Azziman Confirms no Changes to TuitionFree Public Education Policy

Rabat – The head of the Supreme Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research Omar Azziman confirmed that there would be no changes to the funding structure of the tuition-free public education system.No suggestion had been made to impose fees on Moroccan families in governmental schools, as falsely reported by an anonymous source from within the education council’s routine meetings last week.In an interview with Medias24, Azziman said the Supreme Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research would focus on making sure that the strategic vision of King Mohammed VI and the Justice and Development Party-led Moroccan government would be implemented by 2030. “The Council met on [November 21st and 22nd] to issue an opinion on the draft framework law on the reform of the education system,” Azziman clarified. “The work of the board basically was to ensure that the draft framework law does take into consideration royal instruction and governmental commitment.”The minister said the ever-rising costs of higher education require educational institutions to diversify sources of funding and begin cultivating partnerships with the private sector and other local actors. Free post-secondary education could become a thing of the past, but this has been included in the Strategic Vision since it was introduced two years ago, Azziman said.The new strategy aims to create workers that match the skills currently in demand in the kingdom’s economy as it develops rapidly. The plan also ensures free compulsory education as a duty of the state and aims to provide all Moroccans the opportunity to pursue studies, regardless of financial constraints, the minister added.Young Moroccans – especially young women – have been facing unrelentingly high unemployment rates, causing widespread economic distress in urban areas.

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