Google shows off Android 30 in first look video

first_imgAsus announced that Android 3.0 would be featured on three of its newest tablets. That’s a perfect lead up to Google releasing a preview video of the latest Android operating system on YouTube. The biggest statement Google makes in the video is that Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb, is “built entirely for tablet.”Watching the video it’s easy to pick up a few things that Google is going out of their way to highlight. One of which is utilization of Google eBooks which would put Android tablets not only in direct competition with e-readers like Kindle and Nook, but the iPad which offers similar functionality. Another is the ability to video conference using Google Talk. Though this functionality is not currently available with the iPad, the expectation is that it will be for the iPad 2.Of course, you had to expect that Google would also offer some new streamlined interfaces around its services as well. To that end, Android 3.0 offers tablet optimized Gmail, a newly redesigned YouTube interface, and the ability to explore 3D models within Google Maps. Overall, it is apparent that the new Android OS offers a completely new and updated interface which you have to agree was designed with tablets in mind.Now that Microsoft has announced the next version of Windows will support ARM processors, Google is under increasing pressure to keep Android a dominant operating system on tablets. It wouldn’t have been able to do that if it continued to design the OS with only the smartphone in mind.via YouTubelast_img read more