The String Cheese Incident Will Perform Acoustically, Revive Old Songs On “Winter Carnival” Tour

first_imgThe String Cheese Incident are kicking off their Winter Carnival 2017 – Roots Revival tour tonight at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO and will run through run through the 19th at the Crystal Bay Club in Crystal Bay, NV. Excluding the performance in Crested Butte, CO, all of the shows announced are part of multi-night runs from The String Cheese Incident. All of the venues chosen will be quite intimate, allowing for some up close and personal Cheese action!In a new interview with bassist, and founding member, Keith Moseley, he reveals one of the many surprises the band has in store for this exciting run. “We have been rehearsing a bunch of stuff in a more acoustic format,” he tells The Marquee. “We are gonna try and do a lot of the first sets with drummers up front playing hand drums, Michael doing a lot of acoustic mandolin, me playing some stuff on upright bass, Billy exclusively on acoustic guitar, and Kyle on mostly piano instead of all the synths and organs and stuff like that. We are going to revive some old tunes from the playlist that we might have had in the rotation 20 years ago but haven’t played much since.”So there you have it! The band will be pulling some old songs out of the cabinet and returning to their acoustic formation during some of the next 13 dates. See below for their full Winter Carnival 2017 – Roots Revival tour.last_img

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