Collaborative measures to promote Caribbean tourism

first_imgThe Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) has applauded efforts by the region’s public and private sectors to grow tourism as regional and global investor confidence plays an integral role in shaping the future of tourism in Caribbean region. Tourism plays a crucial role in the Caribbean as it contributes to employment, entrepreneurial activity, tax revenues and has immense potential to benefit from its citizen, governments and the industry.Given that the Caribbean is the most tourism-dependent region in the world – generating more than 80% of GDP in some jurisdictions – the CHTA maintained that tourism’s contribution to the region’s economies cannot be understated.Frank Comito, Director General and CEO of CHTA, said that a healthy investment climate and investor confidence are linked directly to good governance and sound business practice.“While we may tend to think of ourselves as individual companies or countries, many investors look at the Caribbean as one, so what happens in one destination, positive or negative, can reflect on the entire Caribbean,” Comito stated.Through CHTA’s work with the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and CARICOM Heads of Government, there has been greater movement in recent years towards stronger public-private sector collaboration and a civil discourse as both organisations work to support a regional tourism development.CHTA recognises the committed and hardworking public sector officials who are devoted to ensuring Caribbean countries and territories continue to generate revenues to maintain systems. The association also observes greater resolve by civic, business and government leaders to create a more positive investment climate, eliminating the corruption, bureaucratic apathy and inefficiencies stifling development in other regions.Asserting that the collaboration was beneficial not only to the thousands of people directly benefiting from tourism but also to the investors who have placed their confidence in the stability and growth of the region. “Our region has come a long way and we should remember these achievements as we move towards honourable conclusions to unfortunate misunderstandings,” Comito concludedlast_img

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