Prepared by UPF Cameroon Peace Road 2017 in Camero

first_imgPrepared by UPF CameroonPeace Road 2017 in Cameroon was held this Saturday August 19, 2017 in the town of Magba. It was co-organized by UPF and FFWPU Cameroon. Rev. FONGOH Innocent, Secretary General of UPF Cameroon and pastor TABOTH Terence of FFWPU in Magba worked together to prepare the environment for peace road by meeting with local authorities and informing them of the peace road event and the work of FFWPU.The event began at 11:00 am with the distribution of T-shirts and banners to the youths participating in the rally. Everybody assembled at the chief’s palace from where the peace match had to begin. The youths of the FFWPU currently in their 40 day expedition had mobilized the local youths who enthusiastically showed up for the peace match.The Secretary General of UPF introduced the representative of the mayor (Secretary General of the Mayor) and the authorities present. The Lutheran pastor of Magba was asked to offer an opening prayer for the event which was followed by the signing of the peace road map by the present authorities.Words of encouragement were given by the SG of UPF to the assembly and the rally began led by the pastor, the commissioner and the mayor’s representative on the frontline while singing the peace anthem.  The match covered about 5km from the chief palace to the rural council of Magba and lasted about one hour.Arriving at the rural council, the mayor had left instructions for the hall of the council to be used freely as their contribution to the event. Group photos were taken and the second part of the event began. The participants were invited into the hall and signed the peace map. More explanation was given by the UPF SG about the peace road, its founders Rev. and Mrs Moon and their ideology to establish world peace by connecting the families and nations of the world together. He concluded by calling on the participants to actively take part in the blessing programs in other to contribute to the peace building process by strengthening their families.The team of FFWPU in Magba was presented before the audience and they were led to understand the significance of their presence in Magba since the month of June. Snacks and drinks were shared to everyone bringing the event to an end.ReflectionCommissioner of Special Police Branch: ‘’I am very delighted for what happened. I was so impressed with the talk and I am already part of the peace organization.’’The Pastor of the Lutheran Church: ‘’This peace road rally is an opportunity for me to understand many things, especially the lecture given by the S.G of UPF Cameroon. I will always be present whenever I will be called.’’The S.G of the Rural Council of Magba (representative of the mayor): ‘’I am very grateful to you the organizers of this program. I have learned a lot from this rally including the lecture. I am at your disposal for any other program you will organize.’’click to see more pictureslast_img read more