J-Glo Back with New Single

first_imgShy singer J-Glo has made a landmark return with a new single focusing on the immigrant crisis in the world.In the new single titled “The Migrant”, the singer looks at the condition and treatment of migrants in other countries.The song is packaged with words like: “When we cross the ocean/we have no option/is their answers to our prayers/is their land we people care/only God knows the reason why innocent people have to die/risking their lives to cross the sea/sacrifice their lives ‘cause they want to be free…In a short interview with LIB Life, J-Glo said the words to the song were written by her mother after witnessing the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants.“Though it was my mom that wrote the lyrics, I had to arrange them to fit my style of singing. When I received the lyrics, I felt the pains these migrants have to go through on a daily basis. “The thing that is happening in their countries is not their fault, so I think the world needs to stop mistreating them. As an artist, it is my duty to speak on issues currently affecting the world,” said the passionate singer. J-Glo explained that she decided to feature Kizzy W, who is one of the nation’s best up and coming artists, because of his unique style of singing.“At first I had other artists in mind, but I was looking for artist that sings just like me. From my search, I picked Joel; but he was unavailable, so I decided to use Kizzy W instead,” she added. “The Migrant” was produced by Kizzy W for SOG Records, with instrumental provided by J-Glo.In a nutshell, the song touches the soul and encourages one to treat migrants and refugees as their own.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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