When Trump Speaks Shithole Oblige

Rabat – President Donald Trump said the United States will be “watching very closely,” as he called on the same African nations that he previously deemed“shithole countries” to support USA’s joint 2026 World Cup bid.Considering his past statements, many assumed that African countries would come out in droves to support Morocco’s bid. Instead, since Trump’s threat, no African country has pledged support to Morocco. Needless to say, Morocco has been very active in the last decade helping other African countries improve their economies and with 2.57 billion dollars of foreign direct investment, Morocco is the first in Africa’s 2017 Investment Index. As soon as President Donald Trump spoke, South Africa obliged. The South Africa Minister of Sport and Recreation Tokozile Xasa, announced, “We are very clear that we can’t support Morocco,” adding, “ Our parliament was very straightforward in this regard‚ it is the mandate of the country and it is an obligation for sporting bodies to understand what the country’s agenda is.”South Africa prides itself as one of the most active defender of Africa’s causes, even though this recent action reveals that it is not above stabbing the back of another African nation. Despite past differences, Morocco prides itself on prioritizing the needs of other African nations. We should help each other in time of need and not be at the mercy of a bully.While United 2026  has received the endorsement of all South and Central American countries for 2026, Morocco has yet to receive more than few votes of support from the 54 African countries. Morocco has been at odds with Algerian leadership for more than 5 decades, and yet, they are still supporting the Moroccan bid.Algerian leadership understands that a vote against Morocco is a vote against the Moroccan people. The Algerian people would never forgive their leadership, had they endorsed United 2026.African countries are not the only ones hesitant to support Morocco; Arab nations have displayed mixed responses, as well. Saudi Arabia–a state that Morocco typically defends tooth and nail–chose the 2026 World Cup bid to retaliate against Morocco for being neutral during the kingdom’s previous political breakdown with Qatar.While the Arab League and the OIC came out in collective support of Morocco’s bid, not many individual countries from these 2 organizations have come out in full support of Morocco.Most African and Arab countries are secretly hoping that FIFA disqualifies Morocco before the final vote, so that they won’t have to consider disappointing Trump. However, this will not happen. FIFA was supposed to send another group of inspectors to Morocco, and as of today, they have not shown up. Gianni Infantino, the FIFA head has apparently decided to let the vote to take place on June 13. No one would have expected that France, which maintains an excellent relationship with the United States and Canada, would support Morocco without any reservations so early in the bid process. That’s a real friendship without any calculations. The French people and government are Morocco’s true friends. They have been defending our sacred cause at the UN for decades, and they are not about to let go of the Moroccan people. Moroccans will continue to say “Vive la France!”Meanwhile, Spain is cleverly waiting for the right moment to pledge its support to whichever bid will cause less embarrassment. One thing is sure: a vote against Morocco will not make the more than 700,000 Moroccans calling Spain home very happy.The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent any institution or entity. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

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