QPR fans on Twitter fearing Smithies exit after Huddersfield play-off triumph

first_imgSome QPR fans on Twitter are concerned Huddersfield’s promotion to the Premier League could lead to them re-signing Alex Smithies.The goalkeeper has been outstanding since being signed from the Terriers, who beat Reading in the Championship play-off final to clinch a place in the top flight.They have recently been tipped to move for Smithies if they went up, so the outcome at Wembley has worried some Rangers supporters.Hopefully Huddersfield don’t try to re-sign #Smithies from us now they’ve got promoted! Can’t see us hanging on to him if they come in #QPR— Scott Crowley (@Scotty17Crowley) May 29, 2017Now I am worried Huddersfield might snatch Alex Smithies. #htfc #QPR— Yousef Marafi® (@Yousef_QPR) May 29, 2017Oh well, bye bye Smithies #QPR #Hudds— Lager Lout (@lagerlout1966) May 29, 2017Congratulations to @htafcdotcom for showing us all what’s possible on a modest budget. If you want Smithies back, get yer wonga out! #qpr— Steve S (@RuislipR) May 29, 2017And a recent poll on Twitter suggested Huddersfield fans are hoping Smithies will return.#HuddersfieldTown fans, would you like to see #QPR GK Alex Smithies re-signed this summer? #HTAFC #Terriers #Huddersfield #QPRFC #EFL— Football Polls (@FootballPolls30) May 24, 2017   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch) x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Did Zebras Invent Their Own Stripes?

first_imgThe explanations some evolutionists give for fur and feather patterns sound like tales of talking animals planning out their new fashion lines.Evolution tries to explain not just what is, but how it got that way.  The core of Darwin’s theory is that stuff happens by unguided natural processes – no mind or planning was involved.  Things may look designed, leading evolutionists tell us, but that’s an illusion: they evolved.  Apparent designs are the outcome of processes that did not have them in mind – namely, random mutations and natural “selection” for accidental traits that might confer a survival advantage.  Yet reporters and scientists who believe this often write as if animals determined ahead of time what they would do to get more fit, have more sex, or avoid predators.  A case in point is the origin of patterning on mammals and birds.MammalsZebra-cadabra:  The stripes on zebras are remarkable for their starkness and symmetry, with some stripes going horizontal and some vertical.  Such bold markings do not blend into the background to provide camouflage.  Why would they announce to predators “Here I am”?  Are they for social communication?  Then why are both males and females and young all striped?  At long last, the BBC News was proud to announce that the mystery of the stripes has finally been ‘explained’ (quotes theirs), at least for the satisfaction of “evolutionary biologists.”  The new theory is: “Zebras’ bold stripes protect the animals by masking their movements.”   All those moving stripes create an optical illusion when predators or biting insects approach.One of the researchers compared the stripes to the barber-pole illusion or the wagon-wheel illusion (when the spokes appear to turn backward).  The problem with those analogies is that we know barber poles and wagon wheels are intelligently designed.  Darwinism needs to account for zebra stripes by undirected, mindless processes.  Dr. Martin How fails to tell how:According to Dr How, zebra stripes capitalise on this type of illusion to help protect the animals.He explained that the broad diagonal stripes on a zebra’s flank and the narrower vertical stripes on its back and neck give unexpected motion signals that confuse viewers, particularly in a herd of zebras.“We suggest that these illusions cause pests and predators to mistake the zebra’s movement direction, causing biting insects to abort their landing manoeuvres and chasing predators to mistime their attacks,” said Dr How.Sounds convincing, but any explanation needs to face follow-up questions.  If striping is such a successful strategy, why didn’t wildebeest and antelope evolve it?  Why aren’t all members of the horse family striped, when they presumably also have to deal with predators and biting insects?  Does it also explain the stripes on zebrafish, zebra mussels and striped skunks?  How did the first stripes on zebras originate by mutation?  How did the stripes become so regularly spaced and uniform over the entire body?  Were the selection pressures so strong in the case of the mutant with the first tentative stripes, that all the unstriped members of the population died out?  Did the mutation for stripes have any pleiotropic effects that reduced fitness?  Will this explanation fare any better than last year’s attempt to hypothesize that the stripes repel biting flies? (2/09/12).  Doesn’t an explanation about how the stripes work actually imply design?  Doesn’t Dr. How’s wording suggest that the stripes are the designer, if they “capitalise” on an illusion?  How is this not a fallacy of personification?We are informed that this explanation was quite a feat, a long time in coming: “Zebra stripes have long confused evolutionary biologists, right back to Darwin and Wallace,” one of the researchers said.  The illusion, therefore, appears to work very well on evolutionists.BirdsPatterns of a feather flock together:  A photograph of a handsome California quail, adorned in its multi-colored costume of feathers, some with bold edges overlapping like roof shingles, others plain gray, all fitting into their own specific areas on the bird, topped with a feathery tuft over the fashionable head, adorns a Science Article that announces to readers it will explain the “evolution of plumage patterns in male and female birds.”  Some matter-of-fact stuff about taxonomy and sexual dimorphism precedes the evolutionary explanation.  Then we learn that evolutionists have largely ignored the question of feather patterns: “The colour of plumage has attracted much research interest, but the exquisite patterns of bird plumage, such as the spots of the guinea fowl and the barred patterns of ducks and turkeys, to just name a few, have received much less attention,” said a PhD candidate at Cambridge out to make her name in the Darwinian storytelling society.  First, it was necessary for Thanh-Lan Gluckman to eliminate the unfit:“It was argued that male birds developed their spectacular colours and elaborate patterning as a result of their mating patterns — they used their plumage to compete for and attract females. On the other hand, female birds needed to blend into their surroundings in order to nest safely and protect their young — so they became drab and dull to protect themselves and their young from predators,” said Gluckman.What this implies is that evolutionists have been wrong for 150 years.  It certainly seems so, if they were attributing purpose to birds that are supposed to be evolving without planning.  In a search for forces that would produce patterning, Gluckman studied 288 species of waterfowl and gamebirds, and found “a fabulous number of variations and combinations of these visual patterns in females as well as males.”  She couldn’t see any rhyme or reason to the evolutionary trends for monogamous or polygamous species.  It didn’t appear that sexual selection could explain all cases of sexual dimorphism (the contrast in appearance between males and females).  What’s going on?“By emphasising similarities as well as differences in plumage patterns between male and female birds, rather than whether one sex is the same as the other, I found that sexual dimorphism in the plumage pattern of birds is highly nuanced and that there can be multiple types of sexual dimorphism. In expanding the definition of sexual dimorphism, and reconstructing evolutionary history, I found that changes in sexual dimorphism could be due to changes in males and/or females. In addition, the plumage patterns of birds seem to transition easily between different types of dimorphism, which is congruent with adaptation to fluctuating social and environmental conditions,” said Gluckman.The evolutionary pattern in patterning is there is no pattern.  Changes “could be” due to “males and/or females.”  It’s all “highly nuanced” and seems to “transition easily.”  In one sense, this is an improvement over evolutionary explanations that suggest birds planned their evolution.  In another sense, it makes things worse for evolutionists.  Sexual selection appears to have no explanatory power.  Stuff happens, Gluckman appears to say, in no predictable way.  But when all is said and done, evolutionists still don’t know how those quail became so handsomely adorned.Has there ever been a more useless theory that claimed such great things for itself than Darwin’s theory of evolution?  Here we are, 154 years after the Origin launched a revolution in thinking that helped motivate two world wars and a takeover of academia, and they have nothing substantial to say.  When it comes to details, they are still clueless why zebras are striped and why quail are so beautifully patterned.  Instead, we get a steady stream of “could be” and “perhaps” but nothing definitive that ties the theory to the observation in a robust way.  When they try, usually they first have to overturn the previous evolutionary explanation.It’s one thing to classify and observe.  Scientists are good at that.  It’s nice to know the distribution of stripes on zebras, and even how they function as an optical illusion.  It’s good to know how many species of waterfowl and gamebirds there are, which ones exhibit sexual dimorphism and which ones don’t.  Any “citizen scientist” can do as much.  But when it comes to explaining how things got the way they are, evolutionists provide no value added.  Saying “stuff happens” is no help at all.Because “apparent design” is so widespread in the living world, evolutionists stoop to violating their own rules.  They word their explanations with design language: such-and-such “evolved to” perform a function.  We must call them out when they commit this contradiction.  It is an “illegal procedure” foul, given the processes of neo-Darwinism, to say that zebra stripes “evolved to” create optical illusions, or quail feathers “evolved to” adapt to changing environments or diverge males from females (except when they don’t).  Remember, evolution is blind, acting on random variations.  Inside a cell nucleus, it’s dark.  A pre-zebra has no idea that a cosmic ray hit one of its sperm, the one that (by chance) was destined to fertilize an egg that would make an embryo develop a stripe on its right hind leg.  A lion has no idea that this stripe is supposed to confuse it so it eats the plain zebra ancestor.  Whoops; the lion ate the one with the stripe, or the alligator got it.  Start over and wait another million years.This crazy theory masquerades as a scientific explanation but adds nothing – zilch – to our understanding.  We’re tired of the just-so stories.  One thing creationists and evolutionists could unite on is biomimetics (12/16/13).  No religion required, no evolutionary storytelling required – just a recognition that there are designs in nature we could learn from.  Both sides agree things look designed.  So, let’s study those designs together (whether you think they are apparent or real) and turn them into products that could help everybody.  This can get science out of the explanatory morass Darwin led us into, and move science forward. 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Fortis reports 276M thirdquarter profit revenue up from year ago

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Fortis Inc. reported its profit edged down compared with a year ago, when it received a one-time boost as its revenue improved by seven per cent.The electric and gas utility says its profit attributable to common shareholders amounted to $276 million or 65 cents per diluted share for the quarter ended Sept. 30.The result was down from $278 million or 66 cents per share a year ago when the company received a $24-million break fee related to the termination of its Waneta Dam acquisition.Revenue totalled $2.04 billion, up from $1.90 billion a year ago.On an adjusted basis, Fortis says it earned 65 cents per share, up from 61 cents per share a year.Analysts on average had expected a profit of 63 cents per share and revenue of $2.135 billion, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.Companies in this story (TSX:FTS)last_img read more

Unemployment rate dips slightly in October

first_imgOTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – There was a slight dip in unemployment numbers last month.However, overall, Statistics Canada says there was little change. The unemployment rate fell 0.1 per cent to 5.8 per cent, .The rate edged back down to its four-decade low, as job growth was essentially flat and fewer people looked for work.In British Columbia, the jobless rate dropped to 4.1 per cent in October, from 4.2 per cent the month before. B.C. had the lower rate across the country, with Newfoundland and Labrador seeing the highest at 12.7 per cent.Jobs miss:“Employment was little changed in October” says Statscan. Consensus estimate was for a gain of 15,000. “The unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 5.8% as fewer people searched for work.”— Richard Dettman (@rwdettman) November 2, 2018According to Statistics Canada, the country added 11,200 net new jobs in October, but the numbers were too low for the agency to consider them statistically significant.Economists had expected an increase of 10,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.9 per cent, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.The jobs report also says year-over-year average hourly wage growth, which is closely watched by the Bank of Canada, continued its steady decline in October to 2.19 per cent — its weakest reading since September 2017.Experts have expected wage growth to strengthen in the tightened labour market _ but it has dropped every month since May when it was 3.94 per cent.The report also says a dip in the labour force participation rate helped nudge the jobless rate down from its 5.9 per cent reading in September to match the reading’s 40-year low for the seventh time in last 12 months.last_img read more

Judge refuses to overturn 47 billion talc powder verdict

first_imgST. LOUIS — A Missouri judge has denied Johnson & Johnson’s bid to overturn a $4.7 billion jury verdict awarded to 22 women who said the company’s talcum powder contributed to their ovarian cancer.St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison, in a ruling Wednesday, cited evidence of what he called “particularly reprehensible conduct” by Johnson & Johnson.Burlison wrote that company executives knew of the presence of asbestos in the baby powder but misrepresented the safety of the product.A jury in July awarded $4.14 billion in punitive damages and $550 million in compensatory damages after a six-week trial.Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that it will appeal. The company says Burlison has denied similar motions in prior cases that were ultimately overturned.The Associated Presslast_img read more

TMC to lodge complaint with EC against intimidation by CRPF

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress has decided to lodge a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging intimidation of voters on the part of a section of Central forces that have been deployed in the state for area domination before the Lok Sabha polls.”We have seen that during route march, the Central force in a certain area has been intimidating voters and are resorting to partiality. This is undesirable. Central force should not come with any specific commitment. If they do so, it is unfortunate. The Central forces are deployed by the Election Commission for boosting the confidence of voters. The force should act neutrally,” state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim said on the sidelines of a party meeting of the Kolkata South constituency at Nazrul Manch on Saturday. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersSenior TMC leader Mala Roy, who is the chairperson of Kolkata Municipal Corporation, is the candidate from the constituency. “Our all India general secretary Subrata Bakshi along with Partha Chatterjee will soon move the office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Bengal with a complaint in this regard,” said Hakim. Hakim added that when the state government had earlier sought Central forces for disturbance in Junglemahal, the Centre did not comply. “Now 135 companies have come for the Lok Sabha elections. I am not aware whether such a large contingent of Central force is in Kashmir,” he added. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaWhile addressing the meeting, Trinamool Congress secretary general Partha Chatterjee said: “The job of the Central force is to ensure peaceful elections. But we have seen in a video footage that they are trying to terrorise voters. Do they have the right to do so? We will go as far as we can to address this issue.” He alleged that the BJP is trying to project themselves as ‘Bahubalis’ and so such a huge contingent has been deployed in the state. During his address, Hakim claimed that the people of the state have united to vote for Chief Minister Mamatra Banerjee and the all-round development of the state. “Central forces were also deployed during the bypoll at Maheshtala and Uluberia, but people in the state have voted for Trinamool candidates and they had won convincingly in both the seats. People will be electing the TMC candidates in Lok Sabha as well, irrespective of deployment of Central forces,” he maintained.last_img read more

British PM Mays Brexit deal rejected for third time

first_imgLONDON: Lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a third time on Friday, sounding its probable death knell and leaving Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil on the very day it was supposed to leave the bloc. The decision to reject a stripped-down version of May’s divorce deal has left it totally unclear how, when or even whether Britain will leave the EU, and plunges the three-year Brexit crisis to a deeper level of uncertainty. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USAfter a special sitting of parliament, lawmakers voted 344-286 against May’s 585-page EU Withdrawal Agreement, agreed after two years of tortuous negotiations with the bloc. Within minutes of the vote, European Council President and summit chair Donald Tusk said EU leaders would meet on April 10 to discuss Britain’s departure from the bloc. The EU executive, the Commission, said that “a ‘no-deal’ scenario on 12 April is now a likely scenario”, Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential pollsMay had told parliament the vote was the last opportunity to ensure Brexit would take place. She cautioned that if the deal failed, then any further delay to Brexit would probably be a long one beyond April 12. “I fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this House,” May told parliament after the defeat. “The implications of the House’s decision are grave.” “The legal default now is that the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on 12th April,” she said. The British pound, which has been buoyed in recent weeks by hopes that the likelihood of an abrupt ‘no-deal’ Brexit is receding, fell half a percent after May lost, to as low as $1.2977. THIRD FAILURE It was a third failure for May, who had offered on Wednesday to resign if the deal passed, in a bid to win over eurosceptic rebels in her Conservative Party who support a more decisive break with the EU than the divorce her deal offers.last_img read more

BJPs new religion is poles apart from Indias culture tradition

first_imgDarjeeling: “There are some people who have come out brandishing maces and swords to ask for votes. Whose heads will you crack with the maces? Whose throats will you slash?” questioned Mamata Banerjee on Saturday. The TMC supremo ended her 10-day-long campaign trail in North Bengal with a rally at the Baghajatin Park in Siliguri. Addressing a mammoth gathering, Banerjee stated that a political party has imported a new religion that is poles apart from the culture and tradition of Bengal and of India. This is being used to suppress others. This is not religion, it is fascism. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details”Religion is not about discrimination nor is it war. Religion teaches us humanity, it teaches us tolerance. Recently, there is a new religion being taught by a group of intolerant bigots. They have created a new religion which is disintegrating and blemishing our society. Just by sporting saffron, one does not become a saint. The colour saffron stands for sacrifice. It is about integrity,” retorted Mamata Banerjee. “BJP, you are answerable. You have to be accountable. Don’t do politics with religion. Don’t try to hide behind religion. Don’t be escapists. The TMC does not have to use religion as a poll plank. We have never done that,” stated Banerjee. The Chief Minister’s oblique remarks were directed at BJP on the day when the saffron brigade took out rallies on the occasion of Ram Navami sporting weapons. Even Dilip Ghosh, the state BJP president was seen brandishing a mace and a sword in one such rally. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from ThursdayThe TMC supremo also appealed to the masses not to vote for the CPI(M) and Congress in Bengal. “They are a spent force here and will not be able to achieve anything. Votes should not be split. The party in power in a particular region should be supported with the main aim of ousting the BJP from Delhi,” stated Banerjee. She stated that despite being a national party, the TMC has not fielded candidates where other regional parties are strong. “I ask my CPI(M) and Congress brothers and sisters here, what is the use of voting for the CPI(M) and Congress here in Bengal? Support them where they are strong. Here TMC is strong. Vote for TMC here so that we can win all 42 seats and oust the BJP in Delhi. TMC did not field any candidate in Kerala where the Left is strong,” explained Banerjee. The TMC chief reiterated that she will not allow the NRC nor the Citizenship Amendment Act to happen in Bengal. “Modiji, respect the Army. Respect their sacrifice. Don’t drag them into politics,” she urged.last_img read more

Amit Shah slams Omar Abdullah over his separate PM for JK remark

first_imgDaltonganj (Jharkhand): Slamming National Conference leader Omar Abdullah for his statement seeking a separate prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir, BJP president Amit Shah Saturday said J&K is an inseparable part of the country. As long as the BJP exists, Jammu and Kashmir will continue to be an integral part of India, the BJP president said while addressing an election rally here. “Kashmir is Maa Bharats ‘Mukut’ (crown of India) and nobody can snatch it,” he said. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ The BJP president also said, “We will remove Article 370 from J&K, if you make Narendra Modi the prime minister again.” Article 370 of the Constitution grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir. Shah’s question, “Should there be two prime ministers for one country?”, evoked a deafening ‘no’ from the crowd. The BJP has given the nation Modi as prime minister and the security of the country has been strengthened ever since, he said. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K During the UPA government’s 10-year rule, terror groups from Pakistan used to target India continuously, the BJP chief said. Under former prime minister Manmohan Singh, Pakistans alia, malia and balia (referring to terrorists) used to come and take away the heads of jawans after killing them, Shah claimed. “Even today I cant forget Hemrajs beheading and the disrespect shown to him. But ‘Mouni Baba’ Manmohan Singh had not even uttered ‘ohh’!” he said. Lance Naik Hemraj of 13 Rajputana Rifles was killed and beheaded by Pakistani soldiers on January 8, 2013 in Poonch sector of Jammu & Kashmir. “We cannot compromise with the security of the nation. Pakistan wants to separate Kashmir from India. We will not allow it. “Pakistan se goli aayegi to yahan se gola jayaga (if a bullet comes here, a shell lands there),” the BJP president said. “When the nation rejoiced with sweets following the February 26 Balakot air strike, a pall of gloom descended on the Congress and Pakistan,” Shah said. He ridiculed Congress leader Sam Pitroda for saying that “some boys” had committed a mistake and dropped bombs, and there should be talks between the two neighbouring countries. When terrorists from Pakistan struck the CPRF convoy in Pulwama killing 40 personnel, the country was seething with anger, Shah said. Aware of the 2016 surgical strike conducted by India, Pakistan had deployed personnel and tanks on the borders with India, “But Modi ji… instructed our Air Force on the 13th day (of the Pulwama attack) and our brave Air Force personnel entered Pakistan territory targeting terrorists,” Shah said. Criticising the opposition alliance, Shah alleged that whenever they were in power, they had indulged in “massive corruption” and even made an independent MLA (Madhu Koda) chief minister of Jharkhand in 2006. Seeking to know from Congress president Rahul Gandhi, RJD president Lalu Prasad and JMMs working president Hemant Soren about their PM candidate, Shah said each day they will have a different prime minister, with Sunday being a holiday. “Jharkhand is endowed with rich mineral resources, but the people were poor. In the last five years, the BJP governments at the Centre and the state have ushered in development in rural and urban areas, uplifted the poor, farmers, dalits and tribals,” Shah said. In Jharkhand, the condition of roads has improved, electricity has been provided to people and work on Mandal dam is on, he said. The Mandal dam, work on which began in 1972 but was stalled since 1993, is now being built on North Koel river under Barwadih block in Latehar district. Outlining the other welfare measures, the BJP leader said cooking gas and ovens, housing and toilet facilities have also been given to the poor, he said. The BJP leader was here to campaign for the party’s sitting MP Vishun Dayal Ram, the former state police chief.last_img read more

An Inconsistent Strike Zone Hurt Both Teams in Game 3

CHICAGO — The Cleveland Indians won a 1-0 nail-biter on Friday night in Game 3 of the World Series. Two number-three starters succeeded in shutting down two strong offenses, allowing the game to come down to the final at-bat. But while the relievers were overpowering as usual, the most significant influence on this game wasn’t the wind, a single Indians hitter or managerial cleverness, but a seemingly inconsistent strike zone.Home plate umpire John Hirschbeck has a reputation for calling balls and strikes erratically, and that was on full display last night, creating shifting strike-zone boundaries that bedeviled both offenses.1A rough look at the strike zone plots for each team showed about 10 calls helping the Cubs, and seven helping the Indians. Data from PitchF/X needed for a quantitative comparison was not available at time of publication. For the Indians, Josh Tomlin turned in an unexpectedly solid line, allowing only two hits. At times, Tomlin was burned by bad calls, leading, for example, to a fourth-inning walk by Kris Bryant. But when the strike zone is called inconsistently, hitters tend to strike out more often and make weaker contact. That’s because pitchers can choose to target inconsistently called areas of the zone when it benefits them, while hitters can only decide whether to swing or not at what’s offered. When they’re uncertain, batters often opt to swing at pitches outside the zone, resulting in glancing contact and easy outs.Chicago Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks, who usually gets favorable strike calls due to his impeccable command, struggled mightily in allowing six hits and two walks in only 4.2 innings. The shifting zone did aid him in racking up six strikeouts, above what you’d expect based on his regular-season stats.Even as the inconsistent strike zone helped the pitchers, neither was overpowering. And with bullpens fresh after the day off, both starters were pulled before the 6th inning with the score 0-0, an event that has never happened before in MLB postseason history. That handed the game to the relievers, including an early appearance from Andrew Miller. They were as commanding as expected, except for one lapse by the Cubs’ Carl Edwards Jr., who allowed Coco Crisp to single in the lone run of the night.The Cubs came close to evening the score in the bottom of the ninth. With two runners in scoring position and two outs, Chicago dynamo Javy Báez was up to bat against Cleveland closer Cody Allen. He struck out whiffing to end the threat, leaving the Indians up 2-1 in the Series.The outlook for the Cubs is worrisome going forward: Their series win probability by Elo is down to only 37 percent.2For reference, that’s the same probability Elo gave the Indians before the World Series began. In his last start, Corey Kluber looked invincible, and the Cubs will have to face him in Games 4 and 7 of this Series (if it goes that far). That means they will need to pull off at least one upset against the 2014 AL Cy Young winner to clinch the series. While such a feat appears difficult, the Cubs managed an even more surprising performance against Clayton Kershaw in the NLCS, so it’s certainly possible. Nobody said ending a 108-year title drought would be easy.CORRECTION (Oct. 29, 12:05 p.m.): An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Corey Kluber. He was the 2014 AL Cy Young winner; he is not the reigning winner. read more