Act in good faith and dissolve Parliament

first_imgDear Editor,I see a lot of debate from both sides on the issue of the dissolution of the 12th Parliament of Guyana. I’m no legal expert but I do believe my ability to comprehend the law is not limited.According to the Article 61 of the Constitution of Guyana: “An election of members of the National Assembly under article 60 (2) shall be held on such day within three months after every dissolution of Parliament as the President shall appoint by proclamation.”Our Constitution is very clear that within three months after Parliament is dissolved, it must be reconvened after the holding of General and Regional Elections. Given that General and Regional Elections are scheduled for March 2, 2020, an act of good faith from the President would have been to dissolve Parliament on December 2, 2019.After the passage of the No-Confidence Motion almost a year ago and the lengthy legal battles that millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on, the APNU/AFC coalition should realise the merits of a show of good faith.Good faith is something I have yet to see from the APNU/AFC coalition, so I will not be holding my breath for the dissolution of the 12th Parliament this year.Sincerely,Nalinie Singh BA(Political Science)last_img

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