An internal report by Barça advises against playing every 72 hours

first_imgBarcelona is not very clear about the viability that LaLiga proposes to play matches every 72 hours when they return to the competition in order to play the eleven days of the League that remain in just over a month and a half. An internal report prepared by the club’s physical training area underlines the extremely high risk of injury if a ratio of one home game is maintained for three days for 45 or more days. “It is announced that there will be a high congestion”, begins the report, “with two or more games per week”, which will imply “an increased possibility of injury and a decrease in performance”, especially since “fatigue and muscle damage can last more than 72 hours after the game”. According to the report, the risk increases because this ratio has to be maintained for a relatively long period of time, with the added mental plus that “the mental load will also be very important as the decisive stretch of the season is at stake,” so technicians will have fewer options to resort to rotations, further increasing the risk of injury by saturating the physical capacity of some players. The report also highlights that when the competition starts, only maintenance training sessions can be carried out, since they only have 72 hours between games, so they recommend a minimum time of “50% of the time that the confinement lasts” to recondition the footballer upon return from competition. This means that if the Alarm State is extended to the two months foreseen -until May 10-, it will take a minimum of one month of training to restart the activity, especially considering that the return will be made, according to the report itself, “in three phases: first it will be individual, then with small groups and finally with the entire team.” Within the report it is emphasized that “the health of the players comes first”, which explains why they will be subjected to “aer and ana metabolism controls” (coronavirus test) on a regular basis during the time that the readaptation to competition, in addition to a “correct reintroduction of specific and competitive work on the field to avoid injury”.last_img read more