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"They’ve done a very good job in characterizing the virus and it’s convincing that it is distinct from the other four" says Thomas Scott a dengue expert at the University of California Davis What it may mean for controlling dengue is unclear So far dengue 5 has been linked to only one outbreak in humans Vasilakis suspects that it is circulating possibly among macaques in the forests of Sarawak If it spreads it could make human vaccine development more challenging "We don’t need another complication in controlling dengue" Scott says Current efforts to rein in the disease are falling short In talks here today researchers from Malaysia the Philippines and Thailand said that despite control programs launched in the 2000s dengue cases are increasing though the death toll is down thanks to better management of severe cases "Dengue is spreading from urban to rural areas and to countries such as Nepal where it has not been seen before" said Samlee Plianbangchang the World Health Organization Southeast Asia regional director The annual global incidence close to 390 million cases is about three times the burden previously estimated researchers reported in April in Nature Despite a recent setback in vaccine development Plianbangchang said that projects in the pipeline have researchers "looking forward to a vaccine in the near future" But he adds that a vaccine will complement not replace efforts to contain dengue through mosquito control and public awareness "Dengue will be with us for many years and could get worse" he saidRita’s Ice will no longer serve custard one of their most popular items because of the avian flu crisis that has caused severe egg shortages in the US The Philadelphia-based company will replace custard with soft-serve ice cream for the time being in all of its more than 600 locations Rita’s did not provide a date by which custard will be back on the menu but wrote that it will be brought back “as soon as we know that we have access to a sustainable supply of eggs” Rita’s admitted that there is a “slight difference in taste and texture” between new soft-serve ice cream and the original custard but promised that the soft-serve “comes pretty darn close” As of June the avian flu had killed up to 47 million egg-laying hens making it the worst avian flu pandemic in American history The crisis has sent egg prices skyrocketing; American consumers will spend roughly $8 billion more on eggs this year a 75% increase from last year’s spending Contact us at [email protected] Abrams has heard the criticism that Star Wars: The Force Awakens cribs too heavily from George Lucas original trilogy But the director of what is now the highest-grossing domestic release of all time doesnt seem to find the lack of faith disturbing In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter Abrams acknowledged that some viewers may find his film overly familiar but he also maintained that it was important to acknowledge the franchises past while paving the way for its future "I can understand that someone might say Oh its a complete rip-off" Abrams said adding "What was important for me was introducing brand new characters using relationships that were embracing the history that we know to tell a story that is new to go backwards to go forwards" Abrams who co-wrote The Force Awakens with Lawrence Kasdan (after Michael Arndt worked on earlier drafts) also said he knew going into the project that he wouldnt be able to please everyone "I knew that whatever we did there would be a group of people and I was just hoping and praying that it would be smaller than not that would take issue with any number of things" he said "But I knew we werent making the movie for any other reason than we believed that it could be something meaningful and special and entertaining and worthy of peoples time" This article originally appeared on EWcom Contact us at [email protected] of the most significant partnerships in Hollywood began with casual neighborly chats between two dads Steven Spielberg didnt direct Tom Hanks until 1998s Saving Private Ryan but the pair had spent years as friends discussing their shared affinity for American stories Since then the pair have made the comedies Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal and co-produced HBO historical spectaculars like Band of Brothers and The Pacific Now they’re back together In conversation hours before the New York City premiere of their new film Bridge of Spies the pair has an easy camaraderie and a shared familiarity with American history Spies which opens Oct 16 amid a healthy dose of Oscar speculation sees Hanks playing James Donovan a real-life insurance lawyer tasked to defend Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) Though his defense is only intended to make it appear like justice is being served Donovan ends up not merely providing full-throated advocacy but getting involved in prisoner-exchange negotiations after an American U-2 pilot is downed over the USSR and an American student is taken prisoner in Berlin Its a complicated situation that Spielberg and Hanks approach in a manner both unfashionably devoid of irony and refreshingly suffused with moral clarity And in an interview with TIME for the issue on newsstands Oct 9 they addressed their partnership how Hollywood has changed from technology to racial representation and whether it’s possible for filmmakers to make a real social impact Your last collaboration onscreen was The Terminal more than a decade ago What accounts for the gaps between collaborations and what about a given Spielberg movie makes it seem like one that needs Hanks in it Hanks: [laughs] What is that Spielberg: Its funny because a couple of times its been my idea once its been Toms idea and once it was that we decided independent of each other Once Tom read the first draft of a script and I read the first draft of a script and we called each other on the phone at the same moment and decided to do it togetherthat was Saving Private Ryan That was the one time that he cast me and I cast him Hanks: Youre giving me a little too much credit I wasnt quite that prescient I think I did some ground work to find out if you were open to the phone call What have you learned about each other’s processes since Saving Private Ryan Hanks: When we got to know each other as guys who live in the same part of town and had kids all about the same age operating in the same nonprofessional circles we developed a language that was all about how we read history for pleasure We were constantly reading biographies or histories searching out the documentaries wed never seen From that came this dialogue based in "Did you hear about this Did you read this Did you see this Are you reading that now" Its no surprise that the first thing we did was based on the vision of history we never cease reading about and it just goes on and on; cant quite get enough of it We really had this shorthand His version of cinema is all his and instinctive my version of acting is completely [mine] so we never really talked about the specifics of it Steven Jurassic World recently became one of the biggest movies of all time Hanks: Isn’t it the biggest film of all time Spielberg: Its number three behind Avatar and Titanic and its about to become number four when Star Wars comes out Were three now until December 18 my birthday Then I give it about three weeks before we are number four Hanks: Star Wars will come out and the world is going to tilt on its axis and stop revolving and everything after that will be different How did Jurassic World exceed or fall short of your expectations Spielberg: It exceeded not only my expectations but the people whose job it is to prognosticate; it exceeded the studios expectations and [director] Colin Trevorrow’s expectations Who could have expected this mega-success on his first non-Sundance film Hanks: [laughs] Now that guys got problems as far as his next job goes Hes gotta accept the fact that he aint gonna top it All he has to do is turn in a good movie and hell win man Talk about a sophomore jinx man his next gig Do you want to be a part of the franchise world anymore Bridge of Spies seems to be as far from an “expanded cinematic universe” as possible Spielberg: Thank goodness I cant live on an alien planet my entire career Ive got to find things that are earthbound that make me glad to be on this planet and experiences when Im making films that have relevance and have kinship to actual events in history That fills me up; that makes me actually happier in this stage of my life than even a success like Jurassic World When do you know a film is working Hanks: Never I wish we could The only thing we know is Hey that was fun Spielberg: I run a movie for myself the first time and if I can forget I had anything to do with the picture and Im halfway through the movie and Im just the audience then that is my litmus test for a film working It doesnt mean its going to work for anybody outside of myself but when I lose the aesthetic distance between the screen and where Im sitting the first time I run a picture that Ive directed for myself if Im aware to the very end that Im the director and all I can do is find things to fault then I know I have my work cut out for me And I have to roll up my sleeves and fix everything But when I can watch a movie and I can forget that I made the movie thats the first sign that Im going to be pretty happy with it that Im going to be able to live with it Your kids are involved in varying capacities in the entertainment industry one that looks wildly different from the one in which you came up What do you make of it all Hanks: I wish that it would have been so easy to make my own content when I was in high school and college You had to buy film and cameras and Moviolas and stuff like that It wasnt something you could just do And now when anyone says to me "How do you get started in Hollywood" I say "If youre not already creating get out" Because all the tools are at your disposal to put together any idea you want And that can be for a great 20 seconds or it can be for a great 20 minutes Spielberg: There are stories to be told in every format There are stories to be told if youve only got five minutes between classes You can look at your watch; you can pick up your phone You can look at a five-minute story There is something to make you smile or laugh to share with your friend that maybe is only seven seconds long There is something today for everybody which gives voice to so many people who would never have a voice and who would have to go into the professional world with this iron ceiling to try to be heard Today anyone can be heard at any time Do Hollywood’s changes the degree to which traditional movies and TV are being encroached upon by a million other forms of entertainment concern you Hanks: My oldest son Colinhes working in television now and the structure of its completely different than when I was working in it The money is different the pull they have is different The wake is so much wider now in terms of all the creativity thats out there As an artist who needs to have the money in order to do what he wants to do there is pressure involved in there and its tough Because the chances are the measure for success is either you are an ultra absolute mega-hit or youre an also-ran I think theres many more also-rans than there are mega-utra-super hits Thats just the reality of it Now if you can do it without having too much worries about money involved in it then you can do any damn thing you want to and all you have to do is put in the hard work Does this make you optimistic about greater representation at the highest levels of Hollywood It still seems like most top actors and directors tend to be white and in the case of directors male Hanks: What that is isfor lack of a better wordthe military-industrial complex makes the decision of what gets the attention Theres all sorts of influence and marketing that goes around in order to get those sort of movies as much influence and eyeballs as possible You do not have to go far down the food chain in order to see the opposite of that: You name the minority you name the diversity and its happening in spades You cant find it and its not thrust forward because they dont have the marketing behind them but if you want to and youve got Netflix or Apple TV you can see almost anybody of any color or any gender doing any story they want to Its not going to be for a lot of money and maybe only 17000 other people have seen it But its there and all you have to do is separate yourself Ive got to come up with some other name than “military-industrial complex” The “entertainment complex” Spielberg: Two of the biggest hits of the year are Empire on Fox and Straight Outta Compton Hanks: And what does that prove That proves there is an audience with a vociferous appetite for it So the entertainment complex will catch up with it Itll just be at a snails pace What periods of history feel under-covered by film Hanks: I dont think you can just choose the era or the genre Because that takes the inspiration out of it It has to be something that someone discovers as the avenue into it The best example I can give right now is what theyre doing with Hamilton If you say “Oh its a play about Alexander Hamilton in colonial times” I say "Well give me a gun so I can shoot myself in the head because thats just going to be homework and medicine" If you say “No no its a hip hop version” "Okay its a hip-hop version Well tell you what give me a gun so I can shoot myself in the head because that just sounds downright silly" And then you go and see it and it actually is so prescient because say what you want about the thing but I saw it twice when it was down at the Public [Theater] and when I realized I was watching a huge African-American man playing George Washington talking about throwing off the yoke of oppression and the need for human beings to thrive under liberty I thought OK this is brand-new territory that is so salient to our lives today that I never would have been able to imagine it And thats whats requiredthe new avenue into it Is there a common thread in US historysomething that connects the stories of Lincoln and the Invasion of Normandy and the story of James Donovan Spielberg: I dont think theres an easy answer to that question because if there was a common thread Jim Crow wouldnt even have existed and Lincolns intentions for his method of rebuilding or reconstructing the company would have been facile and would have been resolved before the end of the 19th century I think the dogma of racism if theres anything that has stunted our growth as a nation and continues to echo is exactly that Can Hollywood make inroads against that Spielberg: When they made 12 Years a Slave that opened a lot of eyes I know it was ancient history to some people but when you see a movie that can transport you back to a time thats almost hard to watch its no longer ancient history Its relevant to the young person who sees that movie and it might reshape their values Is there one of each other’s movies you wish you had worked on Hanks: Dear Godwell youre fishing for something specific I was just back from working my first season at the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival and I was back in my college town of Sacramento and I was working as a stage manager at a local theater company which also meant that I was assistant technical director and built sets and all that kind of stuff I had a rare morning off and I was sleeping on the floor of a friend of mine because I didnt have an apartment at the time This other buddy calls me up and we jumped in my Volkswagen drove to the Century Inn Cinemas for the 10:20 showing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind It was the first showing it was a weekday so there were maybe 40 people in the theater but this was a movie we had studied the making of without having seen a single frame of the movie What was great about it too both me and my friends commented on it: It had no iconographic casting to it Richard Dreyfuss was a guy who worked for the power company We had never really seen a movie where a guy who worked for the power company met the aliens Spielberg: I have to say Philadelphia Because I knew Tom really well when he was making Philadelphia Really well And I was making Schindlers List at the same time So before we all took off for our movies Tom cut all his hair off so he brought his family over on the weekends to our beach house And Ive got videos of Tom with no hair with a baseball cap on I knew the story but hadnt read the script I knew what audiences were about to see For me the proof in knowing someone very very well and not knowing someone at all but knowing his character very well is when I went to see Philadelphia and forgot that I even knew this man And saw one of the most noble statements I had seen in film It was a ground-breaking achievement in the social context and the context of tolerance And opening peoples minds to something they were very closed to in those days; an issue that was a clear and present danger to everyone And it was really–that was one of the most shattering experiences Ive had seeing a movie when I knew the actor and then discovered that I didnt know the character The knowing of the actor didnt knock down the fourth wall The role of James Donovan is self-consciously tamped down; he’s a relatively anonymous lawyer whose special qualities only become clear over time Why cast one of the most recognizable men in the world Spielberg: This part was crying out for one of the greatest living actors… Hanks: Im going to get a banana [leaves] Spielberg: …I was able to snag one of the greatest living actors to represent the virtues and the principles that this character showed all of us in real life Hanks: Theres no escaping the countenance that goes along with the whole thing; cant help it Ive been babysitting kids on video since Bosom Buddies But if youre only giving the audience stuff theyre familiar with theyre going to hate you There has to be something new up there And its beyond my pay grade to figure out what it is Everybodys burdened by that There are a handful of actors that are truly mysterious Daniel Day[-Lewis] is one of them Johnny Depp is one of them to a degree and other people that you might not necessarily know their names Spielberg: Robert Downey Jr Hanks: Yeah he can do stuff But if you know their name then they are somehow defined There are a lot of brilliant actors out therethat guys great that guys great I dont know their names If you know their name your job is to surprise them If you dont youre screwed Contact us at [email protected]

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