Oil patch uncertain of election impact

first_imgIt goes without saying that following Monday’s election, the economic agenda of the Federal Liberal Party has moved to the top of the attention list of business leaders across the country.In this part of the country, that primarily means natural resource leaders, and the Executive Director of Resource Works, a Vancouver based think tank says it is likely safe to assume, they woke up in a little bit shock Tuesday morning.However, Stewart Muir also told us, by the end of the day, those attending the Premier’s resource dinner in Vancouver appeared to realize…- Advertisement -He elaborated on that, putting Prime Minister-elect Trudeau on the same path as Resource Works, when it comes to the goal of reconciling economic and environmental needs.Muir believes the new government will be pursuing an agenda to get goods to market.It’s noted that among his pre-election promises Mr. Trudeau is on record stating he supports developing more Canadian oil to increase jobs and build Canada’s “middle class.”Advertisement However he’s also said “Real leadership means fighting for, and not pandering to, middle class Canadians.”Thus he believes it’s time for the economy and the environment to be considered as a single element to create prosperity, and he has promised to “modernize” the National Energy Board, and its review process for pipelines.He has made it clear he’s not a fan of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project calling it a “non-starter” and a “bad deal,” and he has promised to formalize Canada’s de facto moratorium on crude-oil tanker traffic.Meantime, Resource Works believes projects that result in North Coast maritime shipping of oil products, other than crude oil, are likely to find a more positive reception in Ottawa.Advertisement Still it suggests, among other things, what Mr. Trudeau needs to do now is take steps to reassure the oil patch, he’s not out to impair the nation’s drive to diversity markets for what has been its strongest source of export income.last_img

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