Solar Eclipses: Design or Coincidence?

first_img(Visited 1,350 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 This is a rebuttal to Live Science’s article, “Why Total Solar Eclipses Are Total Coincidences,” so that readers can make up their own minds.Many Americans are planning their summer vacations around the total solar eclipse on August 21, the first one for Americans in 99 years. The line of totality crosses from Oregon to South Carolina, providing millions of Americans their first chance to see one of the grandest spectacles in nature. What is the significance of total eclipses that have fascinated humans for thousands of years?Solar eclipse with chromosphere and prominences, by David Coppedge (1991)At Live Science, Tom Metcalfe argues for the secular materialist view that total solar eclipses are purely coincidental. They may well be; nobody knows. However, there are aspects of the phenomenon that, considered within the context of other “coincidences” about our planet, deserve more careful reflection than outright dismissal as products of blind chance. Rather than just declare a position as fact and be done with it, as Metcalfe does, we give both sides. Go ahead; start by reading his article, then come back and read our rebuttal.Metcalfe uses the word “coincidence” 9 times in his article, as if by repetition he will make his point. He also rests his case on the authority of experts he chooses to quote. Although not openly aimed at intelligent design advocates, Metcalfe’s focus and repetition of the word coincidence seems targeted to nudge his readers away from any thoughts that our planet was designed for human life.It’s a beautiful coincidence — life has been on Earth for about 400 million years, and we’re living in this little window of time where this is happening, which is pretty amazing.Metcalfe agrees that total solar eclipses are special in the sense of their emotional impact on humans. They are beautiful and awe-inspiring, he agrees. Quoting UK astronomer Mark Gallaway, he makes this concession:“It’s a beautiful coincidence — life has been on Earth for about 400 million years, and we’re living in this little window of time where this is happening, which is pretty amazing,” Gallaway told Live Science.A look through the article shows five reasons for the coincidental view: (1) the match is not exact, wavering between annular and beyond-total coverage; (2) the match only existed for a brief time in the history of the earth; (3) the obliquity of the moon’s orbit makes its shadow not touch the earth every time; (4) advances in science brought about by eclipse observations would have happened anyway, and eclipses are no longer important to science; (5) human psychology makes us think they are more significant than they really are.Update 7/24/17: On point (4) above, recent news shows that eclipses are still important for science. NASA/Goddard “looks to solar eclipse to help understand Earth’s energy system,” says Science Daily. Goddard has also used Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data to predict where “Bailey’s Beads” will occur, according to another article on Science Daily. More evidence of the continuing scientific value of eclipses comes from, which says, “Leading U.S. solar scientists today highlighted research activities that will take place across the country during next month’s rare solar eclipse, advancing our knowledge of the Sun’s complex and mysterious magnetic field and its effect on Earth’s atmosphere.” And if that isn’t enough, reports, “NASA Wants YOU to Be a Citizen Scientist for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.” They’ve produced a smartphone app that allows citizens to report their scientific observations whether in total or partial eclipse locations. “NASA will certainly benefit from the plethora of data it is hoping to receive from citizen scientists across the continent,” reporter Doris Elin Salazar says. It appears we can cross off that objection to Gallaway’s list. [end of Update]Corona, by David Coppedge (1991)In the book and film The Privileged Planet, astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez shares his experience watching his first total eclipse, and how it led him to question the view that it is purely coincidental (see the whole film on YouTube). He decided to calculate all the shadows of all the planets and moons in the solar system to see if any other combination of bodies produces a perfect total eclipse. Beside Earth, he only found one: the moon Prometheus at Saturn. There are several problems with that eclipse, though: it would only last half a second, and Saturn has no solid platform from which to view it. The Cassini spacecraft found that Prometheus is potato-shaped, not circular, so not even it has perfect eclipses. Gonzalez commented about this “amazing coincidence: the one place that has observers is the one place that has the best eclipses.”That fact alone is not enough to rule out the coincidence view, but it started Gonzalez and his friend Jay Richards down a sequence of inquiries about Earth that showed it to be ideally located for making scientific discoveries. It orbits the right star, has the right atmosphere, is located in the right position in the galaxy, and much more. Some of these factors are detailed in the film, and more in the book. Evaluating the significance of eclipses, therefore, needs to be considered not in isolation, but in context of twenty or more other coincidences about our planet that vastly decrease the probability of them all occurring simultaneously on one planet. The combination of factors could well be unique in the universe, even with the vast number of stars astronomers count.Added to the work of Gonzalez and Richards, the findings of Dr Michael Denton should be considered in his videos Privileged Species and Fire-Maker. Denton lists additional coincidences that seem designed not just for simple life, but for human life. In combination, these factors make the “sheer coincidence” view highly suspect. Metcalfe should at least take these evidences seriously and not simply dismiss them by assertion.Annular eclipse, by David Coppedge (1992)What about Metcalfe’s objections to design? Even if the match is not exact, it is often very exact. The fact that it is so precise as to allow us to see the chromosphere and Bailey’s Beads is quite astonishing for a coincidence, even if it doesn’t occur that precisely every time. As for its brief appearance in the history of the Earth, the point is that that time is now when humans walk the Earth: what Gallaway admitted is a “little window of time… which is pretty amazing.” As for the obliquity of the moon’s orbit, the same rebuttal holds: the fact that exact total eclipses occur at all is the issue. How many lotteries does one have to win before conceding there’s more going on than luck? The advances in science, furthermore, have been significant (such as the discovery of helium and confirmation of Einstein’s theory of relativity), and continue to be significant to this day. Eclipses have also played a major role in helping historians date key events in ancient history. And for human psychology, well, great: we have the intelligence and emotions to enjoy these rare phenomena, and they only happen here. That’s the point. They’re not happening on Enceladus or Io where nobody lives.Diamond Ring effect, by David Coppedge (1991)In sum, it is not possible to disprove the coincidence view by considering solar eclipses in isolation, but when considered in context with all the other coincidences that converge to make human life possible on this one planet, the intelligent position should be taken seriously. We think Metcalfe could have done a much better job for his readers by considering these arguments and not dismissing the design view by fiat. Here at CEH, we take Darwin’s position (ironically): “A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question.” We challenge Live Science to do that.Update 8/06/17: Live Science defends the coincidence notion again. Laura Geggel asks, “Do Other Planets Have Solar Eclipses?” and says they do; “Total solar eclipses can happen on other planets too, as long as they have moons that are big enough to cover the sun’s disk from the planet’s perspective and orbit the planet on the same plane as the sun, astronomers told Live Science.” And yet she provides no detailed evidence like Richards and Gonzalez did in The Privileged Planet, where they produced a chart of all eclipsing bodies in the solar system based on actual scientific measurements, and only found one that qualifies: the Earth. Geggel suggests that the Galileon moons of Jupiter can have total eclipses, but admits there is no place to stand on Jupiter to see them, and she provides no measurements to confirm they would provide exact matches. She suggests that Charon might make total eclipses from Pluto, again, with no measurements—only assertions. Even if she were right, those eclipses would be brief, and there would be no sentient observers. The timing of her article seems odd; is she responding to ours?Now go to the path of totality if you can and don’t miss the big event on August 21st!NASA/GSFClast_img read more

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first_imgMarcelino in stunning Batshuayi attack: Not to Valencia nor Primera standardsby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveValencia coach Marcelino launched a furious attack on Michy Batshuayi after their Copa del Rey defeat to Sporting Gijon.Marcelino blasted the on-loan Chelsea striker in an amazing personal attack.”I think we have to bring players in for up front. It is clear that patience in some cases has already run out. In the first minute we could have put ourselves ahead. It’s the clearest chance I’ve seen in six months of competition and we did not even shoot at the goal, this is not like a player from the Primera nor Valencia,” the coach fumed in reference to Batshuayi, who was hauled off at halftime.He added that “I do not make the changes to point to anyone. I make the changes depending on the performance I see. Of the effort, of the intention, of what I see. I try to be fair and from there I modify.”Interestingly, on-loan Derby striker Nick Blackman featured for victors Sporting Gijon. TagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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Razortoothed and rare mosasaur skeleton displayed in Manitoba

first_imgMORDEN, Man. – Suzy, Bruce and now a new prehistoric sea-creature skeleton make three at a southwestern Manitoba museum.The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden unveiled its latest mosasaur skeleton on Wednesday.The museum is already home to Bruce — the Guinness World Records holder as the largest publicly displayed mosasaur — and his museum companion Suzy.Mosasaurs were huge, strange-looking marine reptiles that lived throughout the world during the late Cretaceous period between 66 and 100 million years ago. They went extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs.Mosasaurs were predators at the top of the food chain. They were powerful swimmers with long, broad tails. They also had a double-hinged jaw, similar to a snake, and ate everything from birds and mollusks to fish.Discovery centre curator and paleontologist Victoria Markstrom said the new specimen is different than most of its fossil friends. It’s a Kourisodon puntledgensis mosasaur which is quite rare.It has razor-like teeth for shearing its food rather than crocodile-style teeth for chomping like the other specimens.“Because (the teeth) are laterally compressed, because they have this shape, some scientists think that they would use it for biting down on softer animals,” Markstrom said. “These (mosasaurs) might have been eating more things like soft fish, jellyfish, squid and whatnot.”It’s also much smaller — only 3.7 metres compared to 13-metre-long Bruce. Markstrom said that’s because the new creature was found on Vancouver Island.Bruce and Suzy were unearthed in Manitoba. They would have roamed the Western Interior Seaway, which stretched from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, cutting North America in half.“It shows that whatever was going on in the Pacific Ocean, they had some pretty small mosasaurs living there,” said Markstrom, who added that fossils of the species have otherwise only been found in Japan.“We don’t usually get a lot of information about the animals that lived in the ancient Pacific Ocean because they are not usually found.”The new skeleton does not have a name yet. Markstrom said the centre will work with the public to come up with one in the coming months.— By Kelly Geraldine Malone in Winnipeglast_img read more

PostBoushie racism causing grief anger and job loss

first_imgKathleen MartensAPTN NewsA Saskatchewan restaurant worker has been fired for posting hateful comments about Colten Boushie online.“Boston Pizza Meadow Lake does not condone nor share the viewpoints of this former employee in any way,” the company said on Facebook Saturday.“We are offended by this hatred, and value our employees and community.”A second national company has also distanced itself from racism being spewed online.“We are shocked by the comment posted by someone posing as an employee of Lilydale,” said Daniele Dufour of Sofina Foods Inc.“We quickly reached out to Facebook to investigate this and have received confirmation from Facebook that the account created to post the comment was fake and has been since closed by Facebook.”The comment threatening violence was sent to friends and family members of Boushie, a 22-year-old Cree youth that was fatally shot on the Gerald Stanley farm near Biggar, Sask., in Aug. 2016.Stanley, who is not Indigenous, was charged with second-degree murder and found not guilty in a jury trial that concluded last Friday.The acquittal seemed to inflame racist tensions in the Prairie province and across Canada.“Naming racism for what it is in this country is essential to any potential there is in moving forward collectively,” said Ryan McMahon, an Indigenous comedian and broadcaster who noticed a spike in offensive and threatening comments throughout the weekend.“If you’re too afraid to name racism as a fundamental piece to Canadian history then there is no way in hell you are ready to have a conversation about reconciliation or the potential of creating a better future for this country.”McMahon and other members of the group known unofficially as ‘Native Twitter’ were calling on non-Indigenous allies throughout the weekend to help diffuse the hate.“As a white settler my hope is that other white people can use the list to identify people who are backing (Stanley),” said Bryan DePuy, who has posted a list on Twitter of donors to Stanley’s GoFundMe page.“They deserve to be called out so other people in their lives can clearly recognize their racism. I hope that white people who know some of the individual donors will confront them and challenge their views.”The list has helped people like Kerri Wiebe and Miranda Dyck identify donors and contact their employers to “publicly call out their racism and boycott their businesses.”“People are tired of nameless and faceless trolls,” said Wiebe of the ‘name and shame’ campaign.“People have to be held accountable for what they say and who they say it to.”Dyck said it was “beyond belief” to see a campaign “financially reward” Stanley.“I wanted to know who these people are and how they could do this,” she said.Dupuy said their action has struck a nerve.“Donors are angry to be called out,” he said.Indigenous rights activist Gerald McIvor was busy throughout the weekend and Monday urging victims to save screen shots of unwanted posts.“We will organize and give all that evidence to a lawyer or team of lawyers and a national human rights complaint filed against everyone who posted their racism and hatred,” he told APTN News.“Let us use their colonial rights and freedom protections against them. Do not stoop to their level of violence. Do not respond to threats with more threats. Just tolerate it but save the evidence. We can and will win this if we unite and strategize.”The RCMP in Saskatchewan wouldn’t comment on the likelihood of that, but McIvor said he noticed an “explosion of racist and hate-filled commentary” since the jury delivered its controversial verdict.Cree lawyer Janice Makokis was part of a team that presented a comprehensive report about racism against Indigenous peoples in the media here in Canada to the United Nations.She kept an eye on the trial and was “not surprised” by the racist reaction.“As someone who has been involved in organizing through the Idle No More network…you get to know the institutional structures and how they operate to promote and maintain this image of Indigenous people,” she said in a telephone interview Monday.That negative, often stereotypical, image is usually challenged online but Makokis says it’s new to see economic consequences.“It makes me feel better as somebody who’s experienced online hate and death threats myself…that employers are looking at hateful comments or messaging,” she said.She said it can be tough to shut down racism online because popular social media sites are usually headquartered outside Canada making them exempt from hate and privacy laws.Complaints have been filed with GoFundMe, an American site raising money for Stanley’s family started by a Saskatchewan group called “Farmers With Firearms.But spokesperson Rachel Hollis told APTN the campaign “does not violate” the company’s terms of service and will remain up.There is also a GoFundMe site raising money for the Boushie family.last_img read more

Ohio State baseball wins 2nd straight beats Toledo 72

OSU coach Greg Beals and Toledo coach Cory Mee go over the ground rules with the umpires before the game at Bill Davis Stadium April 2. OSU won against Toledo, 7-2. Credit: Elliot Schall / Lantern photographerOne day after belting out 19 hits and 11 runs, the Ohio State baseball team picked up right where it left off against Toledo.With a light drizzle of rain coming down to start the game Wednesday, the Buckeyes (18-10, 2-4) quickly pushed across four runs in the first and never looked back against the Rockets (10-15, 2-4), going on to win 7-2.Toledo sophomore pitcher Ross Achter was thrown off his game early, giving up two hits, walking three batters and throwing a wild pitch in the opening inning.With the bases full and no outs, Achter walked sophomore infielder Jacob Bosiokovic to force in the first run for OSU. Sophomore infielder Zach Ratcliff followed with an RBI groundout and two batters later, junior catcher Connor Sabanosh smacked a single to plate two more and put the Rockets in a four-run hole.Sabanosh has been splitting time at catcher with fellow junior Aaron Gretz throughout the season but he said after the win, he’s been able to stay consistent despite not always playing.“We both get two or three games a week,” Sabanosh said. “When you get a five-day period off, your timing can be off your first few at-bats. Other than, that I felt fine.”Achter calmed down after the first, but was still pulled after finishing the second inning.Meanwhile, Buckeye freshman pitcher Zach Farmer pitched efficiently, tossing four scoreless innings and showing solid command of the ball from the start.“I thought I did pretty good. Feeling for my pitches, getting in the strike zone finally,” Farmer said after the win. “Limited my walks. It felt real good. It was a good day.”OSU coach Greg Beals said he didn’t want Farmer playing a long portion of the game so the pitcher could be available for the upcoming weekend series at Nebraska.“He should be available by Saturday,” Beals said. “That’s why the four innings.”The Rockets finally got on the board in the fifth off OSU sophomore reliever Jake Post. With men on second and third, Toledo sophomore outfielder Ryan Callahan hit a single to score both.The Buckeyes still found themselves up four, though, after RBIs from freshman outfielder Ronnie Dawson and Bosiokovic in the previous inning.The Rockets only threatened once more in the sixth.OSU brought in freshman reliever Yianni Pavlopoulos for his first collegiate appearance in the seventh and eighth, and he allowed one hit while striking out two.The Buckeyes added an insurance run in the eighth from another RBI from Bosiokovic and freshman reliever Travis Lakins retired the Rockets in the ninth to secure the win.Beals said the midweek games helped the team bounce back after getting swept by Indiana last weekend.“Obviously they’re very important to our goal of putting ourselves, from an RPI standpoint, worthy of an at-large bid (to the NCAA tournament),” Beals said.The Buckeyes are next scheduled to take on Nebraska in a three-game weekend series in Lincoln, Neb. First pitch Friday is set for 7:35 p.m. read more

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first_imgAtletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is braced for a challenging time against Sporting Lisbon for the return leg of their Europa League tieThe two sides previously met at the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano last week for the first leg with Atletico capitalising on two mistakes from the visitors to seal a 2-0 win.Heading into the second leg at Sporting’s Estadio Jose Alvalade, Simeone acknowledges the challenge that the Portuguese side will pose for them.“We’re going to face a team that will give it their all and will count on the support of their fans,” said the Argentine, according to the club website.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“We’ll have to seize control of the match.”The Atletico coach revealed his admiration for his counterpart Jorge Jesus and knows the kind threat the Sporting coach can give his side.“[Jesus] is an important and intelligent coach. He’s going to do everything he can to try and turn this tie around,” said Simeone.The 47 year-old knows that Atletico were fortunate in the first leg: “They’re a very competitive team. They suffered an early goal in the Wanda Metropolitano and in the end of the match, they had chances to score,” he continued. “It’ll be a tough and intense match.”last_img read more

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first_imgRussia midfielder Alan Dzagoev believes that their quarter-final opponents Croatia will be rueing their luck in having to face them on SaturdayThe tournament hosts have performed above expectations this summer and last weekend’s victory over Spain proved that they could be in with a real chance of reaching the final.Standing in there way is Croatia, who have also exceeded prior expectations and are widely being viewed as the favourites to reach the semi-finals on Saturday with midfield star duo Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic in the team.But Dzyuba, who scored a first-half penalty against Spain last Sunday, thinks that it is Croatia who are worried.“Everything depends on the opponent,” said the 28-year-old, according to SportsMax.ScotlandScotland needs a hero: Billy Dodds Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to former striker, Billy Dodds his country needs a hero to inspire future generations as the team’s hope to qualify to the EURO 2020 is small.“Spain can take control over any team, so we could not play in any other way.”He added: “Closer to the match against Croatia, Cherchesov will tell us how to play. I hope we’ll prove that we can play football in the upcoming match.“I think Croatia are upset that they will play against us because we are the host nation.“The whole of Russia will be supporting us. I hope we don’t disappoint our fans.”Russia and Croatia will meet at the Fisht Olympic Stadium on Saturday at 20:00 (GMT +2).last_img read more