Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Kerala: History, significance and updates of 2018

first_imgPunnamada backwaters is all set to host its 66th Nehru Trophy Boat Race today, on November 10. About 81 boats including 25 snake boats will compete to win the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2018.What is Nehru Trophy Boat Race (NTBR)?Finally! It’s the day of the 66th Nehru Trophy Boat Race, and the fiery challengers are raring to go. Catch the live action in Alappuzha!Picture courtesy: Gandhi Alpy#RaceToTheRace #66thNTBR Trophy Boat Race (@NehruTrophyNTBR) November 10, 2018The NTBR is held on the Punnamda Lake every year on the second of Saturday of August.This is the most competitive and popular boat race. This competition attracts a humongous amount of tourists from across the globe.History of NTBR The first ever boat race was conducted in 1952 to honour late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru when the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visited Alappuzha.He travelled to Alappuzha from Kottayam by boat through waterlogged Kuttanad.Nadubhagam Chundan was the first ever winner of the snake boat.Thrilled and excited to see the enthusiasm of the people, Nehru donated a silver trophy after he returned to Delhi in December 1952. The trophy was a replica of snake boat.Snake boatsSnake boats are the major attraction of the NTBR. These boats are about 100 feet in length with a raised prow. These boats are named as snake boat by colonial rulers.There were 8 boats, namely Nadubhagom, Chambakkulam, ParthaSarathy, Kabalam, Vliya Diwanji, Neppolean, Nethaji, GearGross, participated in the first boat race evidenced by Nehru.Display of the race The Nehru Trophy Boat Race held in Kerala, every year on the second Saturday of AugustadvertisementThe race course, with a length of 1370 meters is divided into various tracks.The oarsmen splash the oars in unison with the rhythmic chants and drums.The festival starts with a procession of a snake boat along with various types of Kerala boats for 1.4 km.Technical specifications:Tracks: length 1400 meters divided into 4 tracks of 10 meters wide from East.Chundan: Amaram- 5 persons, Nilakkar- 5 persons2018 NTBR updates: This year Finance Minister Thomas Issac will be addressing the event.Actor Allu Arjun will be present to cheer for the boat race.The prize money for the winner of NTBR has been raised to 2 lakhs this year.Also Read: Air filtering buses to counter Delhi’s pollution as the capital continues to chokeRead: 486 million in Asia still hungry, shows UN report: Busting malnutrition mythsRead: Indian satellite AstroSat helps find black hole spinning near maximum possible ratesInterested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Click here to stay informed and know what is happening around the world with our G.K. and Current Affairs section.To get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to [email protected]last_img read more

Manitoba mom searching for her son 40 years after he was taken

first_imgShaneen Robinson-DesjarlaisAPTN NewsLynn Paul, a Manitoba mother is searching for her son who taken away nearly 40 years ago. She said she was just a child herself when she was forced to give up her firstborn.“I wouldn’t have been the best parent at fourteen,” she said. “I didn’t have the skills to do it. I was still very much a little girl looking back”.Now she’s taking to social media in hopes of reconnecting with the son she named Robert Michael Paul.He was born at Winnipeg’s Misericordia Hospital on July 8th, 1979.Paul said she remembers the day clearly.“By 1:20 in the morning I had this big baby boy laying on my belly and his eyes were wide open. And just…I fell in love.”She said was able to spend three days with the baby as she recovered.One of the nurses warned her not to get too attached.“I didn’t listen to them,” she said. “I wanted to hold him, I wanted to snuggle him. I wanted to love him for as much as I could.”Even after she was discharged Paul said she needed to see her son one last time.“I snuck into the hospital when he was ten days old and I could see him inside that nursery window,” she said.She doesn’t know where he ended up after that day.“I’m hoping with all my heart that he had wonderful parents”.Paul’s mother thought it was best to withhold their heritage on the adoption paperwork.Paul is of Cree, Ojibway and Métis descent, but on the submitted birth information, the boy was listed as Welsh.“I can see where my mom would want me to say that because it wasn’t a very…it wasn’t popular in 1979 to say you’re Indian.”Paul said she’s thought a lot about her son over the years.“At the beach, or at the zoo who would be about the same age as the child that I gave up…I would wonder, is that you? Is that you my boy?”Both her legal name at the time, Lynn Denise Thomas and her current name, Lynn Denise Paul were on the adoption records.Because it was a closed process, Paul doesn’t know who adopted her son.She’s joined a Facebook group that has more than 6,000 members made up of adoptees and birth families in search of each other.For now, she said she will be patient with the reconnection and hopes her long-lost son will reach out and try to find her.“I’m hoping that he’ll be accepting of me and of his cultural background.”last_img read more