Nissans Recycled Leaf Battery Solar Kits On Sale For 10k

first_img After eight years and more than 300,000 sold, the Nissan Leaf remains one of the most popular electric cars around. Now it’s helping to spark an energy revolution in the U.K.Like Tesla, Nissan’s electric ambitions extend beyond vehicles. Nissan wants to bring eco-friendly power to homes, too. They’re doing it by pairing solar panels with reconditioned batteries from Leaf EVs.The entry-level Nissan solution is now selling for £7,635 in the U.K. In U.S. dollars, that’s roughly $10,000. That’s for a six-panel system capable of producing 4kW, and the price includes a 6kWh xStorage battery, installation costs, and taxes. Nissan’s solar kit is substantially cheaper than a comparable one from Tesla, but most traditional panel set-ups are.AdChoices广告Nissan’s xStorage battery mounted on a garage wallHomeowners can customize their systems any way they choose. Want more power-producing potential? Add another half-dozen panels. Need more energy storage? Tack on an extra battery.And while Nissan rightfully touts the recycled Leaf battery packs offered with their solar systems you do have another option. If you’d prefer to have fresh, new batteries installed along with your solar array Nissan will be happy to oblige.Maybe you like the thought of the reconditioned batteries and just want some peace of mind to go with them. Nissan is also offering extended warranties up to 10 years to put you at ease.Nissan estimates that its basic system can save the average homeowner about 66% on their energy bills. For someone spending around £600 a year on electricity, that’s a savings of £400. If the panels really do last 40 years (as Nissan claims they can in the press release), then buyers can expect around two decades of power production after their ongoing savings have canceled out the up-front cost.Britons who move quickly might be able to pay it down more quickly. It all depends on how much power they can pump back into the grid before they stop getting paid for their excess production. Stay on target Hyundai Launches First Car With a Solar RoofFor $170,000 You Can Buy Your Very Own Solar Car center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more