The Exorcist Returns to the Rance House

first_img 7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were GreatThe 11 Scariest Religious Horror Movies Stay on target It’s been two weeks since the attempted exorcism of Casey Rance and two weeks since The Exorcist revealed its big twist. This week, we got to see how both events have affected the Rance family and the priests. We start with a clip from an old 1970s talk show where young Regan, who we now know is Angela, is being interviewed. Her mother, an actress, is cashing in on the possession to sell a book. We learn exactly why Regan decided to change her name and run away. The host mentions that the story of the possession will follow Regan wherever she goes. She doesn’t like that idea so much.Fast forward to the present and Angela is mad that Henry lets her mother into the house. Kat is sitting on the couch with her newfound grandmother, and the conversation is a little awkward. Chris, Angela’s mother, says she saw her daughter on the news, learned her granddaughter was missing and ran to help. She says she hopes the possession isn’t as bad as the one she experienced. (Considering the movie got an R rating in the ’70s and this has a TV-14 rating now, we already know it’s not going to be.) Angela doesn’t want her mother staying with her, but Henry insists and asks to have her sleep in Kat’s room.The search for Casey continues, with the church organizing a volunteer effort to comb the area. Angela speaks with Fathers Tomas and Marcus and learns that Casey will be trying to integrate with the rest of the demons. Once that happens, her soul will be destroyed, and there will be no getting her back. Marcus leaves to hunt for Casey, telling Tomas that he has too much to lose to make a good exorcist.The organs are prepared for the ritual. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)That night, a press conference about the search is interrupted by a protester who asks why there hasn’t been this much attention on the murders just down the street. She reads off the names of the people who were killed. As each name is read, we cut to each organ that was harvested from them. The ritual to summon a demon is beginning.Tomas meets with Maria again, who encourages him to attend the papal dinner that night, hosted by the Friars of the Ascension. There’s definitely something sketchy going on there, as Father Marcus’s supernatural tour guide friends have noticed that the landscaping company on all the vans seen around town has been out of business for years. Despite that, they’ve not only been able to maintain a fleet of vans to drive around Chicago, but they’ve also donated a large sum of money to the Friars of the Ascension.As you might have guessed, the Friars aren’t on the side of good. At the dinner, we see they count very powerful members of Chicago society among their ranks. The police commissioner, the head of the Teamsters union and a few high-ranking church officials are at the dinner. Once the Friars are all together, the priest asks why Tomas hasn’t come. Maria says he’s proving to be a tough one to crack. They get down to business and perform the ritual of vicari pulvari to summon a demon. Yes, they are the ones that committed the murders and harvested the organs. Each person begs the demon to possess them, and it chooses the police commissioner, much to Maria’s dismay.Casey (Hannah Kasulka) appears behind her mother. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Angela is manning the phones at the church when she gets a call from the demon. He tells her he’ll gladly tell her where Casey is if she really wants him to. The demon says Casey is right behind her. Angela turns around and sees her daughter with half her face missing and covered in maggots. It’s definitely one of the most effective scares this week. It turns out to be a dream. She jolts awake at her phone station. Meanwhile, Father Tomas overhears that someone had called to complain about a pack of wild dogs. Since animals going insane is a sign that a demon may be near, he texts the information to Father Marcus.Later, at the Rance house, Angela finds her mother giving an interview to a local paper and accuses her of using Casey’s disappearance to boost her career. Before she can kick her mother out of her house, Angela gets a phone call from the police. They think they’ve found Casey. They ask her to come down to the morgue to identify a body. The entire family rushes to the morgue only to find out it wasn’t her. Well, that was pointless, but hey you gotta fill up your 44 minutes somehow I guess.Marcus’s search is much more successful. He investigates a tunnel where a bunch of homeless people are living and finds Casey climbing along one of the walls. She escapes down the tunnel, and Marcus gives chase. He catches up with her at the lake, where she’s killed and is in the process of eating a swan. He holds her under the water and baptizes her in the lake. For a second it looks like she may have drowned, but she wakes up. She’s herself for now, but that won’t last long. She tells Marcus the demon is coming back and begs him to help.This was not a particularly scary episode, but the story has become interesting enough that I don’t care. The mystery of what exactly was up with the Friars carried me through the episode and Angela/Regan’s mother being in the picture gives her something grounded to struggle with. It makes her more sympathetic and gives us a reason to root for her. But, as has been the case most of the season, the most exciting part of the episode is what happens at the very end. They’ve found Casey and the exorcism will begin for real… next week.last_img

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