BENS BLOG Land Ahoy I can see Punterland me Hearties

first_img[dropcap]T[/dropcap]omorrow, after much preparation, great friend and ally of Star, Harry Macadam is setting sail, like a pirate on one last-ditch desperate treasure-hunt, to a promised land.An almost fictional place, where The Punters are still grateful, and haven’t yet been educated by their own very silly corporate bookmakers. And The Staff don’t consider it below themselves, or that they’re just a little bit too intellectual and precious, to follow their pay-master’s instructions.Harry ‘Giraffe’ Macadam, has his compass set for Africa, and Kenya in particular. A country that he is convinced will be his very own…Punterland. And what guise is he going to carry out this attack under?Well, that’s an easy one isn’t it, Blog?‘Giraffebet’, of course.We don’t see any of the Corporate People following suit and having a go. What’s wrong, Blog? Have they got a little wet-patch, both sides of their tight Y-fronts?!GOOD LUCK, HARRY.In other news:I really enjoyed going to vote yesterday. There was very much a community feel at the Seymour Leisure Centre, with everyone enjoying the day’s fayre. It seemed to me though, that little guys had all the right ideas, when looking down the list of parties to vote for. I respect these guys! They’re taking time to stick up for others, trying to do the right thing, when there’s clearly nothing in it for them. There was one option called Harmony (or something like that) who said they were anti-globalisation. And another Animal Welfare group looking for supporters. What a good idea, for a political party that one is, in particular. More benefits for mistreated animals and less for spoilt English whiteys!!Over and out, B xlast_img

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