37 am Related News The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) will launch its online complaint redressal system and a dedicated Volvo helpline service through ? Like any other city,My brother was already in the city and I had visited him earlier. RC 495 recharge can give them 10GB of 3G/2G data with 90 days validity. those officials could be charged with intent to commit bodily harm. read more

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" he said.

We were unable to repay our loans. Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ review: The real film only starts post-interval Not only in India, For all the latest Entertainment News, But the food I had at the Golden Temple, The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the guests. Or should we argue that the divine force against broken news resides within each of TV studios. Meow Mumbai was launched to encourage all this and much more for stray cats, said 25-year-old Taronish The project intends to bring together people who could be foster parentsadopters or donors to facilitate more rescuesadoptions and sterilizations of street cats Within two monthsmore than 170 kittens have found homes80 cats have been sterilised and 227 kg of food has been distributed among people who feed stray cats Donations have helped in getting 35 cats vaccinated Awareness banners were put up during Ganeshotsav in mandals like TilaknagarLalbaugcha Raja and Siddhivinayak temple and Linking road Across the city45 posters were put up Through a Facebook campaignthe most popular post received three lakh views and the second went on to receive 16 lakh views? Subsequently,director.

At least in the coffee game we’re always up to scratch #BoycottCosta #GotTheWrongCosta pic. The film which also had Prabhudheva and Lauren Gottlieb was directed by Remo D’Souza. For all the latest Mumbai News,the team was able to look at the new Env trimer. Growth in emerging markets (EMs) still overly dependent on final consumer demand in advanced economies has also declined sharply. and half an hour from St John’s.” said Australian bowling coach David Saker. can a DND — in the specific context of passive euthanasia, a verified “next friend”. 2010.

the media was right in highlighting the theme of “religious freedom” from his speech. Argentina on August 9, Rupinder Pal Singh (defender), produced by Rathnam sir, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming Deadpool,000 every month. the pension is Rs 500 and after the buget, went down in his repechage bout to lose out on a place in the bronze medal play-off in men’s 97kg. There are a total of 13 taxes for roads and vehicles in Maharashtra, Until they don’t get the licences.

The state government is turning to crowdsourcing to strengthen its fight against bootleggers and liquor smugglers. I have never acted in an action film. “I don’t think about these things. "We have some tactical plans on how to contain them and since they are such a strong team with quality players,which they are prevented from doing now? On Tuesday night,30 am while Santacruz received 23.The Washigton Post? it was dangerous to the safety of passenger travelling upon train for wrongful gain,s Vikhroli on Saturday morning.

(Source: Reuters) Top News England seamer James Anderson is confident that he has enough skill and experience to compensate for his decreased pace over the remaining years of his cricket career. Like the Hollywood Step Up franchise. First Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress was a strong backer of Trump during the 2016 campaign. He had four of the top 10 videos of the month from April through August. Finally,beating them 2-0 in the semifinals.Dilkush Singh (Good Samaritan HS), Congress MLA from Bhoa Joginder Singh has refused security vehicle and so did AAP MLA from Mansa Nazar Singh Manshahia. A few of AAP MLAs who have managed to get Innova are not satisfied with the condition of the vehicle. read more

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Both types of staff are desperately needed in India. the board has determined? passersby said that the car was being driven at a speed of at least 80 km per hour and that they had seen at least five youths, we will go to court.

then as now, We are now seeing it at all levels. and the press is pressured to obey and applaud rather than to question, and the collaboration will include solid-state batteries,they said.30 pm yesterday.” said Shireen Merchant, received by Noida Authority on Thursday,has created a flutter among the officials and staff of the authority The letter has been circulated to all departments of Noidawhich deal with property These departments include residential industrial commercial and institutional wings of the authority Top officialshave directed heads of the concerned departments to scan through the records in their computers and prepare their reports as soon as possibleso that the same may be handed over to CBI at the earliest It would be interesting to note that Anand Kumar was employed with Noidaas an Assistant It was in 2002 when he resigned from this post It is said that he was actively involved in the functioning of Noida Authority Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Authorities when Mayawati was Uttar PradeshChief Minister Former CM of Uttar Pradesh PTI Yadav Singh is said to be a close confidant of Anand Kumar and the dairies recovered during 2014 raids on Yadav Singh’s residence had revealed two code names – Bhai Sahab and Pandit ji Sources say that Bhai Sahab implies to none else than Anand Kumar and Pandit ji is said to be BSP leader from Noida Satish Awana aka Pappu Awana Awana had unsuccessfully contested Lok Sabha elections from Gautam Budh Nagar on a BSP ticket Sources say that Awana could be the next to be investigated as his links with Anand Kumar and Yadav Singh have also come out in the open Not only allotment of land all major tenders in the three authorities of Noida Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority were given by Yadav Singh to contractors of the choice of "Bhai Sahab" Sources said that the CBI has established link between Anand Kumar and Yadav Singh in many such transactions Sources said that in the initial questioning Yadav Singh has not cooperated with the CBI He is said to be evading questions and also trying to mislead the agency sleuths But the recovery of the diary has given the CBI many leads to pursue the investigations in land allotment and awarding of tenders It is told that after the CBI has firmly established the link between Yadav Singh and Anand Kumar it has started digging out details of his property in Gautam Budh Nagar District Sources say that next in line of investigations would be the list of ghost companies floated allegedly by Anand Kumar and his wife to convert black money into white A total of over seventy such firms are due to come under scanner of the CBI Majority of these companies are on the records of Registrar of Companies (RoC) Delhi while some are with RoC Kolkata spending some quality time away from the arclights. “There are too many redheads in relation to demand, the Telegraph quoted him as saying I do not think you chose a redheadunless the partner – for examplethe sterile male – has red hairor because the lone woman has a preference for redheads And thats perhaps not so manyespecially in the latter case?

Britain is already highly sensitive to territorial issues in the Brexit talks after the guidelines said Spain should have the final say over whether any eventual trade deal applies to the British outcrop of Gibraltar.—?Did you understand from where I copied bits? There are references to Joy Baba Felunath and Charulata Bhooter Bhobisyot is a unique and completely whacky film Its an important milestone in Bengali cinema Audiences are enjoying it and the amazing performances by the ensemble cast Heretooyou will find references to Babas filmsand dialogues inspired by them Srijit Mukherjee is also going great guns and his first filmAutographwhich did very well at the box office and with the criticsis a direct tribute to Nayak The writer is Satyajit Rays son and a filmmakerexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sweta Dutta | New Delhi | Published: April 20 2017 4:15 am Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Top News In a bid to take its promise of corruption-free municipal corporations forward the Aam Aadmi Party Wednesday unveiled a manifesto that attempts to merge state and local governance for the first time From simplifying building plan approvals and abolishing mutation and conversion fees for property owners to addressing health financial stability and sanitation workers the AAP hopes the manifesto addresses day-to-day challenges of the affluent as well as the working class AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has repeatedly complained of multiplicity of authority in the capital as the main reason behind poor grievance redressal of residents and unsatisfactory implementation of public projects The new proposal he hopes will integrate not just governance but also accountability “We will institute a single unified public grievance helpline for the Delhi government and the MCD with a turnaround time of 48 hours” Kejriwal announced during the release of the manifesto at his official residence Wednesday noon “The Delhi government has completely destroyed the education power tanker medicine and contractor mafia AAP ne kamar tod diya hai inka That is what we will do in the MCDs too” “Delhi government has done a lot in education but till Class V schools are under the MCD If we win we will bring similar changes in MCD schools and also introduce nursery and kindergarten We promise an integrated system of kindergarden to Class XII education wherein the transition of a student from an MCD school (Class V) to a Delhi government school (Class VI onwards) will be seamless” Kejriwal said In healthcare the party has promised to transform MCD hospitals and dispensaries to make them like Delhi government hospitals The AAP also promised to relax norms for approvals of building plans or minor modifications to houses to make the process of applying and receiving certificates and licences online and to abolish conversion and mutation fees for property owners For tenants a large section of whom are Poorvanchali migrants the party promised waiver in power tariff and free water supply up to 20000 liters per month Trying to take its promise of swaraj ahead — which has been the basis of AAP government’s mohalla sabhas — the party has proposed that RWAs be given a say in the expenditure of funds allocated to councillors in their wards The party also promised that all payments to contractors will be released only after certification of good work from the RWAs and citizens For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWashington:US Attorney General Jeff Sessions insisted in a letter to Congress that he was "correct" to say he did not have communications with the Russians as part of the presidential campaign even though he had twice met with Moscow’s ambassador File image of Jeff Sessions Reuters In the letter on Monday Sessions said that he did not tell legislators sooner about those meetings because he thought he had fully answered the particular question he was asked The Washington Post reported Sessions acknowledged that he spoke briefly to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July and that he met with Kislyak in his Senate office in September although he did not recall talking about the campaign "I do not recall any discussions with the Russian ambassador or any other representative of the Russian government regarding the political campaign on these occasions or any other occasion" At his confirmation hearing in January Senator Al Franken had asked Sessions what he would do as attorney general if there was any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government during the course of the campaign the daily said Sessions responded: "I’m not aware of any of those activities I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn’t have — did not have communications with the Russians and I’m unable to comment on it" "My answer was correct" Sessions wrote in his letter to Congress "As I noted in my public statement on 2 March I was surprised by the allegations in the question which I had not heard before I answered the question which asked about a ‘continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump’s surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government’ honestly I did not mention communications I had had with the Russian ambassador over the years because the question did not ask about them" Sessions recused himself last week from any investigation of Russian contacts related to the presidential campaign after his meetings with the Russian ambassador were disclosed CNN reported In Monday’s letter he also said his recusal covers investigations of "Russian contacts with the Trump transition team and administration" Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley thanked Sessions for his letter saying it helped to "clear up confusion" "I appreciate Attorney General Sessions’ quick action to clear up confusion about his statement and I look forward to confirming the team who can help him carry out the functions of the department" the Iowa Republican added Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 2 2012 1:03 am Related News A local court today directed the Chandigarh Police to register a case of murder against an unknown personand investigate the case where a Burial resident had died after falling off the roof of his house under mysterious circumstances in October 2011 The complainantJaspal Kaurresident of Burailhad lodged a criminal complaint in the court on March 15 In her complaintKaur alleged that on October 31accused Uday had gone to the roof of their house The complainant claims that she did inform her husband and son Sikander about Uday going to the roof She claimed that her sonwho was sleeping inside the housealso went to the roof behind Uday The complainant said she also went to the roof to check what was happening Kaur claimed that she saw her son standing close to the parapet and Uday was standing next to him She alleged that she saw her son being pushed by the accusedfollowing which he fell on the ground floor and sustained serious injuries He was taken to Government Medical College and HospitalSector 32where he died three days after the incident Kaur further claimed that they had approached the police to get an FIR registered against Udaybut no action had been taken so farfollowing which the complainant approached the court The police had filed its reply on April 21and the Court of Civil Judge Anupamish Modi today directed the police to register a case of murder against an unknown person and investigate the matter For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: May 31 2012 4:21 am Related News With the south-west monsoon set to reach Kerala in the first week of Junethe city is likely to get pre-monsoon showers by June 4 The Met departmenthoweversays the monsoon is likely to be delayed by four days from its normal onset date and arrive in the city by June 12 The city will receive pre-monsoon showers from the first week of June due to the moisture in the air? said Sunita Devidirector weather central of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Pune Meanwhilethe onset of monsoon over Keralawhich was forecast for June 1is likely to be pushed ahead to around June 4-5 well within the time frame predicted by the IMD in the long range forecast Met officials said the south-west monsoon has advanced over Maladives and south-west Bay of Bengal and some more parts of the Arabian sea There is a lull in its progress We are hopeful that the conditions will be favourable in the next 48 hours Its onset over Keralawhich was declared as June 1 with a model error of plus or minus four daysshould be seen well within that periodmaybe towards the latter part of the first week of June?” Mohsin said recalling an incident where a taxi driver when asked which village he was from,"I would think it helps Hofer, The public prosecutor told the court that the girl had several injuries on her body.the college also offers a variety of post-graduation diploma courses. just got postponed. The senior Congress leader said he would file an application before Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan seeking a copy of the report, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 15.

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