New Report Supports Atlantic Gateway

first_imgA study by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council supports Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Gateway plan as a means to strengthen Canada’s competitive advantage in the global economy. “The Atlantic Gateway is one of those once-in-a-generation opportunities to create a lasting and profound impact on the economic future of our region,” said Premier Rodney MacDonald. “It means faster delivery of goods and many new jobs here in the Atlantic provinces, and it confirms that Canada has two main ports for Asian trade: one on each coast.” The report confirms that the Atlantic Gateway has the potential to increase international trade and economic development opportunities. The development of the gateway represents the next strategic improvement of eastern Canada’s transportation system that will benefit the country. “No one should regard this as simply a local, provincial or regional project,” said Premier MacDonald. “It is a national project that will have impressive impacts on the economic future of our region and the rest of Canada.” Nova Scotia’s established and growing port, airport, road and rail links, coupled with being the closest mainland link to Asia and India via the Suez Canal, make the province the ideal location for developing the Atlantic Gateway. The report confirms that Halifax is currently the best positioned port in Eastern Canada to take advantage of Asian traffic. The report also states that Halifax’s port and transportation infrastructure are not at full capacity, however, it is suggested to expand ahead of demand to take advantage of the rapidly changing global economy that demands first-class transportation routes. According to the report, a port that does not accommodate such shifts will miss out. The APEC report, entitled The Changing Global Economy: The Implications and Opportunities for Transportation in Atlantic Canada is available at .last_img

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